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has anyone else had the experience that a rapid and noticeable uptick in negative events happens after you are making a concerted effort to be happy? does it eventually stop/slow way down/get easier to handle?

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When you first start working with the law of attraction - or any of the universal laws - you will notice an uptick.  I think it's easier to see the negatives over the positives. 


But don't worry:  it is a skill that if you work at you will get better at.  Look at the negatives as a learning process.  They will help you more with the positives.  It is a loving and gentle reminder that you have to be extra careful with your energy. 


Also, to be joyful we have to shed so much negative that may be hiding.  To shed means to feel the pain again.  But to be joyful is to see the negative as healing rather than as, well, a negative.  Experience the negative and breathe into it.  Do not fear or control it or try to wish it away.  Own up to it and embrace it.  Then feel the positive fill the void that the negative left. 


Working with "words become things" is what is screwing me up right now.  Warning:  horrible story ahead.  I had a loud chicken.  I wished she would shut up and said it often.  She was involved in a horrible chicken accident that killed her.  Her neck was crushed.  I KNOW without a doubt that my words became and I lost a good chicken because of it.  After mourning I saw that I needed a lot more practice and I had to be a lot more careful with my words.

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wow, I've always heard that words have the power to both heal and to destroy. Your story is really profound, I think we all need to be conscious of how we speak with our words. I do believe that energy is important, but I don't know that I buy into the whole law of attraction theory completely.

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words are REALLY powerful. 


I also just had a friend tell me that Universe doesn't hear negatives.


like, "I don't want to be single forever." the universe doesn't hear the 'don't'.


I thought that was interesting to think about when getting really clear with setting intentions.


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Sounds like the Universe is really a 2-year old. 


 Smart ass remark aside lol.gif I actually had a conversation with my SIL about this subject about a week ago. We moved into a house that is ruled by the number 7. She was telling us that the 7 year/number can be tricky place to live as you really need to watch what you think and say. 

Interesting stuff, numerology. 

waiting on the power of the three wolf moon. 
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