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Laundry Soap
grate a half bar of soap (I like to use a vegetable based soap)
put it in a pan with just enough water to cover it.
On low heat, until it melts
Or you can find microwaveable meltable pieces of laundry soap online

In a gallon bucket (ice cream pails work nicely!)
Fill with Hot water, mix in 1 Cup of Washing Soda (or baking soda, but baking soda won't give you the Gel like consistancy)
Mix well
Then add soap, stir, let sit overnight and viola!

I've tried this both ways, adding the soap first vs adding the soda first, and I like the gel I get from adding soda first. Play with it and let me know what you like! Also, different bar soaps make for a different consistancy.
My favorites so far have been Bean Tree Lavender and Earth Friendly Baby Lavender and Dr Bronners

Pictures curtosy of Bean Tree Soap

Dry Laundry Soap
by Simply Nurtured

2 cups castile soap flakes (you can grate a bar to get flakes)

1 cup washing soda

1 cup borax

3 - 6 drops essential or fragrance oil

Mix all igredients, store in sealed container. Use 1/8 - 1/4 cup per load.

Recipe doubles fine.

Dish Detergent
1/4 Cup warm water mixed with 1 tsp of Baking soda


1 Tbpn Baking soda and 1 Tbpn Borax

Bathroom Spray
Make a spray of 50 -50 vinegar and water, spray down, and wipe dry your bathroom. It will look great, it non-toxic, and cheap.

Baby Wipe Solution
2 drops of Tea Tree Essential oil or Lavender Essential oil added to 1-2 Cups of distilled water

Anti Mildew Spray
1 gallon water,
2 tsp. tea tree oil and
1 tsp. castile soap or liquid detergent.
Spray it on and don't rinse.

Carpet freshner
Sprinkle Baking soda onto carpet. Let sit, then vacuum!

Cream Cleanser
Baking soda mixed with Water.
Cleans sinks, floors, almost anything! Rinse well!

Freshen Washing machine
Add 3-5 Drops of Tea Tree Oil to your rinse cycle

Window/All Purpose/Deoderizer
by heldt123
I use this both at home and when cleaning timeshares. It is great for windows, mis. light cleaning, and deoderizing stale air (especially if there is smoke smell). The vinegar in there helps disenfect and eliminate odors. Once its dry...the vinegar smell is gone too.

2 cups water
1/4 cup vinegar
1/2 tsp dish soap or concentrated natural all purpose cleaner
Mix in a spray bottle

For tougher jobs like showers, just increase the amount of vinegar to 1/2 -3/4 cup

Burnt Food on Pans
Let soak with Baking soda and a little Water for 10 minutes, then scrub off!


face and body scrub
by: Moss's Mommy
Here's a good face and body scrub:
half a cup of blue or yellow cornmeal
4Tbs. sw. almond oil
1/4 tsp of Lavender eo
1/4 tsp of patcholi eo
1/4 tsp of tea tree eo
1/8 tsp of vitamin e

Super Sweet Scrub
by: tibdoml

granulated sugar (1/4 cup pr more)
fav. essential oil (1 drop) or lemon juice ((optional))
enough water to make sugar hold together or a paste


scrub on legs or arms. rinse well (or you'll be sticky)

I store in a tupperware dish in the bathroom. It'll hold up for a week or so.

I love this scrub b/c I don't have to worry about little beads that stick around. works wonders after shaving! my legs have never been smoother
change it around as you wish

After-Shave Balm

by tsfairy
2 tbsp Almond Oil
1 tsp Witch Hazel
a few drops of essential oil of your choice (peppermint or eucalyptus is more cooling, patchouli is a nice scent for men)

Mix together and massage a few drops into freshly-shaved skin. Makes enough to last for a couple of weeks. Store in a squeeze-bottle, or a pretty glass bottle with a lid.

I created this using peppermint oil to soothe a bad razor burn on my legs. I had tried DH's after shave, which did nothing. DH got interested and has been using it for himself ever since.

