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JamesMama's Avatar JamesMama 01:45 AM 05-23-2006
The previous owners of my mom's place plated a grape bush (tree? the thing is huge.)

Well just the last few years my mom and I decided we were going to get some grapes off this tree, we built up this arber around it and my step dad put this mesh net around it to keep the critters off it.

Well it didn't work. Every year we get critters in there eating all the grapes! We've never gotten a single grape off this darn bush. My mom even sprayed it with stuff.

Any other tips for keeping the critters off the grapes? It will probably have to wait till next year since they are all eaten already. :

treereach's Avatar treereach 02:56 AM 05-23-2006
The garden guy recommends to tie things around them like netting or mesh bags. Something that will let the air in but keep the birdies off. You just have to wait till you see a bunch forming and then tie over the bag. They won't eat them when they are green. (I mean unripe )
iamama's Avatar iamama 03:32 AM 05-23-2006
Vines-grapes grow on 'em. Netting works great.
Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 04:49 AM 05-23-2006
Cats work.

A house my family bought came with a nice grape vine. We built an arbor. The vine expanded and grew. Bumper crop of grapes. Birds came to eat the grapes. Cats noticed, and took to sleeping on top of the arbor. Birds didn't come any more. Bumper crop of grapes ripened (it may have been the next year's bumper crop, after the cats had the hang of sleeping up there).

The rest of the story: My mother decided to make wine with this huge crop of grapes, because she thought it was easier than making grape jelly. The wine turned out quite good. She served it at several parties that year, including some important, influential people from the university (where she worked).

And now, thirty years later, the Lubbock area produces wine! I swear we started the whole industry in that area! Accidently, of course.
stormborn's Avatar stormborn 09:28 AM 05-23-2006
We had pretty good luck with an inflatable owl. You have to move it every so often so the birds don't catch on.
JamesMama's Avatar JamesMama 05:10 PM 05-23-2006
They eat them just as soon as they start to bud, I don't know what is getting them. We have a mesh net all around them, but the dumb tree grew outside it last year.

Oh, and my mom already has almost 2 dozen cats. they are just too lazy to kill stuff...they occasionally go after the birds.

I'll try the bag trick next year.