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oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 09:11 PM 08-07-2012

Where did you get the vit/ mineral list from and what dosage? Am still lokking for this in as reliable formate. thanks!

jljeppson's Avatar jljeppson 11:18 PM 08-07-2012

Where did you get the vit/ mineral list from and what dosage? Am still looking for this in a reliable format. thanks!

I'm looking for this info as well.  I've had copper IUD's 3 times and wasn't too bad with the 1st two, but the 3rd was horrific.  My period got much better, soon as I took it out, but now my period is back after only about 2 weeks, my morning temp's are super low (I chart for fertility), and I'm having clear indicators that I have thyroid issues.  I really need to detox.  Any help with finding a treatment list would be great.  I am still nursing, so I would have to work around that.

jljeppson's Avatar jljeppson 11:19 PM 08-07-2012

Oh, and wanted to note that my daughter seems to be matching me- last 2 days have not been good for me or her. 

Ada Lovelace's Avatar Ada Lovelace 12:11 AM 08-08-2012

I found this forum after searching for information on this method of birth control.  I have never had an IUD, and don't plan on getting one.  However I have been very touched by everyone's stories and courage on these boards.  :)  I wanted to share a resource that I have found invaluable.  That is sauna therapy.  Saunas are an excellent way to eliminate heavy metals including copper from the body through the skin.  Infrared saunas are even better.  I have been using saunas for my own detoxification and I truly believe that it will help those that are suffering from copper toxicity.  Give it a try!  <3 <3 Sending love.

fkothansen's Avatar fkothansen 11:39 AM 08-08-2012

Hi Girls!

I just wanted to give you an update about how I was feeling after removal. I had the IUD removed almost 2 months ago and I am feeling lots better. There are moments when I feel like my old self again but also there are days that it's still hard. Those moments are close to the day that my period has to come. Those days I feel kind of sad but I go back to your stories and it gives me strength again and hope that all my life will be back to normal 100% again some day soon. There are symptoms that never came back tough: fogginess, joint pain, and dizziness. Yesterday I started with a vitamin supplement that my doctor gave me and I do Yoga (Bikram) that helps me feel better. I hope this combo will help me getting back on track completely.

I am from Argentina but in my research I found a group of US women that are planning to start a class action suit: I would recommend you to contact them. It's up to us that we were able to connect our symptoms to the IUD to help other women to suffer like we did.

If you feel like you need to talk to someone like another member did, I give my email: [email protected]

Strength and Love to all of you!


Agalove's Avatar Agalove 10:01 PM 08-09-2012

Hi there,


As I was researching my IUD and the crazy symptoms I was having I came upon this article on copper toxicity syndrome:


Hope this helps!

Darbs72's Avatar Darbs72 04:56 AM 08-12-2012

Hi Again Guys,


Well I got my IUD out on Tuesday and that was at my insistent as I was feeling so crappy - I was able to get in on a cancellation appointment and the doctor at the family planning clinic was most surprised I was getting the  IUD out. However when I explained all my symptoms she said well it obviously doesn't suit you so lets get you sorted! She asked if I wanted to see it once removed of course I said yes..... It was as other ladies have posted in their comments completely black.... I said that's strange isn't it? and she said No that is a natural reaction for copper as it has oxcidised..... then I thought to myself oxcidising is what happens in rusting cars is it not? how can that be good for my system??  I am already vitamin B12 deficient and where I normally get my shots and feel on top of things again I was actually feeling worse!

Anyway since removal my foggy brain left almost instantly - I can sleep again and the joint pain is subsiding (obviously what is still in my system has to work its way out but thank god no more is being released into my body) I have been peeing continually to get rid of all the retained fluid,but feel so much better for it and my stomach has deflated measurably. My moods are pretty much back to normal I am not feeling rage at any little thing that might go wrong. In other words I am feeling like myself and able to handle all that comes with life again.

While this method of contraception may be good for some it certainly wasn't for me neither was the Mirena unfortunately so for me it is condoms only now my body can obviously not hack anything artificial and I can't see the point in trying to make it.  I just wish the manufacturers would list the common and not so common side effects of the copper iud rather than just saying you are likely to get heavier and longer periods.  I am interested to see what my next cycle will be like and what the duration will be.

I can't believe how it affected me in 6 months I don't want to think of how I would have felt if I left it in any longer.

