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Peony's Avatar Peony 04:35 AM 10-31-2007
K, I'll admit it, I'm lazy, I don't want anything else that I have to hand wash. This is my 2nd set of wooden spoons this year, they just don't survive the dishwasher. Tried bamboo, the wood lasts longer then the bamboo does. I use a lot of cast iron is I need something that is gentle with it. Any suggestions, maybe a certain hardy wooden set you use?

avendesora's Avatar avendesora 10:28 AM 10-31-2007
Very curious here too...

I was given the AllClad utensils - they're just too big and scratchy for most things

Is there a good metal or a good wood option? (Or something different all together?)

Spastica's Avatar Spastica 12:01 PM 10-31-2007
I still use some silicone from KitchenAid, but mostly good quality wood (not the flimsy ones, but sturdy ones), and some stainless steel.
ekortering's Avatar ekortering 06:52 PM 10-31-2007
I just bought a set of 5 or 6 various bamboo spoons from Wal Mart. It was less then $6.00. They are very "hardy" looking and I hope they wear well for me.

texaspeach's Avatar texaspeach 08:33 PM 10-31-2007
were you oiling the wood? if you don't oil it, they will get nasty fast.
BuggyBee's Avatar BuggyBee 12:45 PM 11-01-2007