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mamallama's Avatar mamallama 12:58 PM 12-04-2006
I don't know what possessed her--and she claims not to know either. Dd (age 5) got up after I tucked her in last night and rubbed Lansinoh into her hair.

OMG. Her hair is fine and thin--and all gunked up. I've shampoo'ed twice, to no avail. It doesn't seem to have budged.

Is there a magical household fix? What dissolves lanolin, yet is gentle enough to use on my child's head?

JesseMomme's Avatar JesseMomme 01:05 PM 12-04-2006
ummm baking soda and very warm water? Thats all I can think of...
Dreaming's Avatar Dreaming 01:06 PM 12-04-2006
the only thing i can think of is dawn dishwashing detergent
i know they use it to clean up animals after oil spills.
damselfly41's Avatar damselfly41 01:12 PM 12-04-2006
Another vote for Dawn... and good luck!
mamalisa's Avatar mamalisa 01:29 PM 12-04-2006
I vote for dish soap as well.

Isn't it weird how at 5 they do such bizarre stuff? Ds never did anything wacky utnil he was 5, then it was game on for doing things that were just, well, stupid Things that if they did it at 3 you would go, wow, weird kid, ah he's 3. But at 5 you just sit there going, wtf??
Ann-Marita's Avatar Ann-Marita 01:32 PM 12-04-2006
I might try a "lighter" oil - say, a vegitable oil or even jojoba oil - and see if that loosens it some. In theory, the lighter oil will help break up the lansinoh. Then some washes to clean it all away.

(Jojoba oil is very close in texture and pH to your body's own oil, so it makes an excellent hair conditioner. It's very light. And it's a bit pricy. Olive oil is rather "heavy" and somewhat sticky to me if I use it on hair. Safflower oil is sort of in-between the two - pretty light, and less expensive than jojoba and a pH that is very close to skin and hair's natural pH.)

Oh, you might also try washing her hair with dish soap (the kind you use to hand-wash dishes, NOT dishwasher detergent). Dish soap is better at carrying away oils and grease than shampoo (which usually is formulated to leave some oil behind).

Dish soap won't hurt her hair as long as you end the washings with an acidic rinse or product like a conditioner or a 1:9 vinegar and water solution (leave this in her hair).

If you get to a point where her hair is still pretty greasy, but you are done washing it for the day, you might try putting her hair in braids. This will 1) keep her hair out of the way so the greasiness doesn't attract as much dirt and 2) make her hair look nice and neat so it's not as obvious that it's greasy. And then try again another day.
Goddess3_2005's Avatar Goddess3_2005 01:38 PM 12-04-2006
I would go with vianger.
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 01:38 PM 12-04-2006
Baby oil works...don't ask me how I know...but I do.
She'll look like a greaser for 24 hours but later her hair will be oooohhh so soft.
wytchywoman's Avatar wytchywoman 02:19 PM 12-04-2006
Do the baby oil first and let this sit on the hair for at least a good 15 minutes, Then sprinkle a very liberal amount of cornstarch and that should do it. ( I had to use vaseline in my hair 5 nights straight when I got super resistant head lice, this is how I got it out the vaseline out). Good luck!!!!


Spastica's Avatar Spastica 02:45 PM 12-04-2006
I second the Dawn hand-dishwashing liquid and then super-conditioning her hair. You can add some hair oil to her hair the next day to keep her hair soft (rub 2 drops of oil and rub into her hair from ears down -- use a wide-toothed comb to comb through).
mamallama's Avatar mamallama 12:38 AM 12-05-2006
Thanks for the suggestions. Mamalisa, you are so right about age 5. My 3yo niece has been creating some mega-mischief lately. I laugh about her antics (b/c she's my little brother's kid and I enjoy just desserts,) but it's easy to explain as she's THREE. It's considerably less funny when it comes from my kid

I guess I won't be doing Christmas pictures this week. Hopefully I can get it back to normal by the weekend. She's going to be the flower girl in my sister's wedding.

I posted this am & then went out on some errands before I read any replies. A lady at the consignment shop suggested a hot oil treatment, so I bought one on the way home. It spread the lanolin around, but didn't do much to remove it.

I'll try mineral oil and dawn tomorrow.