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utuss's Avatar utuss 07:24 PM 04-07-2007
How much is too much dishwater/bath water on plants? Meaning, can you do more harm than good if it has soap in the water?

The other day, I ran a bath for my daughter, and after she got out, I started scooping up the old water (we use avalon organics shampoo/body wash) and I poured it on my apple whips outside.....but I hope I'm not doing more harm than good!

Just wanted to know if this was okay....

patchouligirl's Avatar patchouligirl 11:03 AM 04-09-2007
i re-use dishwater and bath water too. We have a low flow well, so we can't water with a hose or we'll drain the well. We try to conserve water, so we re-use as much as we can.
As long as your not using bleach i think it's fine. i make a homemade 'pesticide' using dishsoap, garlic, mineral oil and cayanne...and it's never been a problem. Just make sure the soap you are using is gentle.

Owen'nZoe's Avatar Owen'nZoe 04:45 PM 04-09-2007
I throw my dishwater outside, too (with biodegradable, safe soaps only). I just put it in a different spot everyday, and have never had any problems. However, I was just reading an article on using greywater in your yard, and they recommended digging a hole at least 8 inches deep, and filling the hole with mulch, and using that spot for greywater dumping. That way you don't have to worry about kids/animals coming in contact with the greywater before it is filtered.
utuss's Avatar utuss 02:52 AM 04-10-2007
I will make sure to spread it around...I usually just use water from when I wash fruit/run hot water and wait for it to warm up , and when I rinse my dishes....but I try not to use too much soapy stuff. Will look at the grey water...duh, totally forgot about that!
Livi's Mama's Avatar Livi's Mama 12:12 PM 04-20-2007
One day my mom saw me tossing dishwater on my flower bed & she commented about dishwater being the original insecticidal soap. I say give it a try.