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Ame's Avatar Ame 09:35 PM 04-15-2002
Our yard has been invaded by ants ! How do YOU get rid of those pesky ant hills that take over your yard. I'm looking for DIY recipes for total anialation of the many over sized ant hills in my yard

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

saige's Avatar saige 09:37 PM 04-15-2002
2 parts vinegar I part water should take care of it,I think.
smeta's Avatar smeta 08:48 PM 04-22-2002
I am not sure if this works outside, but this is an easy recipe:
2 tsp. peppermint castile soap (liquid)
1 gallon water
Pour into spray bottle and spray along baseboards and ant trails.

You can also pour boiling water over their nests.
Bay's Mamma's Avatar Bay's Mamma 10:39 PM 04-22-2002
This may not be what you are looking for. I heard this a couple of times, but have not had the opportunity to try it: Ants will not cross a line of something like powder or flour. They just won't do it. So, it's a non-toxic approach, I guess. Good Luck.

Love and Light
veggiewolf's Avatar veggiewolf 11:25 AM 04-23-2002
Bay leaves - for some reason, ants don't like bay leaves. We use them in our door well - between the screen door and other door, and haven't had ants since.

3boysmom's Avatar 3boysmom 04:55 PM 04-23-2002
I've used the peppermint soap spray several times - works great and the house smells like a candy cane!
namama's Avatar namama 05:21 PM 04-23-2002
try borax mixed with somthing sweet (jelly). the ants eat the sugar but the borax does them in. rosemary gladstar says borax is a-ok. and i trust her.

and sprinkling borax or other powdered soap around thresholds can keep ants out.

good luck...
RasJane's Avatar RasJane 03:24 PM 04-24-2002
I'm off to try the bay leaves. I totally forgot about the bay leaves.


Whose entire house has been taken over by ants who care not what we spray.:mad:
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 09:23 PM 04-24-2002
I agree about the peppermint...just dab some peppermint EO on some cottonballs and leave them by where the ants like to get in..they HATE peppermint
smeta's Avatar smeta 03:40 PM 04-26-2002
borax will kill them, but be careful if your kids are little and eat everything off the floor - it is toxic!
Happy Mom's Avatar Happy Mom 12:21 AM 04-27-2002
Diatomaceous Earth - You can pick this product up at the hardware or health food store.

Another one is Boric Acid