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burke-a-bee's Avatar burke-a-bee 01:41 PM 07-17-2007
I just had my lawn mowed and I just saw them using weed killer. We've asked them not to in the past. I ran out there and asked them to stop but what can I do about what has already been sprayed? My kids love to play in the yard and my 1yo ( she's a crawler) has free range of the yard. I don't know how long to wait until they can play in the yard again.

FarmerCathy's Avatar FarmerCathy 07:42 PM 07-17-2007
Oh, that is a bummer. My dad did the same thing to me after I told him NOT to spray in the yard and he did anyway. : Maybe you can put a no spray sign in your yard for next time.
Owen'nZoe's Avatar Owen'nZoe 12:45 PM 07-18-2007
B-a-b, Did they put a sign on your lawn with a date? Here at least they are required to put up a sign that tells you (and others) how long to stay off the grass - of course I see my neighbors letting their kids play on the grass the same day. : Anyway, I would keep them off at least that long, maybe a few days longer.

From what I understand, the sprays break down fairly quickly. Be happy, at least, that they didn't spread weed n feed around like my DH did. It takes for-e-ver to break down.
MidnightCommando's Avatar MidnightCommando 03:36 PM 07-18-2007
Depends on what they've used. 99% of herbicides used residentially are labeled safe after dried. Ask them to give you the product name and active ingredients., you can ask me if you want. Unfortunately, working with (not since DD however) herbicides, is a large part of my job.

If your a.i. is:
2,4-D amine (salt)
then I wouldn't worry.

If you'd like to educate yourself on herbicdes (or anyone for that matter), here is a great link. I am not condoning or encouraging the use of chemicals. I just feel more comofrtable knowing how they work, tox levels, and when/where their use is warranted.

I still can't believe that they sprayed when you said not too. I would contact a supervisor of the company. That is a big no-no and huge liability on their part.

FYI, appx. 16 states have sort form of law requiring advance notification (even on public right-of-ways) before spraying pesticides/herbicides if you are registered on a list. Maine as an example
The laws vary, most cover at least public spraying. It might be worth checking into - you can check with your state dept of ag regarding this.

Our state does not have a registry. However, citizens can call and request to not spray on the ROW in front of their house. We ask them to post a reminder sign on the prop in the month the area is to be sprayed. In return, we also request they control plant growth in that area.