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So share with us what are you growing in your garden currently. How has it been going, have you reaped any vegetables and fruits how did it taste.

Worlds Best Mom
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I am currently growing carrots, lettuce, cilantro, and radishes. I am not having much luck with the radishes which makes me sad because the seed packet said it was a great starter plant for children. But the cilantro is doing well and the lettuce is too. The weather has stayed cool so far but it is heating up quickly so I may need to harvest the lettuce before it is completely done growing. the carrots are growing well, I need to thin them soon, but again, the weather is warming up so I don't know....

DD has a cherry tomato plant that is doing well, it is growing and green and beautiful and has lots of little green tomatoes growing.

I did not realize that the area where I live had a very different cycle for sowing than the rest of the world, LOL. I went by the map on the seed packet. But I am learning and if these veggies don't work then I am going to try again in fall.

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We're growing peas, chard, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, basil, tomatoes (11 types...yikes!), peppers, eggplant and a bunch of flowers and herbs. We've also got lemon, orange and apricot trees.

The peas and broccoli are pretty much done and I already ripped up the lettuce. The cabbage and brussels sprouts were planted from seed in October(!) and at this point I am doubting that I am going to get anything from them before they bolt. I planted the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and basil from seed inside under my grow lights and its just about ready to go into the ground. Now all I need is some time (and a babysitter).
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Nothing at the moment. Well I do have some volunteer onions that are up. It's still too cold here to plant yet.

But my plans are:
bell peppers
green beans

We also have lots of fruit trees. Apple, pear, plum, peach, cherry, apricot and mulberry.
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This is my first year gardening. We have tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, bell peppers, onions, garlic, corn, thyme, sage, cumin, basil, and parsley growing now. When the weather cools, I plan to start lettuce, spinach, squash, carrots, and potatoes. DH has requested cilantro, so I need to get some seeds. He wants to make homemade salsa from the garden.

WAHM to Ladybug (13 months) and Bumblebee
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We have planted :
potatoes- looking happy
carrots- taking a long time but finally coming up
broccoli- going slow
strawberries-happy as pie, lots of flowers
raspberries- loving the spot we planted them but will probably not fruit this year
zucchini (not in yet)
pumpkin (not in yet)
tomatoes (not in yet)- but potted in house, looking sad and I think we may have to by some
lettuce (3 verities)- loving the shady spot along the house
cucumber (2 verities)- looked good at first weather went weird just getting happy again
peppers (not in yet)- looking good in the pots in the house though
corn- supper happy I'm looking forward to mouth water corn on the cob al ready
garlic-last year I didn't do so well know way to know till I pull um
basil- nice and sunny
mint -potted to keep them from spreading but they are oh so happy
watermelon- just starting to come up this was a not one I wanted to do but my son bought the seed pack with his allowence and really wanted it
apple trees- they are looking strong but they are semi dawrf and will not fruit for 3-5 years
roses-time will tell
marigolds-not come up yet
tulips-we'll see next year
irises (planted when we moved in)- not seeming to like this year mcuh
and something my neighbors, who gave them to us, call "hens and chicks" not sure what they actually are but I've planted then in a cute little circle around some other plants

Erin Mama to thing 1 and 2 WAH with CELIAC?! Living and Learning
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This is my first year with a garden too. I've been a bit surprised by how late some things get planted here, my only other experience with gardening was in my grandmother's garden in coastal SC growing up.

So far in the ground I have potatoes, lettuce, spinach, radishes, carrots and asparagus (though I know it'll be a few years before we harvest any). Inside I have some pepper seedlings (jalapeno, mini red & mini gold), 3 types of tomato seedlings and brussels sprouts. Oh, and some basil seedlings that I started way too early for my area. There are a lot more different seeds going in later too.

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We have:
acorn squash
cherry tomatoes
Habanaros (sp?)
Summer squash
sweet corn (I am thinking about popcorn)

So far everything is going well. We are going to have a storm this weekend and I am a little concerned about the seedlings. I hope they don't get beat to death of flooded

This is my.... 25th year gardening. I still don't know what I am doing

I think I may put a cinder block planter in the front yard and make a salsa garden! I've always wanted one, and DH has shown some interest in "his own" garden. I know men love pepper gardens, so That would be a good place to start!

