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strong scent warning


Pros: ingredients

Cons: very strong scent

This lotion looks wonderful.  The packaging is nice, the ingredient list is full of wonderful plants.  The product sticker says everything I love to read (no parabens, animal testing, SLS, petroleum products, parabens, artificial colors, or synthetic fragrances).   But the scent is very strong!  And, not in a nice, flowery way, either.  I love musky scents, too, so it's not that I only like jasmine and roses.    I have had this lotion since Christmas 2010 and I keep giving it a try, only to catch a whiff and get totally turned off, again.  I can't imagine using this all over my body...I would have to rebathe!    So, you've...
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my favorite deodorant


Pros: 2 natural ingredients, easy to use, long-lasting

Cons: might not survive a drop

I love this deodorant!  I've been using it for many years and it always works well.  I never smell bad and it's so easy to use.  I have a body chemistry that does not agree with all deodorants (I have tried many since puberty started), but this one was a keeper from the very beginning. 
Mothering › princesstutu › Reviews by princesstutu