I am just so glad that I knew my body well enough to know it wasn't depression and or stress making me feel the way I did.  I can only see things getting better from now on and I look forward to it.  And I thank all of you again for posting your experiences as it really did help me so much. :)

Darbs72's Avatar Darbs72 05:10 AM 08-12-2012

Oh also forgot to mention that before I figured out it was the IUD causing me problems, that I went to my Doctor to say I could not lose weight no matter how hard I exercised etc. She gave me a few "well maybe you need to mix up your exercise or change your diet" murmurings but when I said this is just not normal for me she decided to send me to have thyroid and cholesterol etc tested. I have yet to do it but again will be interested to see if the copper has changed any of my previous good levels I am hoping not.....

emskaos's Avatar emskaos 07:30 PM 08-13-2012

Wow! I am blown away - I am writing this as is sit in bed (where I have been for the last 4 days) and having got to the end of my tether decided to do some research on the IUD and the symptoms I have. To say that they match the majority of you ladies on here is an understatement esp fatigue, depression, weight gain and extremely low libedo. I actually thought until today I was crazy. I am on antidepressants and have been since I've had my IUD - I recently had it removed just for no other reason than I knew it had to have something to do with the way I feel and now having read these posts I feel so justified in trusting my gut! SO much of what I have read on here makes perfect sense and I am definitely off to get some zinc, vitamin c and maybe some B12. While I have noticed some improvement in the way I feel I am definitely far from 100% so any advice is appreciated. Just blows me away there is so many people that feel this but yet I thought I was alone. Thanks so much for the tips and links to websites. I am definitely going to explore this more and hope now I am on the road back to my old self!!

oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 09:24 PM 08-14-2012

UPDATE! on my org. post

Since removal in Feb 2012 ( i had IUD 4.5 years prior to removeal):  my nails are strong and growing, normal cycles of 4-5 days in 25 day cycle (norm for me) retaining more hair, feet smooth, skin not constantly red, more energy. I still,on occasion, have had a few allergic like reactions to food / chemicals as listed above and some light heated/ burning under the skin on checks, chin, lips, ears and forearms. I am also looking for natural help with sluggish bowels, via food preferably. Was having copper cpolored stools regularly not just every few days as i am trying to reduce copper rich foods, wheat, processed and beans, nuts and a more PALEO diet. ANY ONE TRY THIS OUT TOO?
The new GYN asked for the a full blood testing done of autoimmune tests to rule out lupus, ms, sclaraderma and the like, this was done last week. Also have had all cholesterol, hormones, Vit D levels and PAP tested and was OK'd 2 weeks ago. She was concerned about the burning on limbs/ face ...however the Copper IUD cause your body to produce more Prostaglandins which are a group of chemicals made by nearly all of the body's cell membranes. Different prostaglandins have different effects on the body; they can help cause inflammation and pain, raise or lower blood pressure, stimulate uterine contractions and labor, and affect the immune system, nerve impulses, and Body temp. 
I am looking for the least invasive way to remove the copper and am hoping to combine nutritional therapy/ food/ with limited supplements. I am looking to recv my Hair analysis results 8.24.12 will continue to update this site and PLEASE LADIES KEEP YOUR POSTS UPDATED...I have found hope in your stories!

mountainmama707's Avatar mountainmama707 11:03 PM 08-14-2012

Zeolite is great for heavy metal detox.  Check out Pure Body Zeolite if you are aware it will dehydrate you so drink lots of water!  Good luck!

oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 08:20 AM 08-15-2012

 have you used this for copper detox...any other .side effects aside from needing more hydration? thanks!

fkothansen's Avatar fkothansen 09:36 AM 08-15-2012

Hi Girls!

I thought that it would be a good idea to start a group that will help us supporting each other in the process of getting rid of the excess of copper in our bodies. So I started a yahoo group in order that we can accompany each other in this process: [email protected] // Share your strategies, give your updates, and feel that you are not alone in this process!

You are all welcomed!


Carol Zhu's Avatar Carol Zhu 11:56 AM 08-15-2012

The manufacturers have actually admitted that they aren't certain how the Mirena IUD works, which I think would make most women uncomfortable. Also, there is a chance that it can perforate the uterine or cervical wall if it relocates, which has actually happened to number of women according the lawsuits

jljeppson's Avatar jljeppson 09:16 AM 08-16-2012

Just wanted to add, I have a friend that is an herbalist that is going to walk me through detoxing.  I was supposed to start last week, but had to stop due to a massive bout of stomach flu but once I'm ready to start I'll put the protocol up.

Anxious DeeDee's Avatar Anxious DeeDee 12:56 PM 08-16-2012

I had a copper IUD inserted in December 2011 and still have it today. Shortly after, I started having anxiety attacks and many anxiety symptoms along with knee problems that I've never had before, just suddenly without an injury or anything. My family doctor tells me it has nothing to do with the IUD, but I am not convinced. I have an appointment with my gyno in a few weeks and will definitely bring it up to him. My family doctor thinks I am just an anxious person and I need to learn to control my anxiety but it just doesn't seem right to me. My symptoms since the insertion have been, increased vaginal discharge (a lot), some months I bleed a bit for two days at ovulation, headaches, chest tightness from anxiety, mild panic attacks, knee pain, now I am experiencing jaw and ear pain from clenching my teeth, very moody all month long. Please help me feel that I am not crazy and the IUD is what's causing this all of a sudden cause. I would really appreciate another opinion.


