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NaturalFamiLEA's Avatar NaturalFamiLEA 01:43 PM 05-22-2005
Does anyone use Dr. Bronner's in the dishwasher?

Losgann's Avatar Losgann 11:03 AM 05-23-2005
but I've thought about it. We bought a big 32 oz bottle yesterday and I was telling dh that we could use the stuff for just about anything.

Have you tried it yet? I'm wondering how much to use in the dishwasher.
NaturalFamiLEA's Avatar NaturalFamiLEA 11:52 AM 05-23-2005
No, I've only just ordered a bottle today. I am in search of a good dishwashing powder (or liquid) and didn't want to order one if Dr. B's would do the trick.
LukeDuke's Avatar LukeDuke 12:08 PM 05-23-2005
I've used Dr. Bronner's in my dishwasher, just a teaspoon amount because I wasn't sure what would happen. Nothing much happened, and the dishes were visibly clean but they had a slimy residue.

I have been using a mixture of baking soda and borax (1:1) in the dishwasher now, with vinegar in the rinse cup, and it seems to work great. I bet I could add just a touch of Dr Bronners for more sudsing action, but I haven't tried that yet.
Francy's Avatar Francy 03:27 PM 05-23-2005
i emailed the dr. b folks to ask, and they didn't recommend it b/c of the sudsing (too sudsy).

i tried it anyway (who am i to listen to authority), and it left everything very, very filmy.

in fact, it leaves everything i use it on filmy (floors, hair, surfaces), so i rarely use it anymore.

i wish the borax/bs/vinegar combo would work for me. my dishes come out rather dirty (food spots, etc. still on them). even when i wash them 3 times in a row! i must have a lousy dishwasher!
NaturalFamiLEA's Avatar NaturalFamiLEA 05:06 PM 05-23-2005
Thank you for being the guinea pig I guess I won't be using this in my dishwasher
aniT's Avatar aniT 06:15 PM 05-23-2005
I am very happy with Bi-o-kleen dishwasher powder.

I have used the Dr. Brooners in my carpet shampooer, but it is too sudsy. Leaves the whole house smelling like mint however.
Silliest's Avatar Silliest 06:20 PM 05-23-2005
how about Dr. Bronner's for kids' bubble-bath?
I'd be afraid it would be too strong, or not give decent bubbles.

We're pretty all-natural around here, but BS&V don't make bubbles, and my kids get rashy when I do give in and let them have a chemical-bubble-bath
NaturalFamiLEA's Avatar NaturalFamiLEA 06:20 PM 05-23-2005
Where do you buy your Bi-O-Kleen?
aniT's Avatar aniT 06:33 PM 05-23-2005
I get it at Whole Foods and Wild Oats. Or here is a link to online retailers.

Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 06:56 PM 05-23-2005
So what exactly CAN you use Dr Bronner's for? It sounds like vinegar and baking soda can clean everything Dr Bronner's can, and do it better.

I'm trying to figure out if I should buy a bottle or not.
Francy's Avatar Francy 03:05 AM 05-24-2005
i still use dr. b's, but my love affair is over. i did the whole dr. b's for anything and everything. i even tried brushing my teeth with it, as it suggests on the bottle.

it is sooooooo darn filmy. why is it so filmy??? over time, all my white diapers turned gray after being washed in it (and i don't have hard water). my kitchen floor was always cloudy. my hair was dull and filmy. the counter tops were foggy. is all castille soap filmy??

but the smell was nice.

i mainly use it in the hand soap dispenser now. i use to add a dab to the vinegar/water bottle, but i don't anymore.
HoneymoonBaby's Avatar HoneymoonBaby 04:24 PM 05-24-2005
I use Method dishwasher cubes in the dishwasher. They claim to be "natural," but they actually work and smell good, too. Like grapefruit.