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Posted by trabot on 02-22-2003 07:07 AM:
AWESOME tetanus info
Didn't I just catch your eye?

Yeah, that's exactly what I want to do...I would love to go to a really awesome Tetanus thread filled with really good links or data or experiences It seems we have some good starts but then they just peter off....

I'm opening this thread up for people to post some good tetanus stuff...
Even if it links to the past ones... or just good data... your own personal stories... what you know...etc..

I can only tell you that my own experience is that I got a tetanus shot about nine years ago when I cut my arm on glass. I don't recall if it was painful or not because the cut in my arm was pretty painful on its own. I don't recall any other reactions.

Please, mdc...can we make this a really fat, glorious thread. I have a personal investment in this one because like many nonvaxers here...this is always the one that I kind have a littlle....'Hmmm maybe this one, no...hmmm, maybe....." said in a very squeaky voice... right now I'm inclined to say no...

but the point is I think this is the one many of us get kind of backed up on...

Posted by Sheri Nakken on 02-22-2003 01:43 PM:
I have tons of info on my pages
One more thing to let go of fear about - tetanus

Sheri Nakken, RN, MA, Classical Homeopath

I think the biggest thing that happened that made me think perhaps it might be a good idea was that 2 of my 3 kids have had trauma in their mouth requiring sutures as toddler/preschoolers. Wound care is clearly important & in fact something I can do quite well, but exceptionally difficult inside the painful mouth of a toddler. That said, I have also run across an article indicating that our booster schedule might be excessive, inducing hyperimmunization.
Also potentially affecting antibody production in response to vaccination, is the question as to whether a child with early GI Clostridia colonization will always perceive tetanus toxin/toxoid as "normal." As indicated in this discussion:

To all you who dont know SHerri he site is very informative. She Helped me through the whooping cough my dd had and the nail my son stepped on.

after reading all i could on tetnus I dont tend to worry much. But always make it BLEED!

Just wanted to say thank you everyone for this thread. Tetanus is the only vax I was considering for my ds because we have horses at home. My fears are gone, and I am not going to vax him. I also have a stack of vax books, some read, some partially read, some waiting in line....

One thing I am wondering, I have had excessive tet vax myself over my lifetime- from stepping on a nail, various horse related injuries to fingers, etc. Is my ds getting the benefits (or damage) from my BM, by any chance?

thank you all,


Hi Jennifer - sounds like you forgot yourself and lapsed into the 'I think vaxs work' camp

If they worked and gave true immunity - maybe
But they don't.

And tetanus is a different situation - it is the toxin that comes from the bacteria.............complicated

Read the articles on my pages - more info there

Thx Sheri, your link is listed above in this thread, I did read the info, great info, thank you so much!

Now if I could just get my mother to read about this!!


Dear Trabot:

The very last vax that Dr. Robert Mendelsohn gave up on was tetanus. In his writings, I recall that he said that he figured the tetanus toxoid was so poisonous that they must be using water instead.

I was given a tetanus shot after a dog bite at age 8, but no more. I was bitten again at age 25, no shot.

My 4 dear children were all bitten once, and I simply washed the wound w/ soap and water and then w/ betadine, and reported the animal to the animal control. I souped up their systems w/ Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate - Bronson Laboratories) and kept an eye on their condition.

I agree that a person may have misgivings about giving up this one vax. This was the ONLY vax I received in my lifetime. My Father made sure I was given a vax by one of his friends from Chiropractic School that was not a hot lot or one that had Hg. I am still confused over why I was given this one shot after the fact, and no others.

Many of his friends from Chiropractic School took advantage of a law that allowed them to put an MD after their name when they acquired some more schooling and experience.

I have tons more then this but not sure I can post here because of copyrite issues....

