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celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 06:35 PM 03-31-2005
First of all, let me say I am absolutely terrified of spiders, especially the variety (people in our area call them 'wood spiders', I just call them big & ugly!) that has decided to move in. I know they aren't a poisionous kind, but I am completely freaked out by finding them in the clean laundry, the couch, the cat box (that happened today while I was scooping it : ) get the point! Is there anything I can use like some sort of essential oils to spray or something? I know that because we live in the woods that the occasional spider is normal, but this year they seem to be everywhere. I am sick of screaming at spiders everytime I fold clothes! :LOL Any suggestions would be appreciated!

boobear's Avatar boobear 02:10 AM 04-04-2005
And I used to shake my bedsheets out every night before getting into bed, they gave me the shivers!

After a lot of research, I found that clutter needs to be minimal (they hide in clutter) and sprays don't seem to work (unless you get toxic) but if you notice where they come in (vents, cracks, windows, holes) you should seal the areas if possible. I bought these spider traps to place in the areas that they frequent. Here's a few I just found surfing on google, I can't recall which I purchased mine from on-line (I think the first one):

Good luck!
celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 01:43 PM 04-04-2005
Hmm...well our house is definitely not cluttered. I'm a complete neat/clean freak, but I have noticed that if I don't let the laundry fill up in the hamper (in other words wash as soon as there is a load in the basket) the spiders haven't been getting in there...or maybe they've just been washed out without me noticing :LOL

I'm going to have to look around for little places they could come in, and I will look at those spider traps. I haven't noticed any particular area they frequent, it seems to just be pretty random. I have the creepy crawlies right now so I'm going to go but, thanks for your help!
Lisa Lubner's Avatar Lisa Lubner 03:27 PM 04-06-2005

chances are it's just a house spider... does it look like this??:

check out this site... i found it really helpful.
Myth: Spiders come into houses in the fall to get out of the cold.

Fact: This seemingly simple idea conceals many false assumptions. In reality, house spiders are usually not the same species as the yard or garden spiders outside the house.

House spiders belong to a small number of species specially adapted for indoor conditions (constant climate, poor food supply, very poor water supply). Some house spider species have been living indoors at least since the days of the Roman Empire, and are seldom to be found outside, even in their native countries (usually Europe). Many of these species now live in houses worldwide, and most have been carried by commerce to more than one continent.

House spiders colonize new houses by egg sacs carried on furniture, building materials and so forth. They usually spend their entire life cycle in, on or under their native building. If a large number appear at a specific season, it is usually late summer (August and September) -- not a notably cold time of year! -- rather than fall, and their appearance coincides with the mating season of the given species. What you are seeing is sexually mature males wandering in search of mates.

The females and young remain hidden for the most part, in crawlspaces, storage areas and other neglected rooms; wall and floor voids; behind furniture and appliances, etc. Generally fewer than 5% of the spiders you see indoors have ever been outdoors.

Myth: "I'm very kind to spiders; when I find one in the house, I put it back outside instead of killing it."

Fact: You can't put something "back" outside which was never outside in the first place. Although some house spider species can survive outdoors, most don't do well there, and some (which are native to other climates) will perish rather quickly when removed from the protective indoor habitat. You're not doing them a favor.

In any case, house spiders are mostly harmless and beneficial. Human property rights mean nothing to other species. There was spider habitat for millions of years where your home is now. My advice is, "just wave as they go by."