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Anymore, that is. I have had years of trouble breaking out with this deoderant and that deoderant (non natural of course) wonder, now that I understand the ingredients in those brands!! So, upon recommendations here of Tom's of Maine, I tried their unscented roll on, and it is awesome. My pits don't itch anymore, and I do not stink!! Now, I think I might be ready to look into the rock crystal stuff. What are your experiences with it, or with other brands? Thanks!!
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I've never tried the Tom's of Maine you mentioned, but hooray for you no stink or itch!

We have had really good experiences with the rock crystal in the roll-on form. When switching to more natural deoderants, I was using the Kiss My Face active enzyme stick for a while, and liked it at first. After a while, my pits started developing a weird plasticy smell. Then again, I can sour almost any deoderant with my weird body chemistry, and being pregnant probably didn't help my case.

Then I tried the Burts Bees deoderant spray, which I used for several months. It worked well, but I got tired of its smell--its very fragrant. Like a strong herbal scent.

Now when using the crystal roll-on, I might get a faint natural odor on sweaty days, but its nowhere near what I used to have with conventional deoderants. My husband likes it too, its the only one that even tempted him to try it out. The solid rock crystal gets good reviews from others, and I believe it has the same ingredients (someone chime in if that is incorrect).

I'm glad you are happy with your switch! The other plus of natural deoderant is it washes easily out of your clothes.
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I've used the crystal roll-on too with the same results as Kelly. But what I like best is Nature's Gate - the winter no-scent, the spring, or sometimes the summer. But don't buy the autumn, it's awful.

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Hmmm, I'm inspired. I have made changes to our eating, meds, soap, cleaning products, but never thought about deodorant or other things. I'm going to have to get to work!!

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I've been using the crystal for probably 11 years or so (gosh, that makes me sound old). My first rock lasted for a couple of years - it was amazing!! You just wet it and rub it on. Things I didn't like about it: it was attached to a "base" and so I couldn't use it all. Plus, it cracked off in tiny pieces near the end.

I've tried the roll-on, but didn't like that as well. Plus, it was WAY more expensive than the rock and only lasted a couple of months.

Just a few months ago I found a HUGE rock at Vitamin Cottage for about $4, and it has a little dish that you can put it in between uses. The rock doesn't have a cover, so it's not attached to a base.

Now, however, I think I recently read that there's aluminum in the crystal, which is why I switched over from regular deoderant. I think aluminum is stated to be one of the causes of Alzheimers (not sure, though). So most days, as I don't do much, I just brush on baking soda with my fingers. If I'm going out or will be more active, I'll use my crystal.

I really need to do more research on the crystal, though. Oh, and by the way, I stopped shaving under my arms almost a year and a half ago (after seeing a bunch of my crunchy friends this way and always having been uncomfortable during the growing-back process), and the crystal (and now the BS) still work perfectly.

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I've been very happy with the Crystal deoderant- only I use it a little differently than they suggest.

They say to wet the crystal and then apply- I find it easier to put it on fresh from the shower, when my pits are still wet.

I know it contains aluminum but it's a different aluminum (combined with something else) than the commercial antipersperants. According to the package it came with, its safer, but I'd hardly consider that a reliable, unbiased source of information!

What I like best about it is that it's neat (no sticky gloop under my arms) and it's economical (lasts practically forever) and it's environmentally sound (less packaging to toss since I buy a new one every year or so rather than every month.) When it gets to the bottom and starts cracking, I figure it's "used up" and it's time to replace it.

Ruth, single mommy to 3 quasi-adults
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I love my crystal deodorant stone. I've used one for... oh ages now. Since before I got married almost 8 years ago, so I'm going to say 10 or 11 years. I had one that sat in a dish at first, then I got one that had a base, but it fell onot the tile floor and shattered. I had used that one for several years. The one I've got now also has the base, it's just easier and less slippery to hold onto this way. I too like to rub it on while I'm still damp after a shower.

Deodorants, even the "sensitive skin" unscented varieties always make me break out in a horrid armpit rash.

I do get a bit of a sour smell on really hot days, or after a sweaty workout, but not too bad.
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I am currently using a THAI crystal stick that I bought in July 2003--it's still going strong, before that I had the Crystal Stick brand, basically both are stones in a deodarant type applicator--anyway the Crystal Stick lasted over 2 years!!! IMO these work better than regular deodorants and I don't have any of that sticky white stuff on me or my clothing and I don't have to worry about chemicals and such--anyway they are really cost-effective because they last so long and dh has been sharing the sticks with me.
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