Tetanus Info
From Ingri Cassel:

Dear Members and Friends -

We continually get a lot of requests for information on tetanus.
Particularly whether or not one can receive the tetanus singly or whether
one has to get it with diphtheria antigens in it OR pertussis and diphtheria
antigens. No one would ask the above question if they understood that this
vaccine is a total scam and absolutely makes ZERO sense. The following is a
brief "article" we put in the Fall/Winter 2001 VacLib Letter that addresses
both the disease and the vaccine. Dr. Tenpenny tells us that she would be
fairly wealthy if she had a dime for every tetanus vaccine she administered
in the emergency room of a large hospital she worked at. What she finds most
amazing is the mindset related to any kind of open wound -- "without the
tetanus vaccine, we are extremely likely to contract lockjaw and DIE." Oh,

Tetanus the disease versus the vaccine

*edited due to copyright issues*
This info can be found at the link provided below

And from the VacLib website --
Journal of Family Practice, Volume 44, no. 3 March, 1997, pgs 299 - 303.
Elevated Antitoxin Titers in a Man with Generalized Tetanus.
"...This report describes severe, generalized tetanus in a 29-year old man
who had received a primary series as a child and two booster injections.
Serum obtained before administration of tetanus immune globulin showed
antibody titers to tetanus greater than 100 times the level considered
My comments. The person had a history of amphetamine abuse...and although
some drugs such as strychnine which is commonly used in street drugs as a
"cutting" agent, and others such as haloperidol, piperazines and some
antidepressants can cause muscles spasms reminiscent of tetanus, these drugs
can be identified in the urine."
"The Right to Know, The Freedom to Abstain

Regarding tetanus boosters, . . .

Dr Mendelsohn questioned whether giving boosters every ten years or when there was a threat of an injury of the nature of occurring in a barnyard or on a rusty nail was really necessary.

He said that the administration of a tetanus antitoxin made no sense since there was no scientific evidence indicating how often tetanus boosters are required or whether they are required at all . He said according to the VA millions of servicemen in WW2 were inoculated against tetanus and although in his lifetime four decades had passed and the evidence was that w/ a few exceptions, their immunity had lasted. This seems to be a powerful argument against the need for routine tetanus boosters at any scheduled interval shorter than 40 years.

This information is taken from his How to Raise a Healthy Child Inspite of your Doctor pages 193-4: Ballantyne, 1987, first edition.

Thank you all so much for this great thread packed full of helpful information!

i read through the responses in this thread, and i want to give the perspective of someone who does believe in the tetanus vaccine, and who did choose to get it for her child (BTW, just as background, dd only had that {and after age 2 yrs.} and the HIB, so we definitely have questioned the traditional schedule, etc.)

i just wanted to add that if you have decided to get this vax, there are 4 choices: DPT, DT, T and Td. with DPT, T alone and DT you are getting 25 units of toxoid from *each vax* (i.e. with the DPT that's actually 3 vaccines in one, so you're getting 75 units of toxoid). whereas with the Td you get only 10 units of tetanus toxiod and only 5 of diptheria. we didn't want to get the diptheria for dd at all, but decided to go with the Td because less toxoid would be injected than even with the T alone. 4 shots are reccommended, but we are going to get 3, then have her blood tested to see if she has immunity, and stop if she does.

dd's doc is very supportive of delayed/selective/non-vaxing. she says that the standard vax are made for the lowest common denominator (i.e. most people do not need 25 units of toxoid injected 4 times in order to show an immune response). with a healthy, breastfed child like my dd, she certainly believes the lower dosage will be effective (she also advised us to skip the last dose of HIB, as she was 99% sure dd had immunity after the first shots).

anyway, just another perspective.


I just found this site and these boards and I am THRILLED to find so many other like-minded women!

I had to respond to this thread because even though I am not vaxing, tetanus is the ONE shot my baby will get. I am waiting until after age 2, though, because the immune system is stronger and I also figure before then there is not much chance of getting tetanus.

The reason I decided to get this one vax is because I live in an Amish area. None of the Amish vaccinate (which makes it easier for me since it seems common around here not to!). Unfortunately my neighbor's son died from tetanus just 2 years ago. Scared the beepers out of me, and so I am choosing the shot.

However, if I DIDN'T live in farm country and my kid would not be digging in infected dirt, I wouldn't worry about it.

