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robbins611's Avatar robbins611 12:36 AM 02-17-2008
I've been using it for over a year and like it. I only use 1/2 cap even on large loads and it cleans great. The only downfall is it DOES NOT get out bf poo stains at all. My cds stay bright yellow if not sunned LOL!
Optical brighteners? Anyone know for sure yet?

mgilleran@earth-co's Avatar mgilleran@earth-co 08:19 PM 02-17-2008
When I used A & H I used the cap only about 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch full. My bottle would last for probably 75 loads or so.
tranmama's Avatar tranmama 02:42 PM 02-26-2008
Washing right now and playing online...just bumping for more info when someone has any! I think I might even call myself.
nora--not a llama's Avatar nora--not a llama 08:30 PM 02-27-2008
Originally Posted by Naturalyst View Post
I used the toll-free number listed this morning and, sure the manufacturer would be "busted", asked for a full ingredients list.

A&H baking soda
coconut and/or palm oil derived surfactants
natural water softener
water based perfume
nothing else ...
This is what the OP was told when she called the 800 number to request info on the ingredients.
dovergirl's Avatar dovergirl 03:26 PM 02-28-2008
I just called the 800 # and asked specifically if this product contains optical brighteners. The answer was "YES, this product does contain optical brighteners" and that they could not tell me specifically what that ingredient is because it is "proprietary" . Bummer!
nora--not a llama's Avatar nora--not a llama 03:34 PM 02-28-2008
Okay, so we now know they're in there. So can somebody please explain to me what the heck they are and why they're bad? I use this stuff because I thought it was natural and the price is right, and I'm going to be really pissed if I've been putting horrid stuff on our skin.
rocketgirl96's Avatar rocketgirl96 12:08 PM 04-21-2008
I just called them today and they assured me that there are no optical brighteners in either Essentials (Free&clear version AND mountain rain version).

laicii's Avatar laicii 08:08 PM 06-08-2008
well i purchased this product .. the one without perfume .. and i love it ..ii only did a load of towels and in that load was a dishtowel .. and i was truly amazed to see it come out 'clean' .. i mean . it had stains from berry juices being wiped up . greasy oven grime embedded in it . and it came out clean .. all of those stains that didn't come out in the past were gone .. i can't wait to try it out again on my clothes to see what happens
tranmama's Avatar tranmama 08:37 PM 06-08-2008
Where are you getting the fragrance-free version??? I've checked Target and Walmart in our area. They only have the scented version.

ETA: Also, very weird that different answers were given to the optical brighteners question! One mama was told "yes" and another told "no"....what's a mama to do?
jadekat's Avatar jadekat 12:49 AM 06-09-2008
I really like this detergent. I've been using it for about 2 months. I hope that it is still safe to use with cloth diapers. DS is very sensitive to enzymes and such.
jennyfah's Avatar jennyfah 04:13 PM 06-09-2008
Originally Posted by mgilleran@earth-co View Post
OK, I want more info on this. We have used this detergent also, when we were working on our house 7 days a week & I didn't have time to make homemade. I liked it & my clothing ends up with no scent. That may be our water? I don't know much about optical brighteners, I never worried about it since I didn't think we were using any. Does this mean that if you get detergent on your hand while loading the washer that this stuff doesn't wash off? That is scary sounding. I think I will do some research on this.

Scroll down to 'optical brighteners.' They are quite pointless and do not make clothing cleaner; they trick the eye into thinking things are brighter/whiter. The quote about toxic to fish and bacterial mutations should be enough to make most conscious consumers apprehensive about using a product that contains OBs.

If you want more info about optical brighteners, just Google the term and quite the array of info will pop up for you.

From my research and understanding, they're not a good thing to put on your skin, in the water, or on your clothes. Buy detergent that explicitly says 'we do not put optical brighteners in our product.'

We use Country Save on everything (diapers and clothes).

sahm2two's Avatar sahm2two 05:09 PM 06-09-2008
I was getting so excited reading this thread and was going to add it to my list - the optical brighteners thing and the fact that it doesn't get BF poop out of CDs might just make me cross it off. *sigh*
TefferTWH's Avatar TefferTWH 11:34 PM 06-09-2008
So does it or does it not have them in there?
Hazelnut's Avatar Hazelnut 02:22 AM 06-10-2008
According to pinstripes and polka dots it does not, and is good for diapers. I used it but plowed through it a little fast, even with a smaller capful. It also left a lot of suds even with that, but then I think everything does with our water, except charlies. The smell was a little strong too, but I like that I can get it at Target and don't have to order online or go to whole foods or anything for other diaper-friendly detergents.
Hannahkatiebell's Avatar Hannahkatiebell 03:32 PM 06-10-2008
Originally Posted by Kaitnbugsmom View Post
it's awesome, and the free & clear version is the stuff my dreams are made of...

is the free and clear okay for cloth diapers?
mgilleran@earth-co's Avatar mgilleran@earth-co 04:18 PM 06-10-2008
The last time I bought A&H I wrote the date I began using it on the bottle with a sharpie. It lasted me 3 months. We are a family of four. My kids get very dirty & my husband is a coach, which means lots of sweaty clothes. I started paying attention to how much I used. Maybe 1/2 inch in a cap per load. It got our clothes clean too. I tried to buy some a months or so ago, & WM, Target, Kroger, none of the stores that used to carry it have it now. Are you guys still seeing it in your markets? Maybe it just didn't sell well here. I have all my supplies to go back to homemade, but haven't had the time lately. I am using a free & clear now, but don't like using it, but it does get things really clean. That's the power of harsh chemicals I'm sure!
Hazelnut's Avatar Hazelnut 04:35 PM 06-10-2008
I have two in CDs and there are 5 of us. I do a TON of laundry, but I think I used too much of this. I was confused b/c they call it concentrated, but then still tell you to use a ton. I have a hard time using very little.

As far as I know, that's the only one that doesn't have the brighteners. I got mine at TArget. I think it's still there, but I started using sensiclean so I haven't checked in a while.
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