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View Poll Results: Do you notice a lighter/shorter af with Cups and cloth?
Yes! AF is noticeably lighter and/or shorter than before! 41 69.49%
No discernible difference. 18 30.51%
AF is heavier that with tampons/sposie pads. (Had to make it a choice) 0 0%
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Natural Body Care > Diva Cup and cloth pads = lighter flow?? Is this possible??
EnviroBecca's Avatar EnviroBecca 07:49 PM 08-21-2006

jessjgh1's Avatar jessjgh1 04:46 PM 08-23-2006
I think I vote before but didn't post, becuase I wasn't exactly sure if it was just a fluke, but my flow pattern has def. changed and is lighter.

I would like to tell a couple people about this because- heck, who wouldnt' want lighter flows...

I do remember getting info on something like the diva cup when I was a teen. And I was interested- but didn't have the money or a credit card to buy them. But I do have some issues that may be related to diva cup use, so the jury's still out on that one for me.

BAck to cloth, the thing I'm thinking that if I tell this to others they are going to say that it must be because my cycle changed after having a child... and I really couldn't counter that. Or that it changed because I'm getting older?

Is there any truth that the change might just have happened on its own--- after childbirth or just because I'm older?

Thoughts on ways to spread the love to non-crunchy skeptical types?

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