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dbsam's Avatar dbsam 03:31 PM 08-19-2011

How did they turn out?


Instead of peeling and slicing, I was planning on washing, flash freezing whole, then putting the whole peaches in bags.  In addition to being easier and quicker, I read (somewhere online) that they maintain their texture better if frozen whole.



e13lorena's Avatar e13lorena 04:12 AM 09-08-2011

I would think it would be difficult to do stuff with them when you're ready to use them (when thawed). But I don't have experience with it - I did frozen peaches and canned peach perserves for the first time this year. - Peaches came from my mom's tree and some of them had quite a few worms - I can't imagine freezing and trying to use them with the worm :D

harrietsmama's Avatar harrietsmama 03:09 PM 11-05-2011

This reply is a little late, but I did this with my tomatoes one year and the peels came off soooooo easily!  It's worth trying some!