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whateverdidiwants's Avatar whateverdidiwants 02:54 PM 11-22-2006
Alas, it's not how low it sits, it's the suction that the cup creates that's the problem.

Adasmommy's Avatar Adasmommy 04:11 PM 11-22-2006
I've used the diva cup for all of two days and LOVE it!

I am not grossed out by my period but I do find tampons and pads to be a hassle, and they can be messy. The cup is so simple--I put it in in the morning and don't notice or have to think about it again until before bed. It is easy to take out, empty, wash, and reinsert. My fingers don't get bloody, I don't have to reach for and rummage through my "lady" drawer, I don't have to try to remember not to drop my tampon in the toilet because they're bad for the septic tank . . .

and I never have to:

change or clean anything in a public restroom,
remember to bring pads or tampons anywhere
wonder how important it is that I find a bathroom RIGHT NOW before I leak
do anything fancy when I go to the bathroom throughout the day
spend money on my period again!!!

Oh, and there seems not to be a period smell when I use the cup, though that's not a particular selling point for me because I don't think I need to be distanced from my natural body functions (and smells). Though, despite the prior disclaimer, I am really enjoying my little curlies staying clean and dry! I can't help it! :
~MoonGypsy~'s Avatar ~MoonGypsy~ 04:28 PM 11-22-2006
Alright, you guys convinced me. I'm gonna get a kepper from the frontier co-op. I was worried about the public stall issue, cause I work for a VERY large employer.

That being said, it doesn't gross me out... except for the chunks. : I always want to inspect them, like with my placenta. Am I a total freak? :
hubris's Avatar hubris 05:24 PM 11-22-2006
Originally Posted by whateverdidiwants View Post
Alas, it's not how low it sits, it's the suction that the cup creates that's the problem.
Yikes, if that's so, somebody needs to tell Diva International, because this is what they have on their FAQ:
Can The DivaCup™ be worn with an IUD?

The DivaCup™ is worn low at the base of the vagina and is away from the cervix, it should not interfere with your IUD.

As recommended, always check your IUD cord after inserting and removing your DivaCup™ to make sure that it has not been dislodged. Many of our customers are IUD users as well and have not reported any problems.
When I use mine, I purposefully don't create the suction you're describing. It doesn't need suction to stay in/sealed (in me at least), it just needs to be fully open. If I get suction going it HURTS.

I don't have an IUD but two friends who have them purposefully chose the Keeper or Diva instead of Instead because of the IUD fit reasons. Think it has more to do with user variables than cup use itself?
Amber Lion's Avatar Amber Lion 05:39 PM 11-22-2006
Maybe I just got a headstart, but I'd been practicing fertility awareness to avoid pregnancy for about a year before I got my Keeper. So I was already used to reaching inside, feeling my cervix, and examining my cervical fluid daily. Maybe that's why I never once thought "gross" when I found out about cups!

At first I was hesitant about the stalls in public bathrooms too, since that's the only type of bathroom I have at work.. but in practice, no big deal at all! You really don't have to rinse it out, but I do like to bring a wet paper towel in with me to wipe it off often. Other times, I don't even bother. I figure, it's my own stuff - it's not going to hurt me!

I always empty my Keeper in my house plants when I'm at home and that's where the water I rinse my cloth pads in goes too! I don't have a bathroom and our house is only one room, so my husband is quite familiar with that rather funny suction noise the cup can make going in/coming out while I'm squatting in the middle of the room (there's no gross factor for him either, lucky me)! I love the color, I love the consistency (oh, it's soooo silky and warm), and I've even tasted my own moon blood as part of a class - so I guess you could say there is NO gross factor for me!!
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