I'm crunchy... Like a Dorito.
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We have a bit of snow falling right now but spring is basically here. Plans for this years garden include:
-tomatoes, seedlings are looking okay but not great will be planted outside late May
-squash (3 kinds) seedlings are looking great and will be planted outside late May
-broccoli, seedlings are doing so so and will be planted outside next week
-peas, seeds were planted in the ground early this week, no sprouts yet
-beans, seeds were planted in the ground early this week, no sprouts yet
-lettuce, seeds were planted in the ground early this week, no sprouts yet
-carrots, seeds were planted in the ground early this week, no sprouts yet
-radishes, seeds were planted in the ground early this week, no sprouts yet
-pumpkins, seeds were planted in the ground early this week, no sprouts yet
-cucumbers, seeds were planted in the ground early this week, no sprouts yet

mother, wife, lover of life.
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Lots of stuff planted but no harvesting yet!

In the ground:

and bushes:
Blueberries (first year; expect no fruit)
Raspberries (first year; expect no fruit)
Cherries (first year; expect no fruit)
Peach (first year; expect no fruit)

In seedstarter trays:
Bell Pepper

In containers:
Purple Basil
Grapefruit (Fruiting)
Orange (Trying to set fruit)
Clementine (Trying to set fruit)
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Originally Posted by Chamomile Girl View Post
tomatoes (11 types...yikes!)
which varieties?

I have in the garden:
bush and pole beans
summer squash
tomatoes (I've had up to 14 types in the past, down to five types this time--pregnant--and on other forums, I've seen up to 144 varieties! WOW!)
green and chocolate bells
golden marconi sweet pepper
Am also planning on:
winter squash
sweet potatoes

I am really hoping to have enough to preserve this summer, even if only freezing. wish me luck!

caution: one-handed nak

typos likely

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Spinach, tiny little ones I started late in a new less than fertile bed
Carrots, young plants that are coming right along
Dwarf snap peas, growing nicely and they've got flowers this week
Pole beans, saved seed from last year, they're up and looking good
Squash, looking good, less germinated than I hoped but maybe they'll be crazy prolific and I'll be glad we don't have more
Tomatillos, I direct seeded and the seedlings look good.
I'm letting the wild onions stay in my flower garden.

Watermelon seeds are going in the ground this week and tomorrow I'll buy 6 tomato transplants, a bell pepper, and a basil.
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so far we have been eating lettuce and onions (not really ready yet, but i have been harvesting one almost every night) and cilantro and parsley and harvested our first pepper, a cubanelle, the other night....there are 2 more on that bush ready to eat this weekend. and strawberries.
in the ground growing we have tomatoes, many of which are over 2 feet tall already and setting green fruit, all of which are flowering at least. Well, except for the Big Mama Romas which were started later. We have 9 yellow pear tomatoes, a couple of Lemon Boys, several yellow cherries and husky red cherry tomatoes, a "Bonnie Grape" which did very well for us last year, a Goliath (which looks like it will be the first we eat), 3 Black Prince heirlooms, a German Queen heirloom, a Pink Brandywine, a Mister Stripey....maybe another variety or two i am forgetting. We have 30 something pepper plants, most if not all flowering already; cayennes, hot bananas, cubanelle, red, yellow, green, and orange bells....i plan to start some purple (Cherokee) and also Chinese Giant soon, too....also flowering are red chilis, red hot cherry peppers, serrano, tabasco, mini bells, and jalapenoes. and 4 ichiban eggplants. Also zucchini and yellow squash and the beans are just now coming up. Basil is growing well, needs its first pruning. In the perennial herb garden are our huge rosemary, lots of greek oregano, pineapple sage (my favorite plant), echinacea, including LOTS of seedlings which i will have to move or share, feverfew volunteers, lemon balm, chocolate mint, stevia, comfrey, thyme and lemon thyme, bee balm, lantana, and st john's wort. and a flourescent pink double knock out rose covered in blooms right now. I also have a red and a purple rose bush on my porch i need to find some ground for soon and want to plant zinnia and marigold and morning glory and moonflowers soon. And i have a few coleus, though I have tried to resist them this year and don't have nearly the collection i have in past years. oh, and planters of african and purple basil and tulsi (holy basil). Did i say garlic and onions already? I think that is about it. oh- and a passion flower vine and a pear tree.
i my garden!

