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I've decided to stay away from BCP for now, and my face is paying the price. Anyone have a natural remedy for breakouts? Any suggestions for a carrier for TTO that isn't going to aggravate the problem? I feel like a zitty 15year-old all over again! Yikes!:

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Hi! Sorry, I don't know, I'm new at natural care. I'm sure someone will help. I just wanted to be the first to say "hello!"


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Errm depends on how sensitive your skin is. Tea tree oil you can put neat on spots to help clear them up and you can also buy cleansers and gels to put on your face.

Lavender is another good one. L'Occitane have a lavender range for pimples. It's kinda pricey but the smell is wonderful.

Ahhh what else, oh honey is good. Or propolis. Both have antibacterial properties which can help kill bacteria on the skin that cause pimples (all this is from experience. I started breaking out a few years ago at 25 and at 28 it's still going strong. Only problem is I have super sensitive skin). The good thing about honey is that it's okay on sensitive skin. Tea Tree Oil and Lavender can burn so be careful.

Finally a good clay mask is a must. You can buy them pretty cheaply at most organicy type shops for about $13 AUD. I have a plain clay one and mix honey with it and a bit of jojoba oil to make my skin soft. They draw out impurities in the skin.

Finally a good gentle exfoliant is to put a tiny dab of baking soda in with your cleanser but don't go overboard on the scrubbing cause you don't notice it exfoliating. And be sure to rinse well. I don't recommend doing this a whole lot though if you have sesitive skin.

Hope some of this is helpful And good luck!

Oh just noticed you're looking for a good carrier oil. Jojoba is the best one to use but a little pricey. You can also use rice bran oil, grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil as carriers. Hope this helps!
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Personally a castor oil facial is my, uh, secret weapon I guess. It's too intense to do every day (for me at least) but just one gets my skin from awful back to pretty good, immediately. It's similar to a clay mask but IME even better. I wash the castor oil off with soap but you could use the OCM method too.

And then if I got my act together I would be washing with honey, but I'm having a "perfect container shortage" (I dilute the honey slightly with witchazel.)

For non-cystic spot treatments I would use dissolved aspirin, but lately if it's just one or two I mostly ignore them.

Even though I know antimicrobial EOs work, they have never made a meaningful difference with acne for me. They have worked on bug bites and small cuts, though.

Oh, I apply witchazel on acne if swelling/inflammation is the main problem. And nowadays I tone with orange floral water mixed with witchazel.

Also drink more water and eat healthy.
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Originally Posted by sphinxie View Post

And then if I got my act together I would be washing with honey, but I'm having a "perfect container shortage" (I dilute the honey slightly with witchazel.)
I've been using a glass soap pump bottle and it's been working great...even with just a little witchazel to dilute.

OP, you could also try African Black Soap and unrefined shea butter to help with scarring. And I second the healthy diet. Be sure to get lots of good fats like flax and coconut oil, and grass fed meat if you do meat.

Oh, and a diluted apple cider vinegar and water toner is nice. I still break out, but I'm fairly sure it's postpartum hormones. Waaah!
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I also agree with the tea tree oil. I also use a apple cidar vinegar, a few drops of tea tree oil and water on a cotton pad as a toner.

but nothing stops them around pms time, but it isnt nearly as bad as before and every other time of the month isnt usually a problem.
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Tea tree oil and then before bed, dab on some honey and cover with a small bandage.

For skin that is prone to break outs, try to avoid alcohol based skin products, as this has a drying effect and causes skin to produce even more oil.
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Steam facials! Steam facials! Really really good stuff! Helps open the pores, increases circulation, helps your body heal the infection and push the nasty stuff to the surface. They are a time-honored beauty routine.

Also, the inside membrane from an egg is supposed to help bring a pimple to a head. Crack open an egg (us it as a conditioning shampoo, or cook it), and put the membrane wet side to your skin, over the trouble spot. Let it dry, and rub it off later.

Then follow with a steam facial.

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I have tried all of the above. TTO doesn't do it for me neither does lavender. I've done clay masks, aspirin masks, ACV washes etc etc. Changing my diet and eating more raw foods is the only thing that's kept acne away and if I ever get pimples I simply dab on some toothpaste and it dries it out, usually overnight.
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I recommend visiting the honey thread. I started washing with honey about a week ago, and added a shea butter moisturizer a few days later. Brown sugar mixed with the honey about every fourth day to exfoliate, and my very bad acne breakout is now about 85% healed. The breakout began several months before I became pregnant, but the hormones made it worse. I'm using plain honey, cheap brown sugar, and JASON shea nut butter, because my grocery store had them.

Here's what I gleaned:

1. Wet face with a warm, rung out washcloth.
2. Apply about 1 teaspoon of honey to face and neck.
3. Let it sit for a minute or so. -- I brush my teeth while I wait.
4. Remove with warm wash cloth while gently moving fingers in circles to lightly exfoliate.
5. Apply shea butter with damp hands to damp face. Since my skin is extremely dry and I live in a desert climate, I use a pea-sized bit. You may need less.
6. Exfoliate every third day by mixing brown sugar into the honey. I'm doing this every fourth day right now.

This is my morning and night routine. This treatment has been very soothing to my sensitive skin. I feel well moisturized, but not greasy, and my skin is glowing for the first time since dd2 was born. I'm not putting tto on the spots, or masks, or any harsh or drying treatments, and my face is healing beautifully.

Good luck finding a treatment that works for your skin.
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