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SamiPolizzi's Avatar SamiPolizzi 01:53 PM 01-19-2011

I'm going to be starting seeds indoors for the first time this year. I've done a lot a reading and I'm fairly confident I can do this. My only question now is how many seeds should I start? For example, I want to plant 4 tomato plants, so many seeds should I start in order to be sure I get 4 good ones?

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 12:06 PM 01-20-2011

I would start 10 and pick the best ones.  I do winter sowing and they seem to come up when they want.  I let them do their own thing.  It's really easy. You just need a gallon or half gallon milk or juice jug, soil and your seeds.  Set them out and just water if you need to, no lights needed.  I don't even put soil over my tomato seeds, just press them into the soil a little bit and your good to go.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 12:26 PM 01-20-2011
SamiPolizzi's Avatar SamiPolizzi 02:39 PM 01-20-2011

Awesome! Thanks!