Cream Deodorant
by Simply Nurtured
1/2 ounce cocoa butter
1/2 ounce beeswax
1 Tbsp glycerine
1 Tbsp rosewater
Melt cocoa butter and beeswax in double boiler. Remove from heat, mix in glycerine & rosewater. Add several drops of one or more of the following deodorizing esssential oils: calendula, clary sage, coriander, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, myrrh, myrtle, rosemary, sage, or thyme.

Also, another easy deodorant is witch hazel, you could spray it lightly on under arm pits using a small spray bottle, then rub in.

Several Deodorant Options by JLav
Deodorant Powder
1 cup cornstarch
1 Tbs. baking soda
1 tsp. liquid chlorophyll (can be purchased at some natural food stores or can easily be made: Fill a clean, wide-mouthed jar with finely cut lawn clippings and pur 1 cup of vodka over the top. Place the lid on the jar tightly. Set the jar in a cool, dark place for 1 week. Strain off the liquid and discard the clippings. You now have liquid clorophyll to use)
There are two methodes to choose from to make this powder:
BLENDER METHOD: Place the cornstarch and backing soda in the blender and blend the mixture on low. With the blender still running, slowly add the chlorophyll. When well mixed, pour into a clean container
CONTAINER METHOD: Place the cornstarch and baking soda in a resealable jar, plastic bag or other container. Add the chlorophyll. Seal the container and shake gently until the powder is well mixed and the chlorophyll is well dispersed.
Use a shaker-type container or powder puff to apply. Can be used anywhere on body to keep dry and help prevent odor causing bacteria.
Antiperspirant Spray
1 cup water
1 1/2 tsp alum powder (USP grade for cosmetic use)
1/4 cup vodka
Mix together until alum is dissolved. Pour into a spray bottle or container with a tight fitting lid. Spray on body or apply with clean cotton pads.
Natural Deodorant Cream
1/4 cup vegetable shortening
1 tbs. cornstarch
2 tsp. baking soda
1/8 tsp tincture of benzoin
1 tsp. fragrance (optional)
Blend all ingredients together into a smooth cream. Place in a clean jar with a tight-fitting lid. To use, rub a small amount of cream under your arms.
Botanical Deodorant
1 tbs glycerine
2 tbs vodka
1/2 cup witch hazel
1/2 tsp liquid chlorophyll
Mix together all ingredients. Pour into a clean container or spray bottle. To use, spray under your arms or use clean cotton pads to apply.
Citrus Deodorant
1 tbs lemon zest
1/4 cup vodka
1/4 cup water
1 tsp liquid clorophyll
3 drops bergamot oil
Mix together all ingredients in a ceramic or glass bowl or jar. Let the mixture sit for one day, then strain off the liquid and discard the zest. Pour into a clean container or spray bottle.

Honey Carrot Facial
by Simply Nurtured

2 raw clean, unpeeled, organic carrots
2 Tablespoons honey (yes, preferably raw)

Boil carrots in warm water then
mash in the honey, until smooth.

Apply to facial area
LLeave on 20 minutes and rinse.

Lip Balm
BY willow83
1 1/2 Tablespoons Beeswax
3/4 Tablespoons Cocoa Butter
1 1/2 Tablespoons Almond Butter (or other liquid oil)
3 Tablespoons Shea Butter
2 1/2 Tablespoons Mango Butter
1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon Candy Flavoring Oil or Essential Oil
1. Melt Bees Wax, Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Cocoa Butter on stove over low to medium heat. Make sure temperature gets over 180° F.
2. Remove from heat , add oils.
3. Stir. Fill lip balm tubes or pots.
Makes about 13 lip balm tubes.

Feel free to add recipes to the list!!!
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Soapmaking 101
the Science of Saponification
by Susan Dahlem The Soap Maven

What is Saponification???
**Saponification - a reaction in which an ester is heated with an alkali, such as sodium hydroxide, producing a free alcohol and an acid salt, especially alkaline hydrolysis fo a far or an oil to make soap.
When an acid (fats, oils) and a base (sodium hydroxide) react together and neutralize into salt, the product is called soap. The method you will learn about in this tutorial is cold process soapmaking. It is a very simple way to accomplish something magnificent!! There are many other ways to make soap, but non has called to me like this old fashioned method. So read on and soon you will be ready to make soap too!!
What do I need to make soap?
Gather all equipment and ingredients ahead of time. READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING. If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected]

