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Beppie's Avatar Beppie 12:37 PM 05-14-2009
I have a maple seedling (not more than 10-12 inches high) growing in my herb garden. We have quite a few trees in our yard that are very old... we might need a new tree soon.

Has anyone had success moving a tree of this small size from a garden to a pot, and letting it grow a lot bigger before transplanting it somewhere else? Any tips for me? thanks!

salt_phoenix's Avatar salt_phoenix 08:47 PM 05-14-2009
My experience with digging up volunteer trees is limited to knowing it is easy to break off the root when you dig it up. Even little trees have DEEP roots. Just be careful about that and you should be good to go. I only move them to another spot in the yard, I have never been able to save a tree in a pot after digging it up.

I do have a 4 inch almond tree that grew out of the compost. I have that in a pot, but it was nothing but a tiny sprout coming out of an almond when I found it. I don't know how long I will try to keep it in a pot. Probably until it looks unhappy or gets too big for my biggest pot.

Good Luck! I'm overrun with baby cherry trees ATM!