A personal anecdote... I received a tetanus booster about 5-6 years ago, before I had begun educating myself about vacs, or most things health related (please keep that in mind).

I was bitten by a known animal (family member's pet) with a puncture and tear wound occuring. That hurt. The day before I had gotten 5 allergy shots and the flu vaccine (3 shots to each arm). When they gave me the Tetanus booster after the dog bit me, I got it in the buttocks as my arms were already looking bruised and sore. It hurt to sit for 3 days. I won't be doing any of that again.

You want to know something interesting I just realized as I was reading through this thread??

When I was 9 or so I was bit by this same dog 3 different times and it broke the skin each time. I *know* my mom didn't do anything special to keep them clean and I never went to the doctor for them. Nothing ever happened to me and at the time there was no concern about it from anyone.

Just thought I'd share that...never would have thought of it without reading this thread. Good ammo!

From the very beginning I have told our ped, No Vaccines, None whatsoever, but he keeps pushing the tetanus. He says that tetanus exists, it is in the dirt (pointing annoyingly out the window) right out there and when ds (who is 6 months) starts playing on the ground he could very well catch it.

He is nice about this and I just smile and say thanks but no thanks.

What is the validity of his statement if any? I read everything about this and personally find it unlikely that ds could catch tetanus from simply playing in the dirt with a wound, but could he? I don't have any facts to go off of with this one.


When I was a preschool teacher I had to go for my tetanus booster. I wasn't even thinking about them. I worked 2 jobs and went between for my booster--I had to call in sick. I was vomitting, feverish, couldn't move my arm and I was laying in bed thinking there was something wrong with my brain that I was sick over a stupid little shot--I thought that maybe I had been worried about the needle (don't like them) and made myself sick. Now I know I had a bad reaction--I was sick for 3 days.

Anyway, this was a hard one for me to give up too esp. when my son started playing outside and I'd see all the things he could get cut on. But I read, read, read. Took Sherri's HP class--whew!!

I stepped on an outlet cover (metal --in the floor and I had it up to plug the vaccuum in) last fall this was, it hurt so bad and I had the tetanus thought--but I made it bleed. Cleaned it, got out the Ledum and it even quit hurting right away.

Also, am I correct that tetanus doesn't live in the soil where it gets below zero? I thought I read that from a Wi Dr (should have kept the link)--we freeze 1/2 to death up here so I don't worry about it

DD and DS have both had DTaP and IPV on schedule. These were the only vaxes (other than monthly Synagis during RSV season, but that was different) they've had, and DH and I decided to go forward with these, because in our newborn-twin-craziness fog, we thought, well tetanus and whooping cough and polio are scaaaary and deadly and what kind of parents would we be... !! Now I'm not convinced it was a good thing, even the tetanus. The old tetanus thread (Heartsmama/Hilary) was extremely informative. Fortunately, DS and DD had no reactions, but I think we'll have titers done and not do any more.

I think that a lot of moms echo Dr. Mendholson in that the last frontier is the tetanus vax. Certainly was true with us, but I've found enough info to give me lots of food for thought at the very least. As always, I'm grateful for these threads and the knowledge everyone shares.

Dear XXX

Also, am I correct that tetanus doesn't live in the soil where it gets below zero? I thought I read that from a Wi Dr (should have kept the link)--we freeze 1/2 to death up here so I don't worry about it

No. It lives there just the same. But since you would freeze half to death, if you took your foot outta da boot, I would suggest that your exposure to tetanus from the soil or animal sources, might be somewhat more limited than in countries where you run around bare foot, and spend your lives turning compost heaps, full of cow manure...

I don't know much about the temperature requirements for the comfort of Clostridium Tetani either. Must have a look at that one day.

I would have thought you'd be more at danger of hypothermia, than tetanus

I Can’t believe I forgot to add this to the thread..

here is the cdc reportable disease report.

as of now... last week of june 2003...

there were 3 reported cases of tetanus.

