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Very helpful.


Pros: Gives lots of useful information.

Cons: Too crunchy.

I've found the book overall very informative on natural childbirth. It is anti-hospital unless deemed necessary. I totally agree with that. Many of the birth stories are enjoyable to read. Some are a bit weird for me.   I am not hippy, spiritual, whatever. So, those parts annoyed me a bit. I also do not believe in evolution, so any comments related to that got on my nerves as well. I'm a Christian - firm in my beliefs.  I'm looking forward to my second homebirth. 

L-o-v-e this...


Pros: adjustable water pressure

I love this diaper sprayer. It's made cloth diapering so much easier.  It's easy to install. It has held up for around a year and a half now and I believe it'll hold up for a long while more. If it ever does fail me, I'll get another even if I'm not cloth diapering anymore because it is so convenient having a spray nozzle on the toilet. I didn't know what I was missing.  I cloth diapered without the sprayer for almost 2 years off and on and it was a pain to dunk and swish in my opinion but doable if you have to. I'd just much rather have the diaper sprayer.   It works really well for cleaning up other things as well - examples: puke, food, buckets, etc. 

Love it...


Pros: Very comfortable, compact and lightweight

Cons: slight learning curve

I love my babytrekker. It's super comfy and once you figure it all out, I find it rather simple to use. My sons both seemed to feel comfortable in it and I was able to use it with my second boy from birth to a bit over 18 months with no issues. I'd have used it longer but I mostly use it to take walks and started letting him walk around with us a little after that and then I got preggo again and carriers just don't work so well when you're pregnant.   Anyway, I look forward to using it with my third child. I'd certainly recommend it and really like the new feature of the stirrups. I'll have to see if those are available separately to use with the older carriers maybe. I think...
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Mothering › dayiscoming2006 › Reviews by dayiscoming2006