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Decent bra


Pros: comfortable, invisible under clothes

Cons: very little support, fabric discolors horribly

This is good enough for hanging around the house.  It really does nothing to promote the shape of the breast.  Nursing pads are visible since the fabric is thin with no padding.  My biggest beef is how horrid the fabric looks after washing.  Dishwater grey.  Wouldn't buy again.

Nice, but hard for the hippy


Pros: Great bra top, supportive

Cons: The hips always ride up, driving me crazy

I want to love these.  I tried two different sizes but the hips are just way too narrow.  If I get a larger bust size, they might fit better in the hip but then I won't have much support.

Well made and comfy


Pros: compact for SSC, customizable

Cons: learning curve to put it on,

I tried on my friend's mai tai from this producer and thought it was so comfortable. I make these myself, so it is  high praise, indeed, for me to buy from another WHAM.  They do a great job pairing fabrics and making padded straps.  Like the Ergo but way cuter and more compact to carry.  I like the buckle tai's ability to unclip the shoulder straps, cross them in back and wear as a front carry.  

Great value


Pros: They work! Clean easily, nice fit

Cons: takes time to stuff, can't use diaper cream

I always swore by prefolds and wool covers.  I used them with both of my girls after a disasterous attempt at making my own pocket diapers.  The leaked like crazy.  It wasn't until I was pregnant with my third child that I tried commercially available pocket diapers.  I was bored with my stash and needed to spice up the rotation so that I could get excited about cding a third baby.  I came across the Kawaii baby diapers at www.theluvyourbaby.com and couldn't resist trying them because the price was right ($128 for 20 diapers, 40 inserts, shipping included).  These work really well.  I had my newborn in them at two weeks old and he'll probably be in...
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Bum Genious 4.0


Pros: trim, few leaks, nice lining cloth that resists stains

Cons: small, even for a one-size.

I got one of these as a gift at my baby shower. Comparing them to the inexpensive Kawaii Diapers that I bought myself,  these have nice materials.  The inner liner is really stain-resistant and soft.  The velcro fasteners leave a lot to be desired.  I would go with snaps if buying them myself.  The sizing is pretty small.  My 8 month old is already on the largest setting and I doubt he'll last long in it.    For the price, I would choose another diaper.  I just cannot afford the nearly $20/diaper price tag.  
Mothering › crbyard › Reviews by crbyard