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OK, this is going to sound weird, but ALL the deodorants I've tried (Roll-on crystal stuff, Tom's of maine, non-natural men's stuff like Gillette) make my armpits sore and raw. The only thing that keeps me from hurting is antiperspirant. As you can imagine I REALLY want to stop using it, but I can't handle the redness and pain.

Does anyone else have this problem? Do you have any suggestions? Antiperspirant scares me!
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I have the exact same problem! I seem to be doing ok right now with the kiss my face liquid rock, but it's winter and I'm not really sweating much. I seem to have the worst problems with the non-aluminum deodorants during warmer months. My compromise has been to switch to Dove antiperspirant in the summer, and use the natural stuff the rest of the year.

If anyone out there has found a natural deodorant that actually works and doesn't irritate, I would love to know!
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You could try using a 50/50 mix of baking soda and cornstarch.
Sometimes, I just pat some of that on and go.

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I know for some with sensitive skin, witch hazel works very well.

Put it on last; like right before you put on your clothes. Sometimes (if you shave), deo + water + shaven armpits = irritation.

There's loads of natural deodorants on the internet; I only wish I had to money to buy & try them all!
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Have you tried the spray crystal kind? It's the same salt that's in the roll-on and I've found it works just as well. The roll-on used to be irritating to my skin when I would use it right after shaving or if my pits were anything less than completely wet. I think the crystal was catching on my freshly shaved skin as I applied it and essentially leaving micro-abrasions as I rubbed it in.

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The Tom's of Maine made my armpits so sore, too. I have had great luck with this seller on etsy:
I had a favorite from a Hyenacart seller, but she closed up shop

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I have hyper sensitive, dry skin. The last few months I have been successfully using plain old generic Milk of Magnesia. Yep! It is working great and I am completely odor free. First I used up some we had laying around the house, then I bought a 12 ounce, $1 bottle of Dollar Tree's generic version. It works just as well.

Most people are deficient in magnesium anyway, so any that might be absorbed would actually be of benefit to the body. I really like that there are NO potentially bad ingredients. But best of all, it works!

As to anything containing baking soda, whether homemade or ordered at great expense over the internet, if your skin is sensitive this will cause a very sore underarm rash. You can guess how I know that.

Anyway, good luck in finding a great solution!
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I love funk butter from
It is the only natural deodarant I've found that works. It is a very simple recipe, something you could make if you wanted.
It can be abrasive, you just have to be gentle when applying it and not rub it in hard, I learned my lesson after a few days of irritation, I was applying it to hard.

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I had a lot of irritation with Kiss My Face roll-on crystal deoderant. Now I buy the spray, and I'm doing much better with that.

Also, after I take a bath at night, I put on coconut oil, including under my arms. This seems to help soothe any irritation.
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I love funk butter, but it gives me a horrible rash every time I use it. The only think that has worked for me is Avalon Organics alcohol spray. It's just alcohol and eo. Vokdka would probably work just as well.

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I don't know if this would work for you, but I'm at a point where I'm really loving my deodorant, and its easy and so cheap! I used to use Weleda's spray deodorant, which is basically just a grain alcohol and water. I had a friend who was using Everclear that she bought at the liquor store. So I got some and put it in my Weleda spray bottle and put in my own essential oils (usually just a few drops of lavender). I spray that on, and then dab a tiny bit of baking soda on afterwards. Works great! Of course I don't shave these days, so if you shave all the time I can see where the alcohol might irritate freshly shaven skin...

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I've been using cheapo homemade for about a year, and my armpits are no longer sore or itchy, and I smell at least as fresh as when I was using antiperspirant/deodorant from the drugstore.

1/2 cup baking soda
5-10 drops essential oils (I use a combination of tea tree oil and lavender)

I mix it up and put it in empty spice jars, the kind with shaker tops. To apply, I just sprinkle a little on my fingers and rub it on.

ETA: It took a month or so before it really started to feel (and smell) better. I think the antiperspirant really blocks your pores, and it takes a while to detox. Alcohol is really drying and irritating, so I wouldn't use that at all if your skin is already sore.
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I'll second the Milk of Magnesia. I just keep some in a tiny little spray bottle for easy application.

I used to use a mixture of half baking soda and half coconut oil, but I couldn't put it on for hours after shaving and sometimes it would still irritate my skin. The baking soda is stronger than the MoM, but MoM is super gentle and works, you just may need to put it on up to twice a day instead of the once every couple of days baking soda will last. Really though, I'm finding MoM works fine as long as I shake it before applying and get adequate coverage. (And I've been using it in Texas summer heat, which is regularly over 100F).
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I love the funk butter, too. It's the only thing that works for me (including conventional deodorant and antipersperant.) My mom gets a rash from it, though. I don't, but I don't shave, so maybe that makes a difference?

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Mine gets red and irritated from Tom's Of Maine. I have only tried one type, but plan to switch when this one is empty. I keep using it regardless of the redness. Some days are better than others. I am glad to hear it might get better in the winter.

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Can you add essential oils to milk of magnesia?
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I make my own deodorant and I LOVE it! I mix up equal parts (usually a tbsp each) of shea butter, coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch, then add a few drops of essential oil (I usually use patchouli). What I've found works for irritation (and I have VERY sensitive skin) is to put some tea tree oil on as a base before I put the deodorant on. It has pretty much solved my irritation problem.

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Habe you tried to use block alum ? The stuff was really popular in the UK/Europe at one point, my mum bought me some and I'm really thrilled, it worked beautifully on me and it lasts forever. The scent is neutral and it's 100% natural.

(see Wiki
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dab on some coconut oil under your armsand then rub in a 1-2 drops of patchouli oil

I've been doing this for years. It works great and lasts even to the end of a long day.

As a bonus, I have me some smooth pits

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Etsy Seller Soapwalla has a deodorant cream that is wonderful. It actually allowed my Tom's of Maine rash to finally heal.


No stink, single application, amazing stuff. I've only used it for about two weeks now (read about it on apartment therapy if you want more reviews) and seriously consider putting into every stocking at Christmas. ROCKS

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