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Anyone with thin, fine hair using henna?

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I have recently learned about the existence of henna and I am intrigued. However, I have fine, medium brown hair that is thin on top. For the last several years I have been having my hair highlighted to help hide the thinning hair on top. The lighter, varied hair color helps minimize the contrast between the dark of my natural hair color and the lightness of my scalp. However, I don't really love the color results of my highlight (which is done with bleach :cringe, think the hair color is too light for my complexion and would love a natural alternative. My concern is that I wouldn't be able to live without the volume/texture that bleaching my hair provides and going back to brownish hair would make my thinning hair that much more obvious. My hair is my last hold out from using natural products. I just can't have silky flat hair on this round face of mine.

Help!! Tell me about your experience with henna, your hair type, and anything else you think might be helpful. I am especially interested in how henna texturizes/volumizes the hair. Anyone out there that used to highlight and has switched to henna-ing?

BTW - a IRL friend of mine just did her hair (Hi Karin!!). It looks really great and I love the color she acheived, but she has dark brown, thick, wavy hair. I think henna is made for hair like hers. Am I wrong?

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I just did mine for the first time last night and like it so far--probably better after I get to shampoo it tonight! I have really thick, really long hair (past my waist) though. I think having thin hair would probably make it easier to get the henna in, at least! I cheated and used Light Mountain "Color the Gray" henna. It's the real henna plus the other two kinds (netural henna and dark(?) henna) mixed, in my case, to produce a light brown shade. My hair is about a dirty dishwater blond or light brown and this works pretty well.

Light Mountain has other, lighter shades too that might work well for you. They have both a normal series and a Color the Gray series if you either have light hair or more than 10% gray hair (I do, way before my time ). Some MDC women don't like the series, but it is 100% natural. Plus, you can still add some of the henna tricks too, like chamomile grounds, etc.

The only thing I didn't like about Light Mountain was that the Color the Gray was in two steps, which meant mixing the henna and applying and rinsing twice. So, I think this summer I'll probably start playing around with henna alone and adding various components. The "Henna for Hair" site has a lot of suggestions too.

Not sure about the texture issue though. GL!
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I've been using henna for a long time and I love it! I have really long hair (almost to my waist), but it is pretty thin and fine. I like the henna for hair webpage, there is a lot of info and you can look through pictures to find ideas for your hair type.
I get my henna bulk from the natural food store in town, they order from Frontier Co-op. I have had really good results with it and it's pretty cheap. I sift it first to be sure there are no lumps and then add lemon juice. I let this sit overnight...the next morning I take fresh rosemary, dried hibiscus blossums and cover with boiling water and let steep. I also a couple scoops of paprika, a little bit of cinnamon and cover that with boiling water (enough to make a paste). Once the "tea" and spice glob have cooled down I add them to the henna/lemon juice mixture. I like to use my mixer because it gets it really smooth...and I have to use a little more than half a pound for my hair and it get hard to stir. After it's well combined I drizzle in olive oil and then it's done!
I think that henna gives my hair more texture and it makes it soooo shiney!
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Please tell me you haven't done it yet!!
You have highlights?
You cannot put henna over hair that has been highlighted or bleached at all. It will turn green and ruin your hair. Trust me! My hair is a disaster and there's absolutely nothing that can be done to fix it other than cutting it off and starting over.
Henna is for hair that is dark and unprocessed. Once you use it, you can't do anything else to it. I can't go to the salon and get them to fix my color. There's nothing they can do.
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So does Tammy have to grow her hir out first?

Ok what about me? My hair was bleached & double processed & I hated it so it is back pretty close to my dark brown color. I've been on the site, but still am unsure if I can use henna? It will take a long time to grow my hair out completly, but is that what I have to do prior to trying henna?
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Any coloring process, including henna, will "plump up" each individual hair shaft and give the illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair. I am always shocked at how thin and fine my SIL's (she's a hairdresser) hair is - she keeps it colored and it always looks totally thick and full.

I agree with the PP though - if your hair has been chemically processed in any way, have a professional make any necessary adjustments before doing anything else!!! Hair disasters SUCK!
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Body Art Quality henna can usually be used over hair that has been bleached or chemically treated. Compound henna which has been combined with metallic salts cannot. The metals are what react and cause disasters NOT the pure henna itself. Unfortunately, you can't always trust what the box says.

Go here for more info You can find a list of retailers who sell only pure henna.

To the OP--Also on this site you can find info on another plant product called amla. Amla comes in a powder, like henna. It can be added to your henna mix or used on it's own to add body and encourage curl in your hair. It adds little to no color, although some people feel it makes their hair take the henna color as slightly more brown. You may find that it makes your hair look fuller!
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Thank you all. This has been very helpful. I am still apprehensive about trying the henna because I dread giving up my texture from bleaching and having limp, flat hair. However, I will keep researching because it seems like a great natural option if it would work for me. Thanks for your help.
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I use natural herbal henna powder. I mix the powder and water in an iron pot for atleast 2 hours and just before using mix one egg in it. I have fine, thin dark brown hair and henna always makes my hair soft, shiny and little more dark brown.
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If you've highlighted or colored your hair chemically before, the best way to see if henna will create a disaster is to do a strand test. Just cut 20-30 strands (or collect them in your hairbrush), mix the henna according to the instructions, and then color the strands. If they turn green, you know you need to wait.

I had highlighted my hair with a chemical highlighter mid-December, done nothing since then, and had no problems when I used henna mid-February. I was definitely concerned about turning my hair green, but the strand test came out ok (I made sure I included some of the highlighted hair) and I love the way the henna turned out.
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Thank you for this thread! I have been meaning to try to remember to order from henna for hair and try it out for ages. I too have fine, limp hair as well as female pattern baldness which really sucks. I have to keep my hair short or it gets uber-obvious.
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Aasmom - Thanks for the information. Could you please tell me about the texture of your hair AFTER you use the henna? I am really curious about this aspect of it. My colorist uses bleach as opposed to haircolor for my highlights because the bleach gives more texture to the hair, probably because it is destroying it . For example, I would like to know if your hair looks fuller and less limp. Do you curl it? Does it hold a curl better after the henna? TIA.
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