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Mommy of twins's Avatar Mommy of twins 12:39 AM 05-25-2002
I've been looking for natural lemon oil to use on my furniture but I can't seem to find any. I know that you can make your own with a few drops of essential lemon oil. But I'm not quite sure on what type of oil to mix it with. We have really good wood furniture and I don't want to ruin it. I've just been using a damp cloth to clean it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.:

momatheart23's Avatar momatheart23 02:09 AM 05-25-2002
I read that you can use olive oil but I am not sure. Check the current issue of mothering, under natural cleaners she has a recipe for a wood cleaner
Mommy of twins's Avatar Mommy of twins 11:52 PM 05-30-2002
Thanks, I forgot there was an article on natural cleaning in this issue. Anyway, I made some and it worked great!