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majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 10:50 PM 12-10-2008
Originally Posted by Nemesis View Post
I have never felt so free. I sometimes wear makeup, when I feel like it.. but other than that I don't shave, I recently cut off all my hair, I dress normal (in comfortable clothes). I feel like when I was a kid.. I can just get up and go. I am just me, and I am whole.. I'm not "me without makeup" or anything like that. I didn't forget to shave, I just have leg hair. It's really awesome, to realize that my perception of myself has changed so much.

majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 10:50 PM 12-10-2008
hey hairy mamas! what happened to this tribe? where did everyone go?
are we still having a hairy party at mg's place?
sweetsunshine85's Avatar sweetsunshine85 01:56 PM 12-30-2008
Seriously, where is everyone? Who is going to help me stay strong in my hairy quest? Its been two months so far. Where are all the hairy mamas?!?!?
majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 08:10 PM 12-30-2008

I'm here!!!
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 08:19 PM 12-30-2008
I think we're all hiding under layers and layers of clothes (except for green faeries who live in the future where it's currently summertime.)
majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 08:24 PM 12-30-2008

russianthistle's Avatar russianthistle 09:16 PM 12-30-2008
: I've been buried...seriously, we've had more snow this month than in years.
Sunshine, stay strong in your hairy quest! You can do it! And will learn to enjoy it!
Since I've been pregnant, all of the hair on the outside of my calves has rubbed away. I'm only half-hairy. One could be tricked if she viewed me from one side only!
Happy New Year to you all!
clothdipemomof2boy's Avatar clothdipemomof2boy 12:10 AM 12-31-2008
I am here and hairy and lovin it. stay strong in the hairy quest. I go back everyonce in awhile but not as often as i used to.
sweetsunshine85's Avatar sweetsunshine85 12:01 PM 12-31-2008
Yay mamas! Glad to see someone on here. I think you may have a point there, Ruth. Layer and layers and layers of clothes! :
majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 02:17 PM 12-31-2008
not me. it's so freakin hot right now. it's 3am on new years day and I'm awake... not because i stayed up partying (I went to bed last year actually), I just can't sleep in this heat.
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 02:36 PM 12-31-2008
:throws a snowball at MF to cool her off:
majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 03:58 PM 12-31-2008
Originally Posted by Ruthla View Post
:throws a snowball at MF to cool her off:
:snowball melts before it hits me:

say, perhaps you should ask for that to be made into a real smilie. I mean, seriously, everyone would use a :throwsnowballatMF: like, every day.
cfiddlinmama's Avatar cfiddlinmama 05:49 PM 12-31-2008
Hello my lovelies! Happy New Year's Eve to all of you! (New Years to you majik...)

Still here, still hairy. I've been spending very little time on MDC lately. I haven't made it south of the Birth Professionals forum in ages.

I'm glad to see you all here still! Welcome to Talia-Rose!

I'm thinking about trimming... I have morphed my dh by a long shot. Three years of growth. It's dark, long and thick on my legs and pits. (Thank you Mediterranean ancestors!) I don't know if I will actually do it. It's past the point of being sexy, now I sorta look like a were-wolf... I'll probably think about it for the next three years before I make a decision.

I hope that you are all well. We're having a quiet day, watching old John Wayne movies, watching the snow fall, hating majikfaerie for her warm sunshine...
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 06:08 PM 12-31-2008
Oh, I keep myself trimmed, I just don't shave! It bugs me when the pubes get too long- toilet paper gets tangled in there, AF is messier, etc.
majikfaerie's Avatar majikfaerie 07:03 AM 01-01-2009
Originally Posted by cfiddlinmama View Post
I hope that you are all well. We're having a quiet day, watching old John Wayne movies, watching the snow fall, hating majikfaerie for her warm sunshine...
Hey! :indignation:

Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 04:21 PM 01-01-2009
kavamamakava's Avatar kavamamakava 08:42 PM 01-03-2009
Originally Posted by majikfaerie View Post
you can do it madiesmommy! natural leg hairs aren't necesarrily light and fluffy. let it be let it be
Still hairy 2009:!
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