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For those of you who may've had a less than enthusiastic husband/bf/fiance when it came to use cloth for things (family cloth, cloth napkins, etc.) and now they use them...what did you do to get them motivated. I bought some cloth napkins for way cheap yesterday at goodwill (something like 18napkins for $2! SCORE!) and have been using them ever since and I cringed when we ate dinner because even though he knew they were there he reached over and got TWO papertowels. And what made it worse is that he ended up not even using them (never wiped his mouth/hands on them!) and then crumpled them up and threw them away! I need some ideas on how to get him more into it. He's cool with cloth diapers, though every time they leak he has some smarta** remark about it...and only enough he's kind of intrigued and cool with the mamacloth (he even asked me how I got them not to stain and said that it was "awesome). But when it comes to cloth napkins and family cloth I just don't see him getting on board...ESPECIALLY with family cloth...

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I guess I wouldn't push him to do family cloth or he may end up hating ALL natural things you do. If you do cloth and you teach you DC to do cloth, the amount of TP he uses won't be so bad when compared to what the whole family would have used.
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Christi - I know that my DH uses paper towels out of habit. To get him to stop using them, I have to stop buying them. Family cloth, I don't think my DH would be very open to switching at all. He's a little grossed out by my mama cloth, but goes on the "if I don't see it, it doesn't exist" theory. He tolerates cloth diapers and will use them if there are no trashies around, but we keep trashies around to fill the daycare bag, so... I just try to make sure the trashies are in inconvenient places (like in the kitchen when he's changing DD in the bedroom) and that the cloth dipes are very conveniently available.
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Dh was and still is resistant.

Cloth napkins - I stopped buying the paper ones(until by accident I grabbed them instead of toilet paper it was at least recycled). He had no choice.

Cloth cleaning rags - again no paper towels so no choice. He does now grab them

Those are about what dh uses.

For cloth diapers he complained alot and wouldn't change them. He claimed they made him sick and it was becuase of the switch that he would suddenly start throwing up (literally) when having to change a poopy bum(this was on kid #3). Yet he started doing the throwing up before I switched.

I used cloth wipes on them(they're now my cleaning rags,lol) and he didn't complain about those as much.

I haven't ventured into family wipes yet, he has told me he will not use them. I buy recycled toilet paper so I don't feel so bad about that.

Anytime dh has complained I tell him to suck it up
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Well---in our house it WAS a learning curve for everyone to use the family cloth---everyone was totally grossed/freaked out at first and thought I had totally flipped my lid in crunchiness. NOW----well, we all love it to the point that trips away from home make everyone wistful for that clean feeling that only wiping with cloth gives I bribed the kids with computer privileges to get them to use the cloth and with hubby, well to get graphic, he was always to type to have to go back to the bathroom for extra wiping to feel clean anyways---SOO he tried it hesitantly, and then kept using it, especially when I quit buying TP Hubby and other friends do complain sometimes that I should just have some paper towels around, but since I quit buying them so long ago I NEVER remember to buy any and the old, gross kitchen cloth serves just as well to suck up grease. I would say that men are especially squeamish about bodily functions, and if a hubby is totally grossed out even with mama cloth----chances are slim to none he would use coth TP........................
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Well, I do think in many cases with men (o.k. my husband) that it really is habit.
That being said, we have had a "rule" about paper towels as napkins that after use we put them in a special drawer and then I use them for nasty jobs like cleaning up dog vomit. It really doesn't get too dirty to reuse if all he did was wipe his mouth after meals. But he still really doesn't like cloth napkins.

As for family cloth, I always keep paper TP in the bathroom for my mom when she's here and for DH, but I forgot to replace the roll the other day. DH called to me to bring him some and I said it would be a minute since I was washing dishes and reminded him of the cloth that was there and he used it!!! He said it wasn't bad, but he forgets about it. So, now if I can just catch him everytime he goes to the bathroom to sit down. . .

As for mama cloth, he said, "yeah, I bet paper on all your delicate parts is uncomfortable. Just don't leave them in the sink."

And diapers, when we did some research on the cost of disposables over the course of one child birth to potty training, he just about flipped! And I showed him the cost of cloth pocket diapers for the same period of time and he thought that was much better. Then I told him that each kid after that would be diapered for free except for one or two that get ruined. He was sold at that point.
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And this is why I keep thelling my husband he needs to get on here. He was all for cloth diapers when I mentioned it for the first kid. Now replacing our paper towels, well we started using old cloth things for cleaning. And we kept a roll for things we didn't think we would want to wash, like cat throw up. Well, as the years have gone by we are realizing that putting the cat throw up in the toliet and the cloth in the wash isn't so bad. And our garbage doesn't smell like cat throw up. My husband has even realized that putting bacon on a cloth does the job just as well as a paper towel. We did our kleenex after an allergy season where we went through tons of paper stuff and all had red noses. My husband now takes pride in his tie dyed kleenex and tells people at work that they are much better and don't have all that awful lint...And then came the cloth tp. He was relunctant to give that a try. It took him awhile. But, this was in our old house, we had a guest bathroom and ours in our room, different floors, separated by a baby gate. In other words, if he needed to go to the bathroom and wanted privacy he went upstairs, which had no tp because it was just for guests. After a few times of forgetting to bring up tp, he started using the cloth. It was still a much slower process. But really stop buying and he will live with it. My husband now enjoys the fact that we skip more than half the isles in the grocery store. We walked by the cleaners section once and the smell down that isle. It is amazing how strong it is and how it can give you an instant headache when you don't use the stuff. And the amount of garbage we go through... We barely fill our garbage can in two weeks. I think that most men will realize eventually that there is less cost, less waste, less enviromental impact and it is easier. You can have a pile of cloth for clean ups or anything in every room in the house. Could you imagine doing that with paper towels?: But when I ask him what he would say to other guys who don't want to do the switch, he says to tell them that it just ends up making sense. He isn't a lot of help in that way.
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Mine "played dumb" about the 2 boxes full of cut up squares on the back of the toilet for 2 weeks before asking. I told him what they were for, and he said it was just gross, and he can't believe I'm "washing poo w/ our clothes". I told him if he knew about all the ammonia from his sweat, hair from his body, skin cells, chemicals, and everything else that gets into our bodies and clothes, he'd run around naked for life. I wash them w/ our whites on a 2 hour "sanitize" cycle, and he doesn't get that organic waste breaks down easily. He doesn't realize how much paper crappy yucky paper smears waste, and cloth just does not. He just doesn't get it, but he doesn't get a lot of things. My son won't do it either, but DD and I are cloth girls, and we talk about how the paper in public sucks, and laundry day (sanitized laundry anyway) sometimes has us using paper in a pinch for a couple of hours if we run out of cloth. I LOVE CLOTH!
As for paper towels, I can't win the battle. He runs to Costco if we get low on a few rolls. At least we're cutting somewhere, even if it's girls against boys!
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