Anxious DeeDee

fkothansen's Avatar fkothansen 01:07 PM 08-16-2012
Originally Posted by Anxious DeeDee View Post

I had a copper IUD inserted in December 2011 and still have it today. Shortly after, I started having anxiety attacks and many anxiety symptoms along with knee problems that I've never had before, just suddenly without an injury or anything. My family doctor tells me it has nothing to do with the IUD, but I am not convinced. I have an appointment with my gyno in a few weeks and will definitely bring it up to him. My family doctor thinks I am just an anxious person and I need to learn to control my anxiety but it just doesn't seem right to me. My symptoms since the insertion have been, increased vaginal discharge (a lot), some months I bleed a bit for two days at ovulation, headaches, chest tightness from anxiety, mild panic attacks, knee pain, now I am experiencing jaw and ear pain from clenching my teeth, very moody all month long. Please help me feel that I am not crazy and the IUD is what's causing this all of a sudden cause. I would really appreciate another opinion.


Anxious DeeDee

Hi Dee Dee,

Trust your intuition. As you can read in this thread, most of the cases are similar to yours. It really looks like it's the IUD that it is making you feel this way. Read the article on copper toxicity You'll see that it's really similar to what we experienced! I took my IUD out 2 months ago and I am feeling incredibly better.

I hope you start feeling better soon!


oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 03:42 PM 08-16-2012

Great advice! Also it may be of use to reread posts of the women here, and as I just discovered I should have shared it w/ women in my family as i found out this week a cousin knew several women with same issues from paragard...and write it all are likely to see a pattern over the duration of the iud that mirrors many of us on this page. it will also be of use when informing your practioner.

Anxious DeeDee's Avatar Anxious DeeDee 12:23 PM 08-17-2012

Thank you so much for all the info. I have an appointment at the end of September and will hopefully be able to get it out then. Fingers Crossed XX.



oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 08:49 PM 08-18-2012

Here is a good article on Copper Toxicity....just something to read that may provide others with further indight as to what has happened to us all, and gain perspective on handling this for some.

oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 09:17 PM 08-18-2012

Another link to share...has some stuff for all of us to read and review for our own issues

elmwcc's Avatar elmwcc 07:59 AM 08-19-2012

Hi!  I never respond to threads but I felt so strongly that I really had to reply after reading.  I consider myself a very educated person when it comes to health.  I am a PhD student at a health sciences university.  I chose the cooper IUD because I thought it was the "safest" option for permanent birth control (no hormones) However, I have had many of the symptoms these women are describing, especially the constant fatigue and COMPLETE lack of sex drive, of which I have never had in my life.  It truly must be from imbalances caused by increased levels of copper in my system from the Copper IUD.  I would completely advise against it!!!!!!!!

elizadrew's Avatar elizadrew 07:21 AM 08-20-2012

So I had my Paraguard put it at the end of february 2012 and removed at the end of august 2012.  I knew within the first month that something wasn't right but I kept with it to see if things got better.  I had some intense issues with anxiety and frequent panic attacks within those 5 and a half months.  It was like I was an instrument strung out of tune.  but these were all things that I was trying to cope with and rationalize by saying that maybe it was because of all the changes I have recently been through in life.  But every month around ovulation and sometimes menstruation, I would have these 12-24 hour dizzy spells where I would wake up in the middle of the night and everything was spinning and I couldn't get back to equilibrium again for a long time, and when I did feel 'normal' again it was still not totally balanced.  I tried to speak with a doctor about it and she couldnt really help me much but also didn't deny my beliefs that it could possibly be because of the IUD..since it had never happened before.  all she could really tell me was that my blood pressure was very low.  Anyway, I finally got the courage to schedule an apt and just have it removed last week.  That night I slept like a baby.  It was truly the first time in 5 months that I have felt calm.  I realized that the entire time I had the IUD in I was unable to take a deep breath.  Now, I don't even need to mention the intense pains and bleeding associated with it that left me unable to function.  I knew to expect that and thought it was getting better.  What I couldnt tolerate were the panic attacks, intense dizzyness, fatigue, and depression after ovulation followed by EXTREME PMS...yes painful, but more peculiar than that was HOW INCREDIBLY IRRITATED I felt.  Much more than before.  Now I am in that stage again without the IUD and I feel like my old self again..slightly emotional because of PMS, but not in a way that makes me irritable or angry or depressed like before.  I am just fine. I can breathe. I know there are the theories out there about copper and whether or whether not they are true, well, i don't know or truly care, I am just glad I took that IUD out.  I am totally happy to have condoms in my life in place of panic attacks and dizzyness. ----That is my story.  and this forum definitely gave me the courage to follow through and listen to what my body needed.  There are people out there who say I shouldnt listen to women complaining in forums on the internet, that that will only cause me more anxiety, but I disagree.  Because if the doctors can't think outside their medical text books then the most powerful thing we have is female consciousness and women cooperating together to share information, knowledge, and support. That's what we've been doing forever anyway.... So keep talkin' , ladies!

