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anansay's Avatar anansay 10:46 PM 04-18-2002

I've put this as a title, because frankly I really don't know what else to call it quickly.
I believe I live with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). All winter was not so good. I've been taking ephedra since november for energy and it has helped with my depression. Now that spring is here, I feel I no longer need it, as I am more interested in going outside now that I don't have to put on and wear a ton of constricting clothing.

However, I noticed today that my moods are still changing almost on a day to day basis. Yesterday I hated all children, mine and every single other child in my complex. Today, I felt the calmest, most patient, loving, caring, understanding person alive. Nothing phased me. I was smiling, laughing, etc. It hit me the difference between yesterday and today and am wondering if this may be part of a manic depressive personality...?

Would anyone have any information regarding manic depressive personality and maybe SAD along with it? I really just want to feel balanced on a day-to-day basis without these dramatic shifts in mood. My children never know how to take me, will I yell at them today or be able to handle this mistakes?


Inwe Surion's Avatar Inwe Surion 12:03 PM 04-19-2002
Speaking as a mental health professional, it is rare to be bipolar and have DAILY mood swings. Yes, there is a sub-diagnosis of rapid cycling bipolar disorder but that does not happen on a daily basis.

Speaking as an intuitive and alternative health care practitioner, you may have a hormonal disturbance.

I strongly suggest you ditch the ephedra. There have been MANY documented cases of problems with this herb, even death. Please consider seeing a chiropracter, homeopath, Reiki Practitioner, Cranial Sacral therapist. They all have the skills to help you.
1jooj's Avatar 1jooj 01:08 PM 04-20-2002
I have a history of mental illness on both sides of my fam, and I and several sibs live with SAD. I spent one winter on Prozac and hated it--I felt fuzzy and kind of dull-headachy. Ick. The winter I was pg was wonderful; I was so happy. This past was OK; bf seems to help.
We all tend to gain weight in winter, and then lose it (but I am talking well over 10 lb) in summer; we seem to swing kind of manic in spring and summer. I spent 2 yrs in Morocco, where winter is short and very mild, and I had no noticeable symptoms.
I know from experience that daily, moderate exercise really helps me, but I have real trouble motivating to move in winter.
Right now, I know bf is helping me keep an even keel in life, but I'd be open, too, to lifestyle-type approaches to mood management, rather than med or "treatments." Suggestions?
cassandra's Avatar cassandra 07:17 PM 04-21-2002

you sound like you are definietly swinging from pole to pole.
I think getting a really really good (and they are rare imo, speaking as a mental health practitioner myself) doc who perhaps also specializes in alternative care for an evaluation.
I agree that exercise, diet and body and energy work would also be helpful.
Id also suggest a really skilled therapist, having an analysis could hold alot of it for you as well.

For your sake and your childrens, look after you ok!