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mykdsmomy's Avatar mykdsmomy 06:39 PM 12-04-2006
Ok mamas.....I REALLY want to give up my bleach. I'm a total germa-phobe I depend on my bleach to disinfect my bathroom (daily). I want to give it up completely and rely on EO's and Vinegar. I need proof that vinegar disinfects as well as bleach. I need proof that bleach is not helping to disinfect. Please convince me to toss the bleach!!!!!!

Spastica's Avatar Spastica 07:06 PM 12-04-2006
junipermuse's Avatar junipermuse 04:00 AM 12-12-2006
At the doctor's office today, the doctor told us not to use bleach for cleaning the house. She said children need some exposure to germs, dust, etc. in order to develop healthy immune systems and avoid allergies. So not only is bleach toxic, but it also gets things too clean!
Marni's Avatar Marni 05:18 PM 12-12-2006
TOTALLY agree with Junipermuse. What is all this fear of GERMS in our culture??? I mean sure, I wash my hands VERY often, and don't like to touch the door knob when exiting a public restroom -- but in our own homes??? Come on! I have NEVER used bleach in my kitchen and I have NEVER gotten sick from a random GERM or speck of poultry contamination on my counters.

It is totally true that you are doing your immune system a DISSERVICE by killing all the germs in your envirnment, which will in turn lead to allergies AND sickness for your family.

Another reason to get rid of bleach -- IT KILLS BRAIN CELLS. Seriously, don't you feel that your head is more cloudy and headacky every time you use it? STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!