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Natural Body Care > Any reusable products like diva cup that can be worn while dtd?
bluedaisy's Avatar bluedaisy 11:00 PM 03-26-2010
I have used Instead soft cups while dtd during my period to prevent a mess. I am trying to replace all disposable items in my home with reusable ones - are there any reusable cups that I can use like Instead cups to use while dtd during my period? The diva cup looks like it has a little stick thing sticking our which I imagine would be quite painful for my husband

Lucy Alden's Avatar Lucy Alden 01:39 AM 03-27-2010
A diaphragm perhaps?
Isamama's Avatar Isamama 06:04 PM 03-27-2010
Yeah, I don't see how the Diva cup would work for intercourse. I think that might hurt you as well! Ouch!
3bees~1flower's Avatar 3bees~1flower 10:01 AM 03-28-2010
yikes...i use a diva cup...i can't even fathom how that would work! it sets pretty low.
fresh_veggie's Avatar fresh_veggie 04:34 PM 03-28-2010
You could try sea sponges? A cup like diva would not work - ouch - lol. Usually they sit low enough that nothing else could go inside the vagina. I believe Insteads are the only ones that work during intercourse, as they sit higher. But yeah, sea sponges.
TeaghansMama's Avatar TeaghansMama 01:03 PM 05-08-2010
i use this:

i ordered it online and it's working really well for us