Enamelware pot or stainless steel pot. - NEVER USE ALUMINUM
A good quality scale that measures in tenths of ounces - I use a digital postal scale that measures up to 10#
One wide mouth glass measuring cup or pitcher
At least two spoons - stainless or high heat plastic
Small stainless or glass container for measuring sodium hydroxide (lye)
One small stainless steel wire whisk.
Quick read thermometer that registers 80-200degrees
a pair of well fitting rubber gloves
safety goggles
a mold suitable for your size batch of soap - can be plastic, glass or wood - lined with freezer paper or greased with shortening. For the recipe below a small box about the size of a baby's shoe box will be about right.
Old Towel

Basic Soap Recipe Ingredients
-vegan - this is a good recipe to start with...simple ingredients, good quick trace

8 ounces palm kernel oil
4 ounces coconut oil
6 ounces olive oil
2.7 ounces of sodium hydroxide dissolved in 6 ounces of distilled or rain water.

You may scent this size batch with up to 1 ounces essential or fragrance oil at trace.

Now you have all your supplies you are ready to MAKE SOAP!!!

Allow yourself 1 1/2 hours for making a batch of soap - and use extreme caution! Sodium Hydroxide is a very dangerous substance AND so is your raw soap.

Prepare your mold ahead of time. Spread out an old towel. You will wrap your soap in the towel after pouring and covering with plastic wrap.

Use safety goggles and rubber gloves from the time you start until you are finished cleaning up after your soapmaking. Always keep lye, lye water and raw soap out of reach of children and pets. Lye is caustic in both dry and wet form and will burn your skin, can blind you and will ruin just about any painted surface or linoleum floor. So BE CAREFUL! Now that all of that is out of the way...let's make some soap!!!

In your glass measuring cup with a spout or glass wide mouth jar, put the measured amount of cold water. Stir in the lye until all is dissolved - DO NOT INHALE FUMES.

Caution: Always pour lye into the water slowly while stirring. NEVER pour the water into the lye. NEVER POUR LYE INTO WARM WATER- IT WILL CREATE A VOLCANO!

Set aside in a safe place to cool down to about 100 degrees. Check it often.

In the meantime, over low heat melt your solid oils in a stainless or enamelware pot that will accommodate both the oils and water when mixed. When they are melted, remove from heat and add olive oil. Check your temperature on the oil and keep a watch - both lye water and oils need to be about 100 degrees. You may need to give one or the other a hot water or cold water bath to bring them to the right temps. Water baths are simple...just put either cold water or hot water in one side of your sink and sit container of either lye water or oils in it till it reaches desired temp. This takes a little practice but works well.

When both lye water and oils are around 100 degrees you will now mix the two. Pour the lye water in a steady slow stream into the oils, stirring constantly and consistently in a circular the circle 8 pattern, alternating between the two. This will cause saponification**. YEAH!!!

Continue to stir, noting the changes in your mixture. It will eventually become slightly thicker and more creamy looking. Continue to stir until the mixture traces...this is when your mixture is think enough to support a drop or dribble of it on its surface. It should be the consistence of thin pudding. This can take 30 minutes to an hour or more. This is the point to add your fragrance and/or additives (lavender buds, French green clay are just suggestions*) if desired. If making plain soap - pour into prepared mold.

After pouring your soap, cover with plastic wrap and then wrap the towel over and back again until it covers the mold well. This is to insulate the soap and allows it to continue saponification at a constant temperature and will keep it from cooling too quickly which might prevent your soap from getting hard enough.

After 18-24 hours, unmold the soap and remove any plastic wrap that might be clinging to the soap. Let the soap sit another 12-24 hours before cutting into bars. Stack the bars as to allow air to circulate around them and let them cure for 4-6 weeks or more. You may even leave your soap in a log and cut off as you need it.

*If you use botanicals or clays, it is best to put a little mixture into a bowl, mix in the additive and then pour and stir it back in the batch. Mixing well.
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This sticky is a "work in progress" as an attempt to summarize the whole "no-poo" thing. Please PM me if you'd like to add something to this particular post; otherwise, you may find me asking you for permission to post a great idea as I'm always trolling around looking for them.

