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flminivanmama's Avatar flminivanmama 02:46 PM 08-13-2004
I have terrazzo floors in my new house (it's pressed concrete and marble and sealed). It says to use a neutral cleaner (not acidic and not alkaline) - does anyone know what would be neutral AND natural? I think vinager is alkaline - right?

PikkuMyy's Avatar PikkuMyy 03:09 PM 08-13-2004
No, vinegar is ACIDIC, that's why it burns and stings if you have too much of it. Something like Murphy's oil soap would be pretty neutral, and you're going to have it very diluted before you use it and do a water rinse afterwards, so that would work. Vinegar might be ok if you diluted it very well and rinsed afterwards with water.
flminivanmama's Avatar flminivanmama 03:26 PM 08-13-2004
Trishy's Avatar Trishy 03:32 PM 08-13-2004
We had terrazzo on the ship and just cleaned it with hot water and simple green. I know SG isn't natural but at least it's non-toxic. I'm sure you could use something like baking soda and water if yoiu wanted to.
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 03:27 AM 08-14-2004
my dh is a tile guy. Vinegar will strip the sealer off (if its sealed) and can etch the flooring. Treat it like you would treat marble/stone flooring. I use soapy water - dr bronners or a little mrs.meyers all purpose cleaner.
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 03:29 AM 08-14-2004
oh yeah, dont use baking soda. i don't remember why, but dh told me not to in our house. (we have limestone or travertine, i cant remember, dh knows that stuff).