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Disappointing material choice for natural diapers


Pros: they work to hold in potty messes

Cons: far inferior to the product it replaced

I was excited to see "Tendercare" diapers because I'd heard the company was bought out. Tendercare and Tushies have been sanity savers for me over the years, although I usually CD.   A company rep from Earth's Best  claimed these were the same great product, but they are not! These diapers may be chlorine-free like the diapers produced before the buy-out, but they contain the super-absorbant crystals inside, like any grocery-store diaper! Many parents are concerned about exposing their infant's genitals to these chemical agents. The claim was that these diapers do not contain the gel crystals, but if you cut one in half, the crystals all sprinkle out. How disappointing. ...
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Versatile, wonderful diaper cover


Pros: Lightweight, breathable, quality materials and workmanship, durable

Cons: manmade fiber (if that's important to you), price

I will soon be using these on another baby (2nd child in this set of covers). The only covers I wil be using are my Nikkys, a couple ruskavilla wool longies, and hand-knit wool covers I am making myself. This will be my 4th child in CD, and it has come down to what I love most & what works best. With my first 2 dc, I could not afford Nikkys. After finally using some nb poly Nikkys with #3, they are the only non-wool cover I would choose from now on.   They hold up very well-- mine still look brand new with zero visible wear. They also wash up beautifully-not one stain.   I especially like the NB size, as new babies are so very hard to fit in the early days, and the...
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affordable basic diaper


Pros: soft and durable

Cons: bleached

This is a cost effective diaper to start your diaper stash. They are likely to be the best quality cloth diaper available at your local retail store. I didn't appreciate that they are bleached (when unbleached are available online). They last at least thru one child's diapering years, & maybe 2 children. Mine became dust cloths after my youngest (they are super dust coths/ urp cloths, too). I was pleased that they are 100% cotton with no spongey inner layer to break down & shift like all other brands of cloth diapers available at our local discount store.

Poor quality


Pros: any cloth diaper is better than disposables?

Cons: Poor quality materials don't last

These diapers are made of inferior materials. The "absorbant polyester sponge" insert absolutely breaks down in the wash and disintegrates leaving a lumpy mess inside the diaper after a couple wash cycles. The sponge also may seem absorbant, but it does not catch liquid as well as cotton or other natural fibers, and thus it squeezes urine out every move your baby makes as soon as it's wet!

Great long lasting prefold


Pros: soft, thick, durable

Cons: none

My mother bought these for me used from a garage sale. They held up very well & washed easily. (I was not an experienced CDer at the time so I know I bleached them often-- they still lasted!) They were soft and comfy, a good proportion, didn't snag or wear at pin sites, didn't ravel. When we PT, I passed them onto another mom, & they lasted at least through that child's diapering years as well-- that's 3 children at least since I got them used. I did use doublers at night with these.

Very economical cover


Pros: low cost, fine performance, durable, lightweight, trim

Cons: minor fitting issues

I liked these covers despite minor frustrations. No bells, no whistles at a no-bell-no-whistles price. For the most part, they do their job fine if you use an absorbant enough diaper. For cheap/ thin diapers, this may mean doubling (esp overnight or for naps); it did in my experience. I could not afford more expensive covers at the time, so for me these made the difference between cloth diapering or not (many people were willing to "gift" disposables, but not cloth supplies). These fit trimmer than heavier (wool or cotton) covers; no bulk; practically no extra weight-- great for wigglers and crawlers!   I did find these to be sized rather large, and I was not diapering a...
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A very handy transition to "the big potty"


Pros: soft, lightweight, comfy, sturdy

Cons: potentially harder to clean

This was a super easy transition to a big potty & made potty learning fun. Having a soft, cushy seat encouraged relaxation. It is very portable & slipped under the van seat for travel with room to spare for trips-- it even fit in the larger diaper bag. For a child who disliked "the baby potty" it was great. As time went on, the white plastic did very slightly shrink away from the blue, so if you don't stay on top of cleaning up any dribbles, it could be hard to clean later (ie if urine runs into the crevice between the plastics); however, this wasn't a problem for us.

Great for mother's hands or rough heels


Pros: holds in moisture after several hand washes, lasts long

Cons: petroleum products are unsafe for use on or around infants

This product is great if you don't intend to use it on a baby. I have used it extensively on sheep, horses, cows, dogs (not cats! they lick it off)... and I use gloves or immediately wash it off my hands. This takes several washings because this product has serious staying power!    If this is being used as a diaper ointment, I would find another-- petroleum jelly is basically like semi-solid gasoline & not the best for baby bums! If mothers would like to use something heavy-duty for chapped hands or rough heels, this would hold in moisture & protect from further mechanical irritation. For babies, I'd find a different product.   Oh-- one tin...
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Far better than most alternatives


Pros: effective, contains natural plant extracts, no petroleum, no staining

Cons: too many "chemical" ingredients for my taste, contains more salicylate than plant extracts

I used this as an alternative to other zinc oxide creams because it says it is a natural baby care product, & that appealed to me. I would rather not use petroleum products on a baby's diaper area & this cream fits the bill. It compares favorably with more well-known and easily available brands that can be had at most discount or grocery stores. I was disappointed with the ingredient list for a product claiming to be all-natural. It is still head and shoulders above it's competition, & it would be hard to do better unless I make a diaper cream myself! No staining on cloth diapers/ wipes. Works fine, but nothing special, imo.
Mothering › mum4vr › Reviews by mum4vr