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Right now everything is just starting to grow

Carrots (ds's project)
Tomatoes (still need 1 more plant)
Green Bell Pepper
Banana Pepper
Jalapeno Peppers
Strawberry (ds's other project)
Yellow Squash

I still need another pepper plant, another tomato plant, a zucchini plant and.... 1 more thing that I haven't decided on yet (I'm trying square foot gardening this year so I have 1 square that's not being used yet).

Steph, DH Jason (1-1-11), DS Owen (10-3-03) and DS Kai (10-13-11)

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We currently have:

bottleneck squash
yellow squash
zucchini squash
pattypan squash
yellow cherry tomatoes
grape tomatoes
several large tomato varieties
asparagus beans
English cucumbers
green beans
white eggplant
purple eggplant
swiss chard
half long carrots
bibb lettuce
buttercrunch lettuce
mustard greens
Italian parsley
sugar snap peas
2 peach trees

Soon to plant:

baby watermelons
white pie pumpkins
orange pie pumpkins
2 fig trees

We have been enjoying asparagus w/everything! Asparagus and farm fresh eggs are awesome!

Happy Homesteading Homeschooling Homebirthing Beekeeping Dready (& a bit redneck even) Mama to 4 fab kids :  dd (23), dd (13), ds (11), dd (5)

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I started my seeds this week for some herbs- sage, parsley, oregano, scallion and chive, 5 kinds of basil and 5 kinds of peppers (which I don't truly expect to grow)

Tomatoes are seedlings in the Aerogarden

Directly into the ground after last frost (Which is 6 weeks out):
romaine ( I do in containers so i can bring them n at night)
green beas
snow peas

and we have a raspberry bush

This is my first veggie garden and I'm a little skeptical of my abilities. Especially since I'm zone 3, and we have such a short growing season.

tea6.gifStudent mama to Lyra June loveeyes.gif (ribboncesarean.gif 10.24.09)  and Olive Isis love.gif  (vbac.gif12.12.11) 

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right now I have onions, brocolli, cauliflower, basil, thyme, cilantro and spinach. I have plans to plant peas, cantaloupe, carrots, tomato, bell pepper and summer squash. Yum yum!
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It might be better to ask what we're NOT growing this year! lol!

Oh...I love my garden.

We do all the traditional stuff, I guess, but this year I'm trying my hand a quinoa, so we'll see how that goes. This year it's just a novelty, sacrificing minimal square footage to it, but I just want to learn about it and see how it grows and harvests.

The weather's just now ready to plant...there's one day in the forecast that's close to freezing, so I might wait a few more days for some things, but tomorrow's theoretically the day we've set aside to put most things in the ground.

We grow from seed, so...our harvest is delayed a bit. But that's OK.
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First year gardening, we planted:

Green beans
swiss chard

I think that is it.

E Veg*n Mom to ds 6 : dd 3
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eating arugula, kale and onions from last year

broccoli will be ready to eat soon, then some lettuce and more onions

snow peas, radishes are in the ground, also some more aruglua and kale, have a nice patch of dill that self seeded from last year.

bought a couple of fresh parsley plants this year, they are in the ground

basil, tomato, peppers, eggplant in trays or pots inside or out depending on the day...

need to get lots of things planted soon!!!!!!!! beans, okra, then the cukes and summer squash!!!
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It's still early here, and after an unseasonably warm April, this week we're back to having frost at night. That said, we've got quite a bit coming up in the garden:

Perennials are really keeping us happy right now - we have sorrel for soups and omlettes, walking onions for green onions, parsnips that overwintered, and tons of delicious herbs - parsely, chives, thyme, oregano, savory, tarragon, and sage.