Very basic no-poo regimen: Baking soda to cleanse, apple cider vinegar to rinse.

It's worth noting that basically cleansing the scalp comes down to cleansing it. Most no-pooers have noted using an alkaline agent such as egg or baking soda to cleanse the hair and scalp of the excess oil buildup, then rinse with an acidifier to restore the pH balance of the hair. This latter can consist of apple cider vinegar, infusion of rosemary, either dried or a drop of essential oil, lemon juice, and the like.

It's important to note that this is a process. Many no-pooers have been pleased that they "get to know" their hair and scalp in a way they never did before.

I'm quoting the earlier summary posted by akirasmamma just for a starting point to see if anybody's processes got left out as the discussion has progressed.
So, on to y'all's quotes:
*an egg works great. Scramble it, and keep it at room temp, though, to avoid a nasty chill!
*a paste with bs, hot water, and tto and apply it to my scalp....let sit for a couple of minutes....wash out and spray with 3:1 water/acv leave in....comb with a wide tooth comb....apply jojoba oil to my hair except the scalp. Through out the week I will comb ro and more jojoba in my hair....I basically only bush (boar hair) my hair at night when I'm bathing the kids in the bathroom
*beer as a conditioner
*rosemary eo = rosemary essential oil
I used about 5 drops of oil in 24 oz of water, it's lasted three rinses. You could also just boil some fresh rosemary in water, let it cool down, and strain out the refuse.
*dark hair rinsed with malt vinegar
*a rosemary and mint infusion might suit you (especially lovely if your hair is dark) or lemon juice (use like vinegar - say 1-2 tbsp in a couple litres warm water) or pineapple juice (used straight out the carton - make sure it is sugar-free though eh??!!).
*some lemon EO directly on the ends of my hair after a shower to keep down the dry ends and to avoid getting static.
*soapwort-grab a couple of handfuls of it - stem, leaf and flowers if it is in flower. Cut or tear it up into pieces about 1/2 inch long; and put it in a pan with enough water to cover. bring to the boil and simmer for ten to twenty minutes, cool and strain.
Then, you can use it as it is (no good unless you have short hair really), or you can thicken it in some way - last time we used it, I think we added arrowroot, (I'll check with dh when he surfaces; on second thoughts it might have been agar) much like we were making a sauce from it. Also, we got hold of one of those cappucino makers - a glass jar with a plunger in it - a bit like you get in a caffitiere and we aggitated the mix - it was amazing to see the suds we ended up with. We also like to add a handful of mint to the decoction - soapwort smells a bit like old cabbage when it is boiling! and just be aware that I believe the root is poisonous
*for static, i have always used aluminum combs
*give it a rinse with diluted red-wine vinegar.
*about 5 drops of rosemary eo in 24 oz of hot water

*I actually put corn starch on my roots then massaged/brushed it out
*I use a lavendar mist -- a few drops of lavendar EO in water in a spray bottle. The water should be either boiled and cooled or from an RO unit so it doesn't get skanky after a few days in the bottle. I use it to dampen my hair, then sometimes use a little aloe vera gel to smooth any flyaways.
*A friend told me to rub honey into my scalp at the beginning of a shower and rinse out at the end to help with dandruff dry scalp issues.
*On my rosemary EO bottle there is a recipe for "nurturing hair oil" 5 drops rosemary, 2 drops lavender and tbsp jojoba oil. You could take that and dilute it with water to use as a rinse, I would guess. Might try it myself
*It was an equal portion of rosemary, southernwood & burdock root solarised in olive oil. Altho' I reckon vodka or vinegar would be just as good & be heaps easier to get out without poo.
*I used a little almond oil on the ends and it seems to have helped a bit
*The conditioning mixture I used was a mixture of 2 whole eggs and 4 TBS olive oil. You wrap your hair in plastic wrap and let sit for 10 minutes.
From MaryLang:
A No Poo Recipe
I just wanted to share this since its working great for me.
I make no-poo balls, its a lot easier than mixing everything together in the shower.
I just mix together BS, water, honey, and EO's roll it into about 1/2"- 1" balls and let them dry for a few days. I keep a dish of them on my bathroom counter and just bring one into the shower, cup it in my hand, let some water mist over it and work it into my hair.

