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great toy


Pros: last a long time, 1-5 big age range

Cons: paint may scratch after lot of use, tempting to get lots of additional sets which gets expensive

Great toy for learning to use two hands together, fine motor strength, and pretend play. It only comes with one wooden knife but a plastic knife can be used if playing with a friend. Kids seem to really like this toy, it is popular when friends visit. 

creative toy


Pros: durable, sturdy, non-toxic, back opens, made in usa

Cons: cab doors don't open

My child can play with this truck a lot of different ways. We give him small recycleables to load and drive away. Very educational if you want it to be and nicer than just any old truck. Had for over a year and it looks new still. It has been inside though.

enjoyable book, a collection of low or no intervention births


Pros: interesting, funny at times, positive

Cons: Some stories are more narratives than literary works of art, which is fine with me but if writing style is important for you...

This book was referenced in a mothering magazine article on unassisted birth.  I thought it was a nice book to read about birth in general. The collection of birth stories are all written by moms with an empowering perspective. 

I like this book


Pros: positive, loving, helpful advice

Cons: I don't love the title. Some might find the book helpful but not identify their child as "challenging."

I re-read parts of this once in awhile, It is most helpful for high functioning children. Focus in on emotional development and how to help a child develop socially and emotionally. I like this author.

diaper cover


Pros: softer than other covers, fits well

Cons: not 100% cotton

So this is organic cotton on the outside with a non organic waterproof lining on the inside. I do think the lining and edging around the legs and waist are softer than a lot of the plastic standard covers.  We only have one of these and one in a larger size.  Nice large area to velcro to which helps get a better fit.  Fits and works fine. 

not great for cloth diapers


Pros: durable, hard for a child to open

Cons: hard to clean

This says it works with cloth diapers, it does. However, the way you put the diapers in gets soiled just about every time you put a diaper in. It is a pain to wash.  I am looking for something to replace this with. 

diaper or training pants


Pros: soft, comfortable, thick

Cons: bulkier than some, too big for some newborns

These were great for training pants (used with no cover and left snapped) when actual training pants were way too big for my child. We also used them as "nighttime underwear" when my child was daytime trained but we wanted something more than regular underwear for nights just in case.  As a diaper they were just fine. Snaps all held up well. After a 2plus years of use some have gotten small holes in the top layer of fabric. Still totally functional as there are many fabric layers, just not as pretty. I stitched the holes up in mine and they are ready for the next child.

Activities in the book are great for all children


Pros: lots of nice indoor play ideas

Cons: Not much for the children under 2

This book is great for parents or caregivers of children age 3 and up. The activities are fun and varied. Plus there is the bonus of reading about why each activity is good for your child's development. All children are developing their sensory systems as they grow. Sensory processing disorder or not, understanding a bit about your child's sensory system can be helpful in understanding behavior. I think the book is also very easy to read. 

nighttime parenting, nighttime relationships


Pros: easy to read, helpful perspective, information you might not read in other books about sleep

Cons: none that I can think of

This book was great to read when I had a wakeful newborn. It discusses sleep patterns of babies and new parents which was very helpful in understanding why my baby woke up at night.   I like a lot of the Dr. Sears books. This one and The Discipline Book are my favorites. 

baby gate


Pros: works without holes in your wall

Cons: annoying to adjust

First one we ordered we couldn't get adjusted no mater what we did, turned out to be defective. The manufacturing company was fine about exchanging it for another one. The next one we got takes time to adjust but works fine. Doesn't always shut behind you anymore after a few years of use but probably would if we bothered to adjust again. It fits in a span as stated on the label as long as the exact width you need isn't the width right between needing an included extension piece or not. It is not very stable if your desired with is in that spot. Otherwise it is stable and has worked great.  Also, we do not use it at the top of the stairs, it is in a doorway between rooms. 
Mothering › theresa1 › Reviews by theresa1