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Hi I'm not sure where to post this, so I'm cross posting on the natural family living forum. I actually started a thread a long time ago like this but now I can't find it, so sorry if this seems familiar.

We are looking for a new mattress. We'd like to buy a latex or organic mattress that will be more safe for our newborn. We are also looking into wool toppers because money is tight, but really we desperately need to buy a bigger bed anyway, so in the end, this is not the #1 option.

Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share in making this decision?
Did you chose latex? or other organic materials? Or just a wool topper? And why?
How much did it cost?
Where did you buy your mattress (we live in NY)?
Do you like what you ended up with?

Thanks you so much, in advance ! I can't wait to get a new bed.
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Very interested in the responses you'll receive! We're in the market for a new bed as well and are interested in hearing about how people like the natural latex option.:

Have you seen the updated user agreement yet?
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I'm in the same boat. I haven't purchased anything from this company, but I know she's been on MDC a few times. She also answers emails nicely.

I've been looking a lot on her site.
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I have a latex mattress from here:

If you're in NY and can get there, it was really worth it to me to test them out (I live upstate on the NY/PA border.)

I'm very happy with the mattress. I'm sensitive to chemicals and concerned about off-gassing in general, particularly because DD sleeps with me and spends so much of her day sleeping, essentially face down on the mattress. I'm convinced of all things in the house to be chemical-free, the mattress and bedding are up there at the top of a list of most important.
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i have a natural latex from savvyrest. it's awesome.

not cheap, but worth it b/c my DD spends 12+hrs a day on it.
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If you go to they hav ethe simply afforable line. This is the same matress we bought for ds's crib. Orginally I was upset that we paid so much money for a crib mattress, but now ds only wants to sleep in the crib. So it was money well spent. I nurse him down in teh crib and I find it to be very comfy. It must feel even nicer on a boxspring

:CLC,Doula :Mama to 2
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I don't know what happened to my response from yesterday

I have a 9" dunlop Q size latex mattress with all-cotton cover (I have a prescription as I am allergic to wool and sensitive to chemicals) from The Natural Bed Store, bought in fall of 2007. The mattress is very comfortable, and there was no funny smell. We also have a waterproof mattress cover from National Allergy. If I had it to do over again, I'd get the mattress from another place, though. (SavvyRest was my second option.) I never could quite tell what was in the cover. The outside feels like 100% cotton. But...inside it felt like it wasn't 100% cotton scrim, but they claim up and down that it is. I'm a seamstress and I'm quite familiar with the way various fibers feel. I can't say for sure that the batting is 100% cotton either, it may contain polyester, but I'm okay with that. I just didn't want wool or flame retardants. And they labeled it incorrectly (federally illegal), the tag was very obviously from another mattress and they admitted that. They never sent me a new one though I requested one. There should also be a warning label on there stating there's no flame retardants and that it's made to a prescription (but there's no warning label either).

We also bought an organic cotton crib futon from Heart of Vermont for our sidecar crib. It's very firm and I would not be comfortable on it for very long. We also have a 6" organic cotton futon as our sofa/pullout sleeper. I've slept on it a few times and it's not comfortable at all. Way too firm for me. Best for occasional guest use. Good as a sofa, though.

I should also mention that we looked at various mattresses in the regular store, and the cost differential for a top of the line Q size regular mattress vs. latex mattress is not much considering that a latex mattress lasts way longer, is way more comfortable, and of course the lack of chemical odors is perfect.

Kim mama to DS 12/2005, Pepper kitty , and 10/03, 1/05;
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We also need a new mattress and have decided to order from white lotus once we have the money. their prices are reasonable, and they offer non-organic but chemical free mattress, which are more affordable. I don't think a wool topper would help with the chemicals in a regular mattress, so I don't see that being worth it. We have our current mattress wrapped in poly sheeting for safety, and I can't wait to get off of plastic!
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Moved to natural home

Eden yikes.gif, working on a PhD in Education mama to Laurelleshamrocksmile.gif (16), Orijoy.gif (6), Yarrowfaint.gif (4) and Linusfly-by-nursing1.gif (1) partner to Brice. 
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We recently bought a Natura's World organic mattress:

So far we are very happy with it. Jordan's Furniture sells two of their many models, so it was a great way to test them out. They seem fairly reasonably priced compared to other organic mattresses out there.
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