Here's some info added from girlndoc's troubleshooting thread:

No Shampoo Troubleshooting
in general, the troubleshooting might go like this:

frizzy = too much bs, too long with the bs in the hair, try adding honey
greasy = try less acv, switch to lemon/lime juice, leave out honey, comb instead of brush, might just be adjustment
itchies = tea tree, lavender, rosemary eo's seem to help, try a good rinse, this too shall pass
dry hair = try a *tiny bit* of oil (any oil, i like coconut) smoothed on bottom of hair

experiment! experiment! you are free now! LOL!
Veganmamma's "recipe" for a good scalp massage:
Also, from my experience in the salon, people don't wash their hair properly. The proper way to wash the "hair" is to thouroughly clean the scalp and the ends will get cleaned by whatever cleaner you're using dripping down them. People frequently miss the corwn of their head, particularly in the back. Here is a pattern to really get your scalp clean.

Using fingerTIPS, not nails and really scrubbing the scalp to stimulate blood flow, clean out pores and get off built up grime you should make a circle on the top of the head where a crown would be. Focus on the back of the circle. Spend the most time in this area. Now fill in the circle. Spend the second most time here, as this is where your part will be and grease here will really affect the way your hair looks to you and everyone else. Now trace while still scrubbing with your fingertips around the bottom edge of the crown you scrubbed first. Keep making scrubbing circles underneath each one drawing lines in circles around your head. Lastly, give a good scrub to your occiput, or the round bulge of your skull and your temples/sideburns. You can repeat this if you want. You should see less grease and more new growth. Your scalp will feel different, alive. I promise. This is why many women swear their hair growns faster right after a visit to the salon-- it does!

Also, when I say scrubbing in circles, I really mean drawing a line in a circle, your scrubs should be more like ribbing your fingers back and forth in short movements. Be gentle with your scalp and definitely with your hair. Your fingers should be falling in small parts in between your hair, If you aren't careful, you can actually break your hair, so DON'T scrub your hair!! Happy scrubbing, y'all.
VM's thoughts on chlorine exposure:
Also, before you swim you should really saturate the hair with water, notjust wet it, but let the water get absorbed into the hair. I used to work in a salon and you really, really, really have to clean chlorine out of your hair, in fact, we did chelation treatments for kids on swim teams. I see no reason the baking soda wouldn't do a good job. You would definitely want to rinse with ACV because chlorine and bleach in general is a strong, strong base. Bleach is pH 11 which is as alkaline as you can get! Soaking the hair in water will help make sure the inner core of water in the hair is regular water and not chlorine water which will make it easier to clean out. You might use an oil on their wet hair before they get in to seal it off too. The BS will clean the oil off so their hair won't be greasy. Just tossing out ideas.
Recipe ParisMaman found for an after-chlorine treatment to limit damage:
1 egg
1 eggshell's worth of olive oil
1 quarter of a peeled cucumber

Blend the egg, olive oil and peeled cucumber. Spread evenly through your hair, leave on for 10 minutes, then thoroughly rinse.
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Most of us have found we can go 3-5 days between washings (with either baking soda or egg). If you do it more often, as in every day or every other day, there's a chance the bs might lighten your hair a little. You might also want to use a little less bs than if you haven't washed your hair for 5 days.

The cornstarch idea is for greasy roots on days when you aren't washing your hair but don't want to look like a drowned rat, or an oil slick.
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As a note to the above, expect your routine to change over 2-3 months as your hair gets used to this new routine. For me, now 3 months later, I only need to BS/ACV once a week.
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I guess I didn't realize I had never posted on here. There are more on my website but here are some beauty recipes.

Hair Spray

Chop 1 lemon (or orange for dry hair). Place in a pot and cover with 2 cups of hot water. Boil until only half remains. Cool and strain. Add more water if needed. Refrigerate in a spray bottle.

