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SugarAndSun's Avatar SugarAndSun 11:23 PM 05-03-2007
DH will want to bleach something once in a while and doesn't understand why I don't want him to. He thinks it is fine as long as he rinses it afterwards. Does anyone have a link to the dangers of bleach?

Ambre's Avatar Ambre 10:17 AM 05-04-2007
This is a great website that gives the specific dangers of common household chemicals and the non-toxic alternatives.

This is taken directly from their site:

The main ingredient in chlorine bleach is sodium hypochlorite (chlorine added to lye.) Chlorine is toxic as a skin irritant, and by inhalation. Sodium hypochlorite can create poisonous chlorine gas if mixed with ammonia (which may be an unlabeled ingredient in some cleaning products) or with vinegar. Workplace safety data sheets warn that sodium hypochlorite may be a neurotoxin and cause liver damage. People with chemical sensitivies report adverse reactions to minute quantities of chlorine. Sodium hypochlorite readily combines with organic matter to form organochlorines which are highly toxic to aquatic life.

Hope that helps