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Teething Tablets work like a charm!


Pros: homeopathic, easy to use, effective, baby likes them, affordable, no risk of overdose

Cons: effects don't last as long as the recommended dosage times.

We used Hyland's teething tablets with our older girls (now 10 and 6) and I was so happy they brought them back.  I have been recommending the teething tablets to other parents for 10 years now!   Our new little guy is 7 months old and the teething tablets have been a godsend.  When I see he is have teething pains (he's drooling a lot, chewying his hands, etc.) I give him 2 tablets orally and within a few minutes he is calm and happy again.  I rarely feel the need to give him 3, I will save the bigger dosage for when he is actually cutting teeth.  The directions say to only give them to baby 4 times a day, which is not enough to really keep him pain free....
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Mothering › Oregonicmama › Reviews by Oregonicmama