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janerose's Avatar janerose 10:40 AM 07-10-2008
We're in Zone 4, near the Canadian border. I have a large bush....probably 4-5 ft in diameter & at least 6 ft tall. It has small red berries all over it. The berries are bright red little balls. Smooth skin. Not growing in huge bunches, but smaller clusters. The berries are small. Probably not much bigger than a pencil eraser.

It's growing in a sunny spot on the edge between of a field & a patch of poplar trees. We have wildblackberries growing nearby, but nobody around here seems to know what this bush is.

I saw some *very* similar berries at the co-op the other day, but unfortunatly the one volunteer I could find wasn't sure what they were either.

Our digital camera is MIA at the moment, but if I find it later I'll post pics too. I'll also grab a piece off it & come back to post a more detailed description (shape of leaves, etc)

Any & all ideas are really appreciated. If I can even get something to go on, so I can Google some stuff that would be a huge help!

Elecampane's Avatar Elecampane 10:53 AM 07-10-2008
Could it be an Asian bush honeysuckle? we had one of these in our yard next to our blackberries and raspberries. We're in MI. DH just chopped it down the other day because we were afraid DD would try to eat the berries.
avendesora's Avatar avendesora 11:23 AM 07-10-2008
We have wineberries that sound a little like that. THey look like raspberries only without the fuzz.

Owen'nZoe's Avatar Owen'nZoe 12:41 PM 07-10-2008
What do the leaves of the bush look like? Currants came to mind from your description, but it is so hard to tell without a picture!
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 09:53 PM 07-10-2008
I agree with Sarah. I was going to say some sort of honeysuckle also. We have two types in our yard and both have had red berries on them for a week or two now.

I also agree that with a photo or a discription of the leaves someone here will be able to tell you for certain
SleeplessMommy's Avatar SleeplessMommy 11:08 PM 07-10-2008
Bush honeysuckle:

Horrible bitter taste, single berry. Berries started a few weeks ago here in PA.

Japanese wineberry:
Ripe now here in PA. Very tasty and good! :