The garlic is about a foot high, but I'm not using it yet. And my other spring veggies are starting to grow. The broccoli is doing great, and my lettuce, radishes, turnips, spinach, and snap pea plants are all starting to get second and third sets of leaves. I cover crop one bed each year, and the fava beans in that bed are just starting to grow - no sign of the wheat, oats or vetch in that bed yet.

Now I just have to work on patience as I wait for the spring harvest and summer planting!
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Hi All!

I'm growing zucchini, tomatoes, beans, bell peppers, sweet peas, swiss chard, cucumbers, kale, strawberries and spinach so far.

The only spot I have for a garden is somewhat shaded, and while things are healthy and growing, they are not prolific. I need to create more space in full sun areas so I can have more tomatoes and peppers.

I forgot about the lettuce! We've had some wonderful salads with the lettuce I'm growing. It is so much better than the store-bought variety. You can tell you are actually getting vitamins from it. And it is so crisp!

I love gardening and hope I can find a way to have a boundless supply of veggies this year. I want to learn how to can and freeze.
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Up here in Northern Michigan, it's just the start of the gardening season. But we are planning:

burpee big boy tomatoes
early girl tomatoes
jet star tomatoes
red cherry tomatoes
brussels sprouts (first time trying these)
watermelons (starting indoors)
acorn squash

I can't really take credit for the raspberries and rhubarb as these were planted over 30 years ago. But the rest I can!

Yesterday we hauled 2 trailers of aged manure and boy are my arms tired. Tomorrow it will be tilling it in and planting the first round of cold-tolerant stuff like peas.

My 3 yo son is also planting a row of cukes in his little garden. He loves 'em.


Homeschooling, organic gardening, jewelry-making, bread-baking pagan mama to Bubba:
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Here on Salt Spring Island BC, currently have the following planned for this year's garden:

Fruit Trees/bushes-
Several varieties of apple (16 trees)
Italian Plums
Bosc Pears (doesn't bear well)
Cherries (don't know what kind - birds get every last one!!!)
Black Currants

In the ground -
GARLIC!!!! Blue Lake#3 heirloom, very rare - very delicious!!!
Fava Beans
Beets (Chiogga, Golden, Blankoma, Merlin - the regular ones)

In seed trays:
Tomatoes (Yellow Brandywine, Green Zebra, Black Krim, Sweet Cherries, Yellow pears
and Super Italian Paste)
Peppers (California Wonder - red, Purple and Brown Beauty, and pickling peppers)
Kale (red russian, lacinato, green)

Not planted yet-
winter squash (butternut and spaghetti)
melons (Canteloupe, watermelon)
green/yellow bush beans
potatoes (banana fingerling, russian blue)
lettuces (many varieties)
fennel (bulbs)

This is our second season at this house/property. I'm going to try to do the farmer's market this year and get farm status so we get lower property taxes. Wish me luck!!! I have 2 acres and need to sell $2500 to qualify. Last year we made under $600 , but I was working full-time. This year I'll be on mat leave.
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20 lettuce blend
crisp mint lettuce
3 varieties of garlic
chives, onions, leeks
2 types of current tomato
roma tomatoes
Elizabethan tomatoes
tomato peppers
2 types of bell pepper
black diamond eggplant
lemon cucumber
marketmore cucumber
green, yellow, black beans
chick peas
carrots(plain ol nantes) would really like to get a little more adventurous with these this year
swiss chard
red and white small potatoes
storage potatoes

I have asked for a fruit tree(undecided on type) for my birthday/mothers day.

greek oregano
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oh I forgot beets...and sugar pumpkins, jack o lanterns, acorn squash, zucchini, green and orange hubbard squash...
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...celery and flax as well.
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We have early girl, Roma, and Campbell hybrid tomatoes that are already producing well, California wonder green bell, Red and Yellow bells, black beauty eggplant, carrots, potatoes, onion, cucumber, Kentucky wonder pole beans, squash, Canary melon, and herbs- corriander, spearmint, English mint, basil, and Giant parsley.

Momma to DD (12/04) hearts.gif and DS (11/09) hbac.gif.
I survived 16 mos! Ask me about breastfeeding a baby with posterior tongue tie, high palate, and weak oral motor skills- whew!

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