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My face is extremely dry and flaky and lotion is not helping at all! Most days I do not even wear makeup but when I do wear makeup, it dries it out even more. What can I put on it to help? I'm pg and I do notice that every time I'm pg I get very dry skin, especially in cold weather. I have to find something that works though because I look scaley!
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mix olive oil and jojoba oil 50/50. start with 3-5 drops, rub in your palms,a nd spread on your face while it is damp from being washed with warm water.

you can also wash your face with this mixture, though you would need more than just a few drops. then after washing, use a few drops to moisturize.

check out "oil cleansing method". if you decide to try it, avoid castor oil. it will amke your skin drier. jojoba and olive ar ethe way to go.

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Someone mentioned to apply coconut oil. Anyone know if this is a good idea? Thanks for the olive oil and jojoba oil idea! Where can I find jojoba oil?
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Just throwing in my two cents...

Lotion is for summer months, cream for spring and fall, and if your skin is severely dry, you should use an ointment in the dry winter months. Just remember that lotion is far too lightweight to do any good hydrating in drier weather.

It's not a great all-natural solution, but Cetaphil CREAM (comes in a tub) works wonders on rehydrating skin. You can slather it on at bedtime, and your face should be smooth and happy in the morning.

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What are you using to wash your face? How often are you washing it?

Before looking into lotions/creams to put on afterwards, my first thought would be to use a gentler face wash and to wash less frequently. Also make sure you're staying hydrated and getting plenty of good fats (especially Omega 3s) in your diet.

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I often use just water to wash my face. For the dry, flaky skin, though I use Neutrogena (body moisturizer). It is what has worked best for me.
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Vitamin E Cream is very good. Try to get it in the 25,000 mg. Also taking Evening Primrose Oil and Cod Liver Oil.

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I mixed shea butter with vitamin E and a bit of olive oil to put in my daughter's hair (she is AA) and I use the mixture on my face and hands and it works great.

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Shea butter is great as is coconut oil.

Another non-crunchy thing that I've used in the past is Aquaphor. It's petromulen jelly base with other "stuff" in it. I was on a medicine that caused me to dry out really bad, to the point of breaking and bleeding skin. My demratogist gave me some and told me to buy more at Walgreens. Fixed me right up, swear by the stuff when I absolutely have to.
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i'm bumping and hopping on this bandwagon too! i am SO frustrated with my dry flaky skin that is only getting WORSE as it gets colder! i drink plenty of water, eat organically, take vitamins, fish oil etc...... i have a chlorine ball that removes the chlorine from my bath water too! since coming on MDC and reading i have tried (this has been over a six month period mind you) jojoba for the majority of time and that wasn't really working, i was flaky so i switched to sesame oil b/c i read that was healing. still flaky, i have also tried coconut and i am so glad they are working for you all but not for me. i don't know what to do i dread the winter. any other input on the subect other than what has been said????
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I don't know if I can help, but maybe. Quite a few of my ladies (I'm an Aesthetician) have super dry skin right now and we've had to try several different remedies. Olive Oil has one of the highest Oleic Fatty Acid percentages of all the natural oils (80%) which is extremely conditioning and moisturizing. You can even rub it directly on your feet, elbows, knees,etc. Other great natural oils for hydrating the skin are Kukui nut oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond, Shea Butter (hard to work with if you're just putting on the face), Sesame oil is high in Linoleic acid (good for moisture but it probably smells, well, like sesame oil), and Wheat germ oil (again you may not like the smell.) All of those oils are high in either Oleic or Linoleic acids, great for the skin. I agree with "blessed with boys" in her application method advice. And as "ruthla" says I'd start with a gentle creme cleanser, you could try Aveda's creme cleanser, Dr. Haushka's hydrating cleanser or even Cetaphil, tone if you tone, vit. C serum if you serum and finish with a nice oil rubdown, a few drops would be good for nights. Just enough to cover your skin. Using a natural oil means your skin will only absorb what it needs. You can even cleanse using more of the oil combination you choose, massage it in well, cleanse with your cleanser then rinse. Don't forget internally, vit c, vit e, evening primrose and omegas are all especially great for dry skin and plenty of water. No caffeine.
Also a huge thing I do and recommend is that you add 1-3 drops only of a pure and genuine essential oil to your moisturizing mix. Dry skin loves Jasmine, Vetiver or Rose. And these oils are fine is you're pg. If your skin is sensitive careful with the Rose. 1 drop is plenty. Jasmine and Rose ought to be very very expensive so if they aren't, don't buy them, they aren't pure.
Oh-if you're using coconut oil it can be actually be drying in high percentages. And cetaphil really can be good. And straight vit E, though a bit sticky is great.
I know that's really really long. But maybe there is some good info for you.
oh and you asked where to buy Jojoba...WFM carries it, though I find it expensive. I sometimes buy it from a wholesale natural soap company or from an essential oil company online. much better prices.
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