Salt Scrub- for the Back

1/2 cup sea salt or table salt, 1 tsp. aloe vera gel, 1 1/4 cup warm water, 1/2 papaya (has an enzyme that dissolves dead cells), and 2 drops tea tree oil. Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Massage into back and shoulders; them rub off with a heated towel.

Gardenia Bath Salts

Mix 1 cup Epsom salts and 1 cup coarse salt in a glass bowl, to color add 1 or 2 drops food coloring, add 2 or 3 drops gardenia essential oil and stir well. Store in an airtight container. Use 1/2 cup per bath.

English Mustard Bath

Mix 1 cup baking soda,1/4 cup mustard powder 2 drops peppermint essential oil, 2 drops rosemary essential oil and 2 drops eucalyptus essential oil. Use 1/2 cup per bath and rinse off in a cool shower. Said to reduce stress, restlessness and ease sore muscles

Milk and Honey Bath

Dissolve 1 cup honey in 1 cup boiling water and add 2 cups powdered milk. Add to warm bath in which you have dissolved 1/2-cup sea salt and 2 teaspoons baking soda.

Oatmeal Citrus Scrubbing Grains

1 cup dried orange and lemon peel. 1 c cooked oatmeal, 1 c blanched almonds, and 1/2-cup pwd milk - Place peels, oats, milk and almonds in food processor and whirl until mixture is a fine powder. Store in an attractive container near the bathroom sink and use a tiny portion as needed. To Use: Place as bit in the palm of your hand and moisten with a few drops of warm water. Rub paste onto face with a gentle circular and upward motions. Rinse with water and pat dry.

Victorian Cleansing Grains

Grind 2 Tablespoons oatmeal,1 teaspoon lavender flowers & 1 tsp dried rose petals in a coffee grinder add 2 tablespoons white kaolin clay. Store in an airtight container. Mix 1 teaspoon with water into paste. Clean face with paste and rinse.

Oatmeal Honey Face Mask

1/2 c Uncooked oatmeal. 1 T Honey, 1 T Cider vinegar, 1 t Ground almonds, Combine all in a glass or enamel bowl To Use: Steam face or lay warm washcloth on face for 1 min. Applymixture to your face avoid the sensitive area around eyes. Let dry on skin completely. If your skin is young and firm, you can gently rub dried mixture off with a clean terry washcloth or towel. Lean over sink and rub face in brisk but gentle circles with the cloth. Rinse with warm water. Follow with a toner and moisturizer.

Moisturizing Mask

1 lg Avocado, 1 T Honey - Peel and slice avocado. Puree with honey. Pat it gently to the face and continue patting until the mask feels extremely tacky to the touch. Relax and leave the mask on 20-30 mins. Rinse with warm water.

Protein Moisturizing Mask

1/4 c Barley or oat flour 1 tsp Brewer's yeast, 2 tbsp Honey, 1 Vitamin E capsule, 1 Egg yolk (optional) 2 tbsp Almond oil, 1/4-1/2 c. buttermilk or -yogurt. Mix ingredients together to form a smooth paste. Apply mixture to clean face, throat and neck. Lie down and relax for 15-20 minutes. Wash off gently with warm water and apply moisturizer.

Strawberry Drawing Mask

1/2 c Strawberries, very ripe, 1/4 c Cornstarch -Mix strawberries and cornstarch together to make a paste and apply to face, avoiding the delicate area around your eyes. Leave on for 30 mins and rinse off with cool water.

Mask for Oily Skin

1/2 Cucumber, 1 Egg white, 1 tbsp Lemon juice, 1 tsp Mint - Puree all and refrigerate 10 mins. Apply mixture to your face and leave on 15 mins. Rinse with hot, then cool water.

Blemished Skin Mask:

1 ripe tomato chopped, 1 tsp Lemon juice, 1 tbsp Instant style oatmeal or old-fashioned rolled oats. Blend all until just combined. Apply to skin, making sure the mixture is thick enough to stay on blemished areas:cheeks, forehead, or chin. Add a bit more oatmeal to thicken the mask, if necessary. Leave on 10 minutes, then scrub off with a clean washcloth dipped in warm water

Rosemary/Chamomile Toner

1 tablespoon dried rosemary or 1/4 cup fresh, 2 tablespoons dried chamomile flowers or 1/4 cup fresh. 4 cups boiling water. Make an infusion. Store liquid with other beauty products. Wipe liquid over face after mask and follow with a moisturizer.

