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Small trees with non-invasive roots?

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12-19-2007 | Posts: 496
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What trees are small enough that they are safe to plant fairly close to the foundation of a house? We have a couple of places that we would like to put one or two near our front porch. The concrete for our front porch is 10ft wide (from the front of the house to the edge of the porch) where it drops vertically 3 feet, so the ground is really 3ft below the foundation.

I love the Japanese Maples, but am not sure about their roots.

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If it's south facing and you don't mind the look of wrapped plants all winter, you could do bananas.
Those tall thin cypress look neat, but I don't know about the roots.
clumping bamboo?
Semidwarf peach or plum trees? (15') max, but you could prune to keep them smaller?
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