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Responsible doctor


Pros: Dr. Mendelsohn was a practicing, dues paying member of the AMA for over 40 yrs. He was honest to call out his colleagues on the hypocrisy in their pro

Cons: I have not read the new edition, but some of the information may be dated as the vax schedule is expanded

Dr. Mendelsohn had an enviable curriculum vitae; it includes being a practicing pediatrician for 40 yrs, expert witness, writer, professor of medical ethics, and medical advisor for LLLI; he knew something was wrong with the way modern medicine was run when his former patients came back to him for advice in treating the damage he did to them as children -  and following the advice of his professors. Dr. Mendelsohn said to them, "Why are you coming back to me? I am the one who damaged you in the first place."  The damage he was talking about was thyroid cancer from radium boxes on the thyroid gland, DES.  Dr. Mendelsohn advocated that two pediatricians are worth ONE...
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Mothering › applejuice › Reviews by applejuice