Cinnamon Facial Toner

1/4 cup water, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, a few drops of cinnamon leaf essential oil. Mix in clean container and use as toner. Has antiseptic and astringent properties. Will keep your skin clean and pores tight.

Herbal Astringent for Oily Skin

1 ounce Chamomile, 3 tablespoons Witch hazel, 1/2 teaspoon Cider vinegar,1 ounce, Peppermint extract, 8 ounces Water, Few drops of peppermint -- extract, 1/4 teaspoon Boric acid (optional) Boil chamomile, witch hazel, vinegar, peppermint and water. Cool and strain. Add remaining ingredients in a spray bottle and shake. Keep refrigerated

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I am really excited to try the natural liquid laundry soap recipe posted on this thread. My only question is, is it more or less expensive to make your own natural detergent than to buy it at the health food store?

And can you use the liquid detergent to wash dishes, too, or just clothes?

Visit to follow my epic saga of single mummahood....


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Here's MY liquid DISHWASHER Soap that I personally really love.

Dishwasher Soap:

1 ½ Cup Liquid Castile Soap
1 TB. Orange Oil (cuts grease)
1 TB. Lemon or Lime Juice
¾ Cup White Vinegar

1 ½ Cup Water
¾ Cup Borax
¾ Cup Washing Soda

Blend well Water/Borax/Washing Soda, add to Rest of liquids mix well. I keep mine in a pump top bottle, but any kind will work. About 2 TBS per Wash load.

I also have created a POWDERED LAUNDRY SOAP that I prefer over the liquid due to space saving and effort that goes into it. I also think it cleans better.

1 bar of Fels Naphtha *or your favorite soap* grated into a powder (I use my Magic Bullet, much faster)
1 ½ Cup Borax
1 ½ Cup Washing Soda
*optional* 1 Cup Oxyclean (or equivalent)

***IMPORTANT*** Wear a mask when making this, so you don’t breath in the powders.

I use 2 TBS per load (this is a great low suds for front loaders), but for light loads 1 TBS is sufficient. Put White Vinegar in Rinse cycle.

This by far has been the best home made recipe I’ve made. I’ve not made it with EO *going to try that* and I’ve not eliminated the Oxyclean, so not sure how it’ll perform w/o it. It was soooooooo much easier and faster to make than liquids, and I only need a small container to store LOTS of loads of laundry soap. Space and time is an issue here.

I don't do diaper laundry anymore so not sure how it performs for that either.

**I love Castile soap, so may try this with Castile bar soap and see how that works out next batch I make**

Ahhh tea the essence of life.
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Originally Posted by kathirynne
I am really excited to try the natural liquid laundry soap recipe posted on this thread. My only question is, is it more or less expensive to make your own natural detergent than to buy it at the health food store?

And can you use the liquid detergent to wash dishes, too, or just clothes?
I'd say it's LOT less in cost overall.

My Dishwasher soap could probably very easily be used for laundry as well, I even thought, 'hmmmmmmm if I run out of laundry soap I can use my dish soap in a pinch'.

My cleaning bucket only has just this:

Diluted Dr. Bronner liquid in a spray bottle for daily chores like; cleaning counters, sinks, windows, bathroom (all over including mirror), well just about everything.

homemade dish soap

homemade laundry soap

Baking soda/vinegar for in toilet bowl cleaning

For the floors I use my steamer

That's it...Simple, low cost, and safe.

Ahhh tea the essence of life.
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I wanted to ask what might be a very silly question...
Can you replace the Vodka in some of these ingredients with anything else?
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wanted to share my shampoo recipe~

I dont measure...this is the basic recipe that I'm sure I will change as I go along...

infusion of Yucca root (main ingredient)
Castille Soap
calendula infused which hazel (a tad)
essential oils

I used a rinse of green tea with this


acv w/rosemary eo

it worked nicely on dd, her fine hair was very shiny and clean...I needed the additional rinse for my thick oily hair not to feel coated...I am happy with the results. I was inspired by Aubreys Quilliya bark shampoo which I'm not sure they sell anymore. The Yucca root is really sudsy, it works very well.

