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13moons's Avatar 13moons 07:23 AM 08-12-2003
Ah-I'm never sure where the best place place to post something is...but I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about Clayton College of Natural Health. I mean, other than what the ads and website tell you. Particularly, has anyone used them or know anyone who has?
I've thoroughly read the website and the catalog and even talked to an admissions counselor but I'd like to hear some first hand experience.
I am interested in maybe the herbalist program (or something else) but it's a lot of money for us and I so I want a bit more information. Its been over a year since I talked to the admissions counselor but I keep getting postcards from them, so i'm thinking about it again.
So any opinions or info would be great!

aimeemac's Avatar aimeemac 07:17 PM 08-12-2003
I am currently enrolled in the Master's Holistic Nutrition program. I enrolled in April 2000 and am still plugging along with it. I have two children, so it is wonderful to go at your own pace. I have had nothing but great experiences with the college. My advisor is very available if I have a problem or question. The coursework is great. I hope to finish in April 2005.....I love spending time with my kids so I am doing only a little bit of work. The people I have encountered are very wonderful and friendly. If you have any questions, let me know. Hope this helps, my babies need me right now or I'd write more.

13moons's Avatar 13moons 07:00 AM 08-13-2003
Thanks for your reply. I remember that the advisor I spoke to long ago was really nice and helpful as well. I got on the website again last night and requested a catalog again. I like the look of the B.S. Natural Health with a concentration in herbology or possibly just the herbalist program but I don't have a plan in mind for what I would do with it later. I wonder if they could help me figure that out too : ?
I would like to do the program, I just can't spend over $4000 on something just because I want to learn about it. I'd need to have some idea for how it would ultimately pay off, KWIM?
As a side note, I am also currently on LOA from my 3rd year working on a BS in Chemistry--it would cost less to finish up my last year and a half or so at the university but for that I'd have to go back to a schedule that i am not in control of-ugh.
Do you have much contact via email or anything with other students in the program?
Anyway, thanks-positive feedback is definitely a good sign!

aimeemac's Avatar aimeemac 11:37 AM 08-13-2003
Hi. Unfortunately, I do not have emails from fellow students, I have been out of the loop for so long (since having my kiddies), I am kinda in my own world, so to speak. advisor's name is Terri Shroedermeier. She may be able to help you sort through your options. She has been very helpful to me. They are so friendly there that I am sure anyone would be willing to help you out.

Best of luck! Aimee
13moons's Avatar 13moons 04:09 AM 08-14-2003
Thanks Aimee!
The advisor I spoke with is Sherri Milazzo and she was super nice too. I'm going to call her as soon as the kids give me the illusion that they might stay quiet-ish long enough: .
Dh is home tomorrow, so maybe i'll go lock myself in my room for a little while...

aimeemac's Avatar aimeemac 10:21 AM 08-14-2003
Good luck, let me know if you need any more info.
Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 02:42 AM 10-08-2003
13 moons, I just posted a thread about Clayton in TAO (shoudl have done a search first)

Anyway, have you decided to enroll? I'm also inteerested in the herbalist.
13moons's Avatar 13moons 03:29 AM 10-08-2003
I'll go check that out! I did not make any decisions yet. I am still really interested but for us, the cost is a big factor, even with the payment plans. I think if it were not for that, I would have enrolled already. How about you? I guess your thread will probably tell me, huh?:

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 04:04 AM 10-08-2003
Actually I started my thread for a similar reason you originally started this one. Just to see if anyone had any personal experience. I'm not sure if the herbal program looks good or not. It seems really superficial. I'd like to get some info on the material they use (texts ect) and more detailed course outlines, the ones on the website were not very detailed.
13moons's Avatar 13moons 04:14 AM 10-08-2003
Yeah, the course descriptions, etc. are very vague. A couple years ago when I was first interested I had requested a book list for the program to see what was really being used and the advisor that I was assigned gladly emailed me a copy. Some of the earlier books, like for the Family Herbalist looked mostly like stuff I already have on my shelves at home but, at that time, the books required a little further along were a bit more serious. Maybe I should request one again now and see what they are now. ButI know what you mean--I don't know how much I'd get out of it that I don't already know or can't find out from just general reading, etc. I had kinda thought about the BS in Natural Health with a concentration in Herbology partly for that reason. I don't know that much about other programs though either, do you? The other thing that has held me back is that I'm not sure what I'd want to do with it, so I don't know exactly which path would be the best to take. I just know that I really want to be doing something else for myself right now and I'm ready to be a student again! Would you be doing it just for personal interest or to start a new career or something else?

Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 11:25 AM 10-08-2003
I tend to agree with you about the Clayton herbalist program. I've been studying, and using herbs for a good 8 years and alot fo their program doesn't look like it covers anything new for me. I've been doing more research and found the program below. Do you read Herbs for Health magazine?

Have you checked out this master herbalist program??

I'm leaning this way at the moment, I really like their course outlines. They also have good tuition payment schedules.

I'm still raising dd but planning what I will do with my life in a few years when she is 18. I already am a reiki pracitioner, so I've been thinking about starting an alternative healing business, at some point.