And in 2002 there were 12 reported cases.

at least that's what they indicated.

detox from TT vaccine?
Hi - I just finished watching Sherri Tenpenny's video on vaccination and the CDC. Instead of repeating my story, see my post re. our tetanus vaccine blunder. I was under the delusion a few months ago that the TT vaccine had no thimerosol in it, when in fact, it does. This is the only vaccine my 18 mo old dd has had, or will have. My question is, does anyone know where I can find a link to the ingredients for the TT vaccine? I can't recall them. Also, I would appreciate feedback on whether detoxing from this one vaccine would be a good idea. Everyone I have spoken to says don't worry about it, but I can't bear the thought of mercury, etc. in my dd's otherwise, hopefully, pure body. Has anyone had any experience with metals detox? I have a homeopathic remedy for metals form Liddell Labs that I used immediately following the vaccine. I apologize if this has already been covered. Thanks.
Oh I see my old post has been quoted about 5 posts up, so please click there. Has anyone tried the reccomended bentonite clay bath, selinium, and vitamin C? Has anyone done before detox and after detox hair testing for metals?

vaccine ingrediant list

While Im here does anyone know if the tetanus vaccine (for either human or animal) contain horse? I thought I breifly heard mention of it somewhere and would like to know for sure, and get a link if possible.

This may be a stupid question, but
I was reading through the tetanus info. that Sherri had posted and something struck me as unusual. Supposedly, the incubation period for tetanus was up to 73 days in one case and 98% of cases presented within 30 days of injury. My question is how do they determine that a given injury had anything to do with tetanus? I mean, a child has convulsions and brain damage within 48 hours of a vaccine and the doctors claim no relation, or that just because there is a temporal relation, a causal relation is not implied. BUT, then they can claim that a case of tetanus was caused by an injury 30 to 73 days beforehand? I don't get it, is there something I am missing?

Lastly, reading some mainstream material you get the idea that any little abrasion or tiny cut can lead to tetanus infection. My question is, if your child gets a tiny cut or abrasion and you don't see it until it's already starting to crust over, do you have to worry about possible tetanus infection? How do you proceed to make sure it doesn't develop into anything. I understand you are supposed to make cuts bleed, but once they've begun to heal without having had any previous attention, then what do you do?

Thanks for all the great info.

I think that if the cut bleeds you don't need to worry about it at all.

Here is Sheri's site if you want to read more of her info. (cant' remember if it is posted above or not)

The thing about tetanus is it's so incredibly rare. Even in the 19th century when people led much more physical lives, wound-care procedures were pretty primitive, sterilization was either non-existent or rudimentary, and larger amounts of people lived in rural areas...tetanus was fairly rare, although more common that today.
I come from New Zealand which has a pop. of 4 million. About 2 people every 3 years die from tetanus, usually someone over 70. Approximately 8 people die every year from being hit by a train, and they're usually not old!
I doubt very much if the vaccine is the reason for the small amounts of deaths. A fair percentage of the pop. are either unvaxed or undervaxed, and they are not coming down with it. We are coming into contact with it constantly, it's in the dirt and in the dust everywhere. I feel certain that we develop some resistence to it naturally, without those side-effect ridden vaccines help. In fact in Plotkin and Orenstein's "Vaccine" they admit studies exist showing that unvaccinated pop.s in places like India show 95% of people surveyed have antibodies to the toxin of tetanus, despite never being vaxed. They try to pooh pooh these studies, but to my mind it makes logical sense. How is it that a vaccine could be more efficient than a natural disease at producing antibody. If having had tetanus doesn't render you immune to some extent, then how can a vaccine?
The cases of recurrent tetanus that have happened are probably in people with shocking diets either from malnoourishment or lack of food, or in people with very poor immune-systems, due to factors like drug-taking and old age. The vaccines don't elicit a good antibody response in such people so it is only logical to assume the disease doesn't always do so too.
I fell over a few years ago and gashed my chin deeply. I had to go to the emergency doc.s to get stitches and refused the tet. shot they offered. I'm definitly not up to date with has probably been 26 years since my last booster, and of course I never got tetanus. They've blinded us with science!

DH had a tetanus shot a few months ago and his arm hurt so badly he couldn't use it for a week.
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