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Bryanp's Avatar Bryanp 09:38 AM 07-20-2011

My face "flakes" or, "peals". on both sides of my nose.. just above my chin, and underneath my sideburns. I haven't used acne cream, for over a year now. And honestly, i think i used pro acne cream when i was 13, for the first time.. that's the farthest i can remember that my face started flaking. I'm 17 now, it got a little better. For instance, if i were to use a certain cream, it would peel EVERYWHERE. i men little small flakes and it would hurt a burn, and water obviously wouldn't help.


I'm really tired of carrying lotion everywhere i go, and before i go into my clients workplace i have to apply some to my face. Please, if anyone has a solution to the peeling of the face, i'd love to hear..





North Carolina!

sunnysandiegan's Avatar sunnysandiegan 09:54 PM 07-20-2011

Hi. I just started a challenge on the Crunchy Betty blog site where we are washing our face with honey every day for two weeks. I thought all kinds of odd thoughts abut this, but decided to do it anyway. WHOA!!!! It is far easier than I thought and it actually WORKS! Use raw honey, if you can find, but don't wait on finding the perfect honey. Just do it.


Super simple.


1) Put about 1/2 teaspoon (yep, tiny amount) of honey on your fingers. Rub your fingers together to warm up the honey and make it spreadable.


2) Rub the honey on your face.


3) Let it sit for however long you want (0-20 minutes).


4) Splash your face with tepid water (just above body temp). I do two splashes and it is all gone!


If you find it hard to spread on your face, try getting your fingers wet first. If that isn't quite enough, get your face wet, too. I find getting my face wet too much water and the honey drips, but others prefer it.


Tons of benefits of honey, including moisturizing (will get rid of those flakes) and antimicrobial, etc (reduces acne, etc).

swd12422's Avatar swd12422 08:09 PM 07-31-2011

Yep! Honey! It clears up blotches pretty quickly.

alexdori's Avatar alexdori 04:11 PM 09-30-2011

Hello Bryan!
I read about yout problem and I had the same  I tried amy things but nothing actually stop it..after few years it passed away and I don't have it anymore. Right now I;m using exfoliating face glove each time I shower and it is good as it removes dead skin cells like no other, however you need to be careful of applying it to the "damaged" aread (like cuts,tiny woudns,large acne, etc) but for rest it works the best! I'm using Harem's Secret - you can purchase it here it is made of 100% silk.


Good luck!