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Couldn't live without this carrier


Pros: Easy to put on and take off, can be used on front or back, easily washable, super comfy hood net

Cons: None

This was a gift and it was by far the most valuable thing I was ever given for my son.  I still use this carrier today (although I have modified it to have a longer body for his nearly 4 year old self).  We used this carrier daily for at least two years when my son was a baby.  It goes on so easily, and I can get him off while asleep and remain asleep.  None of the buckles or straps show wear in any way after nearly 4 years of use.  The black color goes with anything and shows absolutely no dirt.  The sleeping hood is very light mesh, which my son loved when he was napping.  He wasn't cocooned into fabric, so he could breathe easily, and when he woke...
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Decent nursing tank


Pros: Very easy clasps, supportive built in bra, easy to layer under shirts

Cons: Too short, too low cut

I have a few of these tanks and they work well as nursing tanks to layer under other clothing, but they do run very short in the torso.  I wish I had found the "long" version before buying the shorter "regular" ones.  I also prefer Gilligan and O'Malley (Target brand) tanks over these.  They do provide good support for bigger breasts, but I wish they were cut a bit  higher.  I always worried that I would "pop out" over the top. 

One of my most comfortable nursing bras


Pros: Very soft and comfortable, easy to open and close, supportive for larger breasts

Cons: none

I was extremely happy with this bra.  It is super soft and comfortable, yet supportive for my DD breasts.  The cups are very easy to open and close and it has held up well over the years that I have been wearing it.  It was a very good value for the money that I paid for it.

Great nursing tank


Pros: Very comfortable, easy to use, very supportive for larger breasts

Cons: none!

I have two of these tanks and I LOVE them!  I have layered them under my shirts for nearly two years now all throughout the cold New England Winters.  They keep me warm and provide the support I need while still being able to nurse my son.  He no longer nurses during the day, so I no longer need the snap cups, but they still work perfectly, are easy re-fasten and the material is thick enough that I feel very supported all over, not just my breasts.  They are also very warm when layered under a shirt.  I couldn't have lived without them!

Uncomfortable, hard pillow, difficult to use


Pros: About the only positive is that it lifed my son up a bit

Cons: Very uncomfortable, it felt like a foam brick instead of a pillow.

This was a gift given to me prior to my son's birth.  It was so hard, like a foam brick stuffed into a fabric case.  I had a very hard time making it feel comfortable around my body, and I really disliked laying my son onto something so hard and uncomfortable.  I definitely would not recommend this pillow to anyone.

Very easy to use but a bit too small for me


Pros: Super easy to get babe on my back, extremely supportive, good for mamas with back issues

Cons: Sizing was a bit hard to get right.

I really wanted this carrier to work for us.  I am a size 20, and according to the descriptions on the website, the larger size sounded like it would work.  I could get my son into the carrier easier than any other carrier I had tried, but the belt would not buckle around my belly.  I wore it a few times without the belt and it was extremely comfortable, but I really wanted the extra support of the belt, so I ended up not using it and giving it away a few years later.  The design is absolutely perfect for mamas with back problems, as the entire body of the carrier holds the weight around your middle rather than on your shoulders or back. It seems like it is extremely...
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Mothering › Pumpkin_Pie › Reviews by Pumpkin_Pie