Anxious DeeDee's Avatar Anxious DeeDee 12:28 PM 08-20-2012

I am so happy you posted this, cause my doctor tells me "not to believe everything I read on the internet and that it couldn't possibly be the IUD, I am simply suffering from anxiety." I also have been second guessing myself because I go through times when I seem to be okay, some months I am fine and others I have the anxiety and dizziness and irritability. But when I do feel bad, it's usually around ovulation time. I can't wait to get it out and rule out my craziness all together. Thanks again for sharing your story, and I'm so glad you are feeling better.



oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 02:54 PM 08-20-2012

DeeDee, gyn told me several times over the 4.5 years I had the IUD that is was me, in my head, never the IUD, I was the only patient who had these issues...cut out coffee, exercise and other'helpful'advise ;) in the end he laughed at me the day 2.13.12 i had mine removed and told me ...'go to an allergist and "show me"that your allergic to the copper' SERIOUSLY.... he was that unprofessional and rude...a POOP HEAD my sister WAS his patient onto finding someone who listens. This will likely be difficult as one i just saw 7/24/12 she acted like she knew what i was telling made sense then freaked me out an told me to get a bunch of autoimmune tests done! A friend's sister in Chicago area is having these same issues so I know I am not alone, not just typing into this forum and awaiting to here more i wish more of US would post how we are feeling since IUD removal...if you've had side effects, skin stuff, hair changes, strange metal/garlic under arm odors? burning in face or hands, stool issues, what your diet is..i.e. paleo diet/ no wheat/ gluten/ dairy, supplements, emotional issues, charting when these symptoms are occurring?  We have witnessed that there are VERY FEW places for us to turn F the Dr.'s who say not to read the WEB...unite and may not work or apply to each of us but we can help each other. I am emotional today...awaiting that hair tissue test still....while my face has a burning sensation on the right side again.....stress most likely the cause today.

jljeppson's Avatar jljeppson 02:35 PM 08-21-2012

I can't recall if it's been mentioned, but there is a site on the FB that is gathering signatures for a class action lawsuit.  It's called No Paraguard, or something along those lines.

oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 06:32 PM 08-21-2012

The FB page....i joined and will be for a class action suit against Bayer the maker or parent company for Paragard? Certainly we can motyher had the 1st genereation of Copper IUD's in the early 70's....then it was recalled! Major health issues were being presented for many women...looks like the laws were more in the consumers favor then, now big phama owns our Government.

oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 06:49 PM 08-21-2012


a great site to source functional med professional in your area! I found it last night...and am reading Dr. Mark Hymans pages too more for general understanding of nutrients...informative stuff.... many blessings to you all.

oklahoma's Avatar oklahoma 10:10 PM 08-21-2012


this link has fruit & veg (i think too)  with mineral content :)

cb0001's Avatar cb0001 06:50 AM 08-23-2012

Hi all,


I wanted to give everyone an update because I don't think I have since my removal. I got my Paragard removed 5 months ago. After a lot of poking in my cervix (ouch!!!!) the Dr was able to locate the string and remove it, so I was happy I didn't need to have it surgically removed!! But it was very unpleasant! That weekend I felt HORRIBLE! But I was expecting it. Within the first week though, the ringing in my ears stopped, my vision improved, and my anxiety levels dropped dramatically! 5 months later:

1. My toe nail fungus (with the help of tea tree oil) has cleared up and gone away

2. This spot on my face (which I think now is a liver spot) started scabbing and peeling and has almost disappeared (it's very faint now)

3. I don't get anxiety attacks doing simple things like showering and washing dishes anymore (those were a daily occurrence for me)

4. I don't have sensitivity to alcohol like I did all the years I had the IUD, I can actually have a cocktail or glass of wine without feeling sick!

5. My hair isn't falling out like crazy!

6. I sleep soundly every night 

7. My vision is back to normal

8. My libido is back!!!!


While getting the IUD was the worst decision in my life, removing it was the best! It feels good to feel normal again =) 

Good luck to you all and spread the word! We are not crazy, we are just lacking the medical support we need since the IUD is one of the most used forms of BC. But beware, the pill is also high in copper! I'm back to the old counting method (until hubby has a v) and condoms and I'd rather go a day without sex than put my body through anything like this ever again!! 

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