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Gardening > Can I use leftover veggie seed packets for next year?
lkmiscnet's Avatar lkmiscnet 06:14 PM 08-18-2010
Am I better off just buying new ones or is there a good way to store them to plant them in the spring?

For instance, I ended up only wanting a couple of zucchini plants, so still have basically the whole packet of remaining seeds left.

MariesMama's Avatar MariesMama 03:00 AM 08-19-2010
Of course you can keep them. You may have a lower germination rate, but that's no reason to throw out the whole packet.

Find some silica packs (the ones that say DO NOT EAT and come with shoes) and put them in the box you store your seeds in. I get leftover seeds from a family friend who works for a seed company and I store them in a shoebox with a couple of silica packs. My tomatoes were marked 2006 and came up fine this year.
lmonter's Avatar lmonter 07:00 AM 08-23-2010
Of course you keep them. I have zucchini seeds that are from 2004. And still germinating. Some things like onions and carrot seeds lose their potency over the years, but then you just compensate by throwing down even more seed and use up the packet eventually. Although I have to say, my home-saved carrot seed seems to have a longer lifespan than the commercial stuff...
Attached2Elijah's Avatar Attached2Elijah 10:18 AM 08-23-2010
Yep... putting them in the fridge works too. I have a whole section on the door of my fridge that is designated for seeds only. I have had some that are 3+ years old and haven't noticed a lower germination rate.
GardenStream's Avatar GardenStream 10:28 AM 08-23-2010
It depends on the seed. I've learned from experience that parsnips are no good after the first year.

Here are a couple seed viability tables