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teachermom 12-31-2006 11:33 AM

my dd is 9 so I most likely have time but since I started at 9, I figured I should get things together. this is my second attempt at this as the first one was in my house.

I have never used cloth pad as my only way of dealing with periods. How many pads will she need? what type?

TwinMom 12-31-2006 12:22 PM

My daughters use Luna Pads and tampons. The Luna Pad website has a sample pack, that might be a good way to start, so that she can figure out what feels best for her body.

solidcitizqueen 12-31-2006 07:47 PM

I immediately got my daughter a Diva Cup (but she's not 9, she's 13), after my using Insteads for 10 years, and then I made the switch to Diva w/ her. No looking back for either of us. We both love our cups!

teachermom 12-31-2006 08:42 PM

I use a diva cup and she has been in and out of the bathroom while I've used it. she has asked and I have explained how it works. her take on that is "I won't have to put anything up there until I am ready, right?" of course I told her no, she gets to decide what she wants to use and when.

I realize that she may not start for several more years. It is just that since I started early and she has gotten pimples and the beginning of breast (though she say there is nothing else going on yet)- I figured I better get ready just in case.

ipfree 01-01-2007 10:43 PM

MOE (mother of eden) makes great soft cloth pads. They too have a sampler pack to try different ones. How beautiful what you are doing for your dd.

Benji'sMom 01-02-2007 04:19 PM

There are so many different brands, styles, etc. Do you think she would need something really long or would a smaller "teen" version work better?

Lots of brands come in a "slender or teen" version. has a teen/slender pad that's narrower than their regular ones and only 8" long, offers some 8" versions with 3" width, Punky's Pads ebay store has some 7" length ones that are only 2.5" wide, offers a 7" mini and I hear they are very narrow. has a 6" long X 5.5" wide Teeny Pantyliner version. has 3" wide pads that go from 6.5" long to 11.5" long. has pads from 6" up to 12". The list could go on and on.

Regular pads (non-Teen versions) can go from usually 8" all the way up to 16" for a nighttime pad. The size DD needs depends on her size and how heavy her flow would be. I'm a pants size women's 6 and I find 9.5-10.5" to be good for daytime use so she probably wouldn't need any of those huge 16" pads at her age, they'd be way too big!!!

I'd get her a few different versions and let her tell you after she's used them what she likes or doesn't like in a pad, that way you'll know what to look for when you buy more.

teachermom 01-08-2007 04:04 AM

thank you so much. that is kinda what I was thinking-getting an assortment of differant styles. I just want to make sure that there are enough to get her through a period.
as far as sizes go...I do not know. she is only nine but wears a size 16. so far I have tried to get things in a short to medium length and narrower widths. I remember being so young and feeling like I was walking around with a boat between my legs (I was using disposable pads but still).

I am enjoying putting this together for dd. we've been working on it together for a couple of years (of course we had to start over after the fire). It has given us lots of oppertunity to talk about growing up and bodies changing etc. so far, we have three pads, a homeopathic med for pms and cramps (her suggestion ), a red candle, and a glass pendent that a friend of ours made for the occasion-which I plan on putting on a necklace for dd to wear later. we are still talking about what else should be added to make it practical and special.

Rhiannon Feimorgan 01-08-2007 02:29 PM

That's such a great idea! Have you thought of a pretty box to store all the pads and such in between cycles?

teachermom 01-08-2007 02:40 PM

I bought a red frocked photo storage box. It is what we are currently collecting everything in.
Oh yes, something else I need to add to the box is a smallish wet/dry bag that will fit in her purse for pads and a larger dry bag to pack them to dad's and a larger wet bag, maybe drawstring style that she can hang in the bathroom at dads for used pads (she wants to bring them home for me to wash).

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