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Here is a laundry detergent recipe from the Sunshine Diapers website:

# 1/4 cup washing soda (also known as sodium carbonate or soda ash. NOT the same as Baking Soda. If you can't find it, call this number: 1-800-524-1328, and use UPC code 3320003020. They can tell you the stores in your area that carry it.)
# 1/2 to 1 Tbs Simple Green
# Put above into washer as it fills (don't try to mix them together first or you'll end up with a brick!)
# You can also add a little borax or sodium PERcarbonate (oxy-bleach) if using warm or hot water

Note: I personally find that when using this on diaper covers, I have to put 1 1/2 cups BAKING soda into the prewash cycle to get the urine odor out. Washing soda does not seem to have the odor-removing properties that baking soda does.
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Regarding first recipe for liquid laundry detergent....a few questions:
1. How many loads does one batch make
2. How much of this detergent would I use per load?
3. What kind of soap do you use, exactly? Veg based soap for the body or home cleaning, etc? sorry to sound dumb...

also....where does one get eo's for less than an arm and a leg? I've only seen tiny bottles at the co-op. Am I looking in the wrong section?

Rebecca, single mama to intact Junebug 6/01, Daughter of the King!
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Just subbing to this thread. The ideas sound fabulous

Liz~A wife and homeschooling mother to two gifts from God!
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Found an article with homemade cleaners recipes. Though I'd share.
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You don’t owe them an explanation, just a response.
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Can that laundry soap be used for a front loader???
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: :
I have run out of my natural all-purpose cleaner & I can't afford more. However, I have TTO, Dr. Bronner's TTO soap, lavender EO, distilled water & Peppermint EO.

I don't have a recipe. Please help.

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my fav cleaner is tap water + glug of white vinegar + 5 drops TTO + 5 drops Lavendar EO... if I'm really going crazy, I add a few drops of baby shampoo.
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Is there a specific no-poo recipe for dry hair that is falling out? I have hypothyroid and ? and my hair needs help! If there is anything I can do in the shampoo category I would like to try it!

Also, anyone want to share a dish soap recipe? We don't have a dishwasher. I use Trader Joe's brand and it costs about 2.50 for a bottle.

Are the no-poo recipes and dish soap recipes really cost-effective?

Thanks, this is great information!

Mama , DH , DD (05) , DS1 (09) , DS2 (12)
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Originally Posted by sraplayas
Is there a specific no-poo recipe for dry hair that is falling out? I have hypothyroid and ? and my hair needs help! If there is anything I can do in the shampoo category I would like to try it!

Also, anyone want to share a dish soap recipe? We don't have a dishwasher. I use Trader Joe's brand and it costs about 2.50 for a bottle.

Are the no-poo recipes and dish soap recipes really cost-effective?

Thanks, this is great information!
One of the best things for hair is just a few drops of jojoba oil for conditioning. It is the *most similar* oil to the oil your hair naturally excretes. A lot of cultures use coconut oil in same manner.

Since your problem is more medical, eat plenty of protein, maintain your Iron and try and include more Vitamin B6 into your diet.

Some foods that contain Vitamin B6 are, poultry, fish, eggs, liver (liver is nasty IMO) wheat germ, peas, beans, carrots, walnuts and brewer's yeast. Do not over cook veggies as it destroys B6.

Not all those who wander are lost 
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I had to bring back this thread because over the weekend i made and used the recipe for homemade laundry soap. I still haven't picked up any washin soda, so I grated a bar od dr.b's lemon and added borax. my laundry smelled fresh but not detergenty...very refreshing.
*big thumbs up!*

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I tried no 'pooing it for the first time today. I just did a basic bs scalp massage with an ACV rinse AND my hair is so silky smooth. I just cannot believe it I am pleasantly surprised. I am hoping it doesn't get too oily too quick though, I usually only wash my hair every 3 to 4 days and would really like to keep it that way.

Happily Married to my : 11 yrs- Mama to wild-eyed monkey boy 7-04, fiery little girl 4-07, and the happy smiley baby that sleeps 11-09!
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