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BetsyHend's Avatar BetsyHend 10:34 AM 03-13-2012

3/12/12 I found a worm crawling on a Austin PB Cracker, that I was just about to put in my mouth! Also was one crawling on the 1 cracker, remaining in the package. I had already eaten 4 of these crackers!! There were 4 packages left in the cupboard, that I also opened. In 2 of them, I found 2 shriveled up, dead worms. DISGUSTING!! I called the 800 number, on the back of the package to report it. They will contact all of the local stores & have them removed off of the shelves.

This is SO GROSS!!  I'm worried if any possible parasites can happen, guaranteed there were some on the other crackers. My children have eaten packs of these crackers too. 

youngspiritmom's Avatar youngspiritmom 05:17 PM 05-02-2012

So gross. Thanks for the heads up.

jenP's Avatar jenP 11:12 AM 05-03-2012

Probably just pantry moths. I bet lots and lots of things we buy have pantry moth eggs on them, but often we use the stuff up quickly enough that they never hatch. They are disgusting, and can be very hard to get rid of in the house if any have progressed to adult stage and started laying eggs in other places. But as for the store, it's more a case of the stock not being fresh, than it being "contaminated" in a dangerous sort of way.

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