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Reviews by: AdinaL

Great Toddler Carrier!


Pros: High weight limit, straps distribute weight well, extra side straps.

Cons: Hard to adjust side straps when on

We got this carrier because at 6 months my daughter was 22 pounds, and we knew we would want to carry her past the weight limits of some of the other carriers.  I used this carrier until she got to be tall enough to hit the back of my knees with her feet, which was at around 3.5 years old.  I could still carry her in it at this point, but it would be kind of funny.   Both my husband and I could wear it and liked it a great deal. This one is good for older babies and toddlers, not for infants. The only thing I had a problem with was adjusting the side straps once it was on me, while alone.  Those really do need to be adjusted with the child in it. Once adjusted...
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Mothering › AdinaL › Reviews by AdinaL