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haleyelianasmom's Avatar haleyelianasmom 04:37 PM 06-23-2008
I can't tell! I've looked at various pictures online and they do look like a cherry tree and an apple tree of some sort, but how do I know for sure? besides waiting and tasting of course I don't remember what the blossoms looked like because we just moved here last month and I wasn't paying attention. I asked the neighbors if they knew and they weren't sure, but then said it might be crabapple. However the pictures of crabapple trees I've seen show clusters of apples and the ones outside here just have one per little branch. A bunch dropped off a couple weeks or so ago (June drop? Does that mean we'll have apples?)

As for the "cherry tree", they look just like cherries and when I open them up, there is a single pit. Are all cherries edible?

Last one... there is some wild blackberry type thing hanging over our yard. It isn't technically ours and the neighbor wants to get rid of it, but in the mean time, how do I know if they are edible? Besides testing it on the dog first

Alyantavid's Avatar Alyantavid 04:55 PM 06-23-2008
Our apple and cherry trees have fruit on them already. The leaves are different too. If you have any fruit at all on the tree, they should look like small apples or small cherries.

We used to have a crab apple tree growing up and in the spring, it would bloom these really pretty pink flowers, then the fruit would start popping out.

We have some huge tree in our pasture that makes some sort of blackberries. They taste awesome but I've never seen a berry tree that big.

Do you have any pictures? That might make it easier.
haleyelianasmom's Avatar haleyelianasmom 05:26 PM 06-23-2008
Actually the "apples" look more like little pears right now. Maybe that's actually what they are? My friend is a bit of a gardener and her husband thought it was an apple tree, but this was a while back when they were just tiny. Now they are maybe the size of quarters? bigger? I'll take pictures
haleyelianasmom's Avatar haleyelianasmom 05:46 PM 06-23-2008
Jojo F.'s Avatar Jojo F. 05:56 PM 06-23-2008
To me it looks like a pear and a cherry tree. Definitely a cherry tree You lucky duck!!
Alyantavid's Avatar Alyantavid 06:04 PM 06-23-2008
Pear and cherry.
haleyelianasmom's Avatar haleyelianasmom 06:26 PM 06-23-2008
ooh, I hope so! That would be so cool! I'm definitely excited
lunita1's Avatar lunita1 09:09 PM 06-23-2008
The cherries actually look like ripe queen anne cherries. They don't get red, just blushed. Have you tried just popping one in your mouth?
haleyelianasmom's Avatar haleyelianasmom 11:06 PM 06-23-2008
Originally Posted by lunita1 View Post
Have you tried just popping one in your mouth?
No, should I?

I definitely need to take a plant identification class or something, I never know what is poison and what is edible.
MorganRiley's Avatar MorganRiley 05:44 AM 06-24-2008
we just found out we have a pear tree too...and mine look just like yours!

and the cherry tree looks like one we had when i was a kid
they are the sour pie cherry type
good for baking pies and cobblers

(not the sweet kind like bing dark purple cherries that you see in the stores now)
lotus.blossom's Avatar lotus.blossom 12:52 PM 06-24-2008
Ooh congrats on the trees! I have been slowly finding out what we have on our new property too. I definitely have a pear tree too!! I'm so excited! We had a pear tree when I was a kid and they fresh pears were tasty.
Mel_C's Avatar Mel_C 01:35 PM 06-24-2008
That cherry tree is awesome! Yes! Try a cherry! They'er gonna be quite sour, but it's YOUR FRUIT! hehehe Safe and edible.
lunita1's Avatar lunita1 03:28 PM 06-24-2008
Yes, taste them! They actually don't look like any sour cherries I've seen. They look like Ranier or Queen Anne, which are nice, sweet cherries for fresh eating.
lmonter's Avatar lmonter 09:11 PM 06-24-2008
Mmmm... pears and cherries....

Almost kinda look like Bosc pears and Rainier cherries because of the fruit coloring, but don't quote me on that.
haleyelianasmom's Avatar haleyelianasmom 12:23 AM 06-25-2008
Now, what about the size and texture? They are smaller than most cherries and pretty soft.

I tasted one and they're sour. My husband is too scared to try one. He's waiting to see if I get sick first
lunita1's Avatar lunita1 02:09 AM 06-25-2008
Sounds like you have sour cherries. Time to make pies!
Lizafava's Avatar Lizafava 11:28 AM 06-25-2008
My neighbor has sour cherries that look just like that. DS actually eats them! they will make awesome